since last year, i’ve been reading this wonderful web comic. it’s not just cool, it’s simple, funny and everything.

basta magaling siya. sobrang naaddict din ako sa kanya for a while.

it’s called Questionable Content.

i chanced upon it when i was still with my old BPO company. that was back in the day when we and my office mates had a lot of free time. LOT’s of petix time.

i immediately got hooked with the comic’s dry and witty humor and very innovative characters. it’s about an indie kid struggling about life, love and music. ganda di ba? hahaha. tunog pa lang. and the thing is, i could relate to one of the web comic’s characters, the bumbling faye. haha. me, as faye. ahaha. nakakatawa na lang.

but, i stopped reading it after i transferred to my current job.

and after half a year, i’ve been again reunited with QC. and i just read at wikipedia that the main protagonists Dora and Marten ‘got it on’ on February 23, 2006. I was still making my thesis then. at siyempre, birthday ko noon. ang galing na lang…

even Pat, one of my good friends, had recently told me that she was getting addicted to it. well, QC won Pat’s tastes, it is that good.


2 comments so far

  1. Danski on

    dapat magusap tayo sa mga webcomics.
    dami ko irerekomend.

  2. el pistolero on

    sige, sige… kung may time. 🙂 i have a project in mind nga eh…

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