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On Manny Pacquiao.

Sana matalo na lang siya. To bring him down back to Earth. Hay, sana naman, instead of Solis, ang kalabanin nya ay si Marquez. At least yun, masaya, Boxingan talaga. Pero, sa estado ni PacMan ngayon, baka wala rin siyang laban dun.

Sana nga, matalo siya.


On Globe.

Wow, may bagong promo! Hindi ko pa na-try. Masubukan nga. Ano naman kaya ang masasabi dito ng TxtPower? Teka, try na muna natin yung bagong promo, baka pwede na rin. Marami na ulit kasing nagtetext sa akin eh.


jesus christ

man, he’s really miraculous.

after the lakers’ stump last, last week, they’re again reemerging and surging.

and it’s because of divine providence.

Phil Jackson has said that, after the team’s traumatic injuries, scandals, numerous fines and continous losing streak, “No one can save the lakers, not even Jesus.”

but they’ve got Jesus.

Kobe Bryant has been more than miraculous for the past four games, scoring more than 50 points in each. he’s been scoring 65, 50, 60 and 50 for those games.

Hallelujah for Kobe.


since last year, i’ve been reading this wonderful web comic. it’s not just cool, it’s simple, funny and everything.

basta magaling siya. sobrang naaddict din ako sa kanya for a while.

it’s called Questionable Content.

i chanced upon it when i was still with my old BPO company. that was back in the day when we and my office mates had a lot of free time. LOT’s of petix time.

i immediately got hooked with the comic’s dry and witty humor and very innovative characters. it’s about an indie kid struggling about life, love and music. ganda di ba? hahaha. tunog pa lang. and the thing is, i could relate to one of the web comic’s characters, the bumbling faye. haha. me, as faye. ahaha. nakakatawa na lang.

but, i stopped reading it after i transferred to my current job.

and after half a year, i’ve been again reunited with QC. and i just read at wikipedia that the main protagonists Dora and Marten ‘got it on’ on February 23, 2006. I was still making my thesis then. at siyempre, birthday ko noon. ang galing na lang…

even Pat, one of my good friends, had recently told me that she was getting addicted to it. well, QC won Pat’s tastes, it is that good.

in hiatus


sobrang nakakapagod.

ang daming trabaho. ang daming ginagawa.

kailangang sumegunda na. tama na sa primera.

So, this is how it feels.

Now, I know.

This morning, I felt how it is to be a president of a national, multi-level company. I was one for about an hour.

Tindi, pare. Ang hirap din pala.

As a member of the of the internal PR office of the company, we had to handle the corporate productions of the company. And since this week is the company’s anniversary celebration, most of the events were handled by the office. One of these was the Corporate Rites ceremony.

The Corporate Rites ceremony is an event where employees are awarded for their service and dedication to the company. There, the executives give away humongous plaques and lengthy speeches of appreciation and thanks.

This morning was the dry-run practice of the Corporarte Rites ceremonies. Of course, the top executives of the company could not come to such a practice so they had stand-ins. I was one.

And I was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

Grabe, hindi nag-sink in sa akin yun until I was called up to the stage. I was in the dead center and was basking in the spotlight. I was with two other guys who were the Chairman and CEO of the company and the other was the chairman of the anniversary week.

And then came the winners. I literally had to SHAKE HANDS to almost 300 awardees! Man,ang dami na lang talaga nila! “Ang dami na lang germs ng kamay ko afterwards,” was the first thought that buzzed in my head.

All of those people came up the stage and shook my hand. Each person hand a different feel, a different grip and a different smile. Yung iba, feel nila na ako talaga si JPF (the company president). Yung iba, wala lang. Yung iba, kebs. Pero, grabe, ang dami talaga.

And the worst part was, I had to stand for almost an hour. Man…

I thought that being the president of a multi-million company was no fuss. You didn’t have to do the dirty work. All you had to do was go to board meetings and sign stuff. Do events and PR on the side. Go to charities, smile for the company cameras, deliver long speeches and you are done. But no, you really have to stand up for everything. Literally, stand up.

And for that dress rehearsal, I, being the company president, had to stand for almost an hour, without rest and with all eyes on me.

Pare, now, I really know.

hands down

my regards to an old mentor.

i’ve heard that he showed them.

i wish they have some respect for that old guy.

i wish that he let them see what’s really under their noses.

if he really did, well, hands down to you, sir.


robin’s gone again. where could’ve she gone to?

hay, naku.


i saw you again. and you were wearing pink.

nakakatuwa na lang.


Seppuku, or “cutting the belly” in Nihonggo, is a form of ritual suicide in Japan. One has to disembowel himself to do the ritual. Its colloquial term is also known as “harakiri.”

Seppuku is not just suicide. It is an act of bravery, an act of honor. Samurai do seppuku for bushido, the warrior’s code of honor. Actually it is a key part of the code. Seppuku is usually committed by samurai to avoid themselves from falling into enemy hands. It is done to avoid shame. Samurai commit seppuku to save themselves from disgrace.

When you handed your resignations, you gave up on the org because you felt that everything in the org was lost. The majority have proven that they did not believe in what you have been campaigning for. You have lost.

You have committed seppuku. You killed yourselves just to save face. From the shame of being partial, from the shame of being myopic, from the shame that you have been proven wrong. You believe that by giving up your positions, you might save a little bit of honor you still have, by standing up for what you believe in. For doing just that, I give you praises and flowers.

But, even if you done an honorable deed to cleanse your conscience, you have left chaos and division. You have left everything muddled and disarrayed. The little ones are left confused and hungry. By committing seppuku, you have disgraced the future of the org. There is no honor in what you have done.

I have expected the act, especially from the lot of you. You have made everyone cry and regret.You have succeeded in creating the drama. And for me, all of it was just for show. Just to save face. Just a wonderful display of ego and pride.

You have gained all the applause. Bravo to all of you, the high and mighty.

the hero falls

He's Dead

Marvel is really good with playing up with their characters.

And this time, they even killed the legendary Captain America.

But they did not just kill him, THEY ASSASINATED HIM.

Now, that’s really something different.

he’s in DA HOUSE!

man, Bruce Quebral is in the PBB House.

how would he manage?

sana hindi niya mapahiya ang sarili niya while he’s in there.

here comes Zanjoe Marudo II.

pareho ang career path nila eh. Bruce started out with Mercator and so did Zanjoe.

Good luck na lang talaga, Zoolander.

*yun ang kanyang codename sa boxing matches namin nung nasa Yakal pa kami. We were both vampires. Kapag walang magawa ng madaling araw, pupunta yan sa kwarto ni Ches at suntukan kami ng todo. hahaha. hindi ko na maalala kung sino ang panalo sa amin, pero alam ko ako. hehehe.

last time na nakita ko si Bruce, nasa CASAA siya. kinuha nya yung number ko. tapos pinag-usapan namin yung stint namin with Men’s Health. haha. napersuade namin si Myron na si Bruce na lang yung kunin. haha. nakakatawa na lang talaga.


I’m off to San Pablo, Laguna tomorrow.

God speed to me.


And this is Piolo’s newest scandal. Click here. But this here, is what it really looks like.

The wonders of Photoshop.