Seppuku, or “cutting the belly” in Nihonggo, is a form of ritual suicide in Japan. One has to disembowel himself to do the ritual. Its colloquial term is also known as “harakiri.”

Seppuku is not just suicide. It is an act of bravery, an act of honor. Samurai do seppuku for bushido, the warrior’s code of honor. Actually it is a key part of the code. Seppuku is usually committed by samurai to avoid themselves from falling into enemy hands. It is done to avoid shame. Samurai commit seppuku to save themselves from disgrace.

When you handed your resignations, you gave up on the org because you felt that everything in the org was lost. The majority have proven that they did not believe in what you have been campaigning for. You have lost.

You have committed seppuku. You killed yourselves just to save face. From the shame of being partial, from the shame of being myopic, from the shame that you have been proven wrong. You believe that by giving up your positions, you might save a little bit of honor you still have, by standing up for what you believe in. For doing just that, I give you praises and flowers.

But, even if you done an honorable deed to cleanse your conscience, you have left chaos and division. You have left everything muddled and disarrayed. The little ones are left confused and hungry. By committing seppuku, you have disgraced the future of the org. There is no honor in what you have done.

I have expected the act, especially from the lot of you. You have made everyone cry and regret.You have succeeded in creating the drama. And for me, all of it was just for show. Just to save face. Just a wonderful display of ego and pride.

You have gained all the applause. Bravo to all of you, the high and mighty.


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