The All-Stars and the chump

Tapos na ang All-Star Weekend sa Las Vegas.

The event was successful. Exciting even. But some things came up short. There were also a lot of surprises.

Dwayne Wade’s supremacy in the the skills challenge was no surprise.LeBron and Kobe were utterly left in the dust by the Flash. Sana andoon si Steve Nash. Ganda sana.

Jason Kapono was one heck of a shooter. His win over 3-point monsters Dirk Nowitzki and Gilbert Arenas was just amazing. He just tied Mark Price’s record at 24. “Kaponovich” is just amazing. With that kind of shooting, he is sure to be a legend. I wish Peja was there for some competition. Haha.

Also, the Barkley-Braveta race was one heck of a laugh. Ang laki na lang ng pwet ni Charles.

The slam dunk competition was a little disappointing. There was nothing new. Actually, it was more of a comedy show than an awe-inspiring experience. Instead of being uplifted to greater heights by stupendous slams, my sides hurt because of Dwight Howard’s
sticker-slam. Ang jologs pero aliw. And there was Nate Robinson’s cardboard self. Haha. And there’s Gerald Green’s off of the side of the backboard slam, very original. Sana lang mas matinding pump at hang-time na lang ang binigay nya. I was a bit disappointed with Nate Robinson and the over-all performance. Sabi ng mga officemates ko, mas matitindi pa daw yung mga dunks from the previous years.

Isa lang ang masasabi ko sa All-Star Game. “Kawawa naman ang East.”


Here’s a plea for the PacMan. Click here.


2 comments so far

  1. jam on

    haha, grabe ang advocacy mo talaga, anti-pacquiao. tumigil na kasi siya e no. kinikilabutan ako pag iniinterview siya tungkol sa pulitika. what the bleep does he know.

  2. el pistolero on

    oo nga. well, Philippine politics is really a circus. hay…

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