Ass wipe


You’re no Champ. You don’t even have a good thinking head.

May be you just got lucky, flooring all those good guys while you were on your way to stardom. You can say that you can really throw a hell of a punch but you’ve got no strategy, no finesse. Ali’s got finesse, all right. And George can really carve sandbags in his prime but at least, he uses his head.

But you, you’re no class fighter. You may be a champ. And you may have heart but you’ve got no brains. You belittle the “sweet science.” You’re a brawler. You don’t use your head. And if it wasn’t for that brilliant stuttering trainer, you wouldn’t even get where you are now.

It’s really frustrating that so many people look up to your overhyped ass. You don’t use your head. You don’t think. You get a manager that gets you into a lot of tax problems. You sign both contracts for Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions for a fight and in the end, getting you in a lot of trouble. You’ve got no dignity. You endorse so many things that a day will come when your own face is all over the place. You are so full of greed. You endorse everything to get lots of money. You fight for money that you will only use to flaunt and give to others. You gamble so much. And you drink too much. You get a promoter you says he can give you much money, even though he’s just a smooth-talking swindler. Man, you are a disappointment.

You are such a coward. You call yourself a fighter but you can’t even face a decent fighter that can match your so-called skills. You insult that fighter but in the end, you back out of the fight. Then, you will just settle for a more high-paying, overhyped fight that wouldn’t even happen. And in the end, you will just settle for a scrawny fighter. I really hope he will kick your ass.

And now there’s talk about your promoter wanting to dish out your brilliant trainer. And it looks like you are even siding the promoter just because he can offer you money. And the trainer, he can teach you the moves, he molds you into the fighter that you want to be but he’s just a trainer and he can’t even speak good. Where’s your loyalty man? The trainer has been with you since the start. He got you where you are and you are just throwing him out. Man.

And the funniest thing of all is that you’re even thinking of running for public office even though the election commissioner has already said that you are illegible to run.

Man, you are such a big idiot.

And I have just read in the paper that your Macau fight won’t even pull through. Tough luck, pal. You really need a hard whack on the head to wake you up from your revelry and be what you are.


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