He really went for it.

[Note: i wrote this weeks ago. Just didn’t have the time to post it.]

This guy is really unbelievable.

He really went for it, even though he’s really out of shape and he face got cut in a cheap-shot sparring practice. he says that it’s only a scratch. But the thing is, he’s wounded. Tough luck.

Real tough luck for us, too. He made his lawyer file for his candidacy even though he’s been disqualified by the Commission on Elections chief. He went for the cake when no one was looking.

I don’t know if he’s callous or he just doesn’t understand the gravity of his actions.

Or maybe, he has really gone bonkers. Maybe all those jabs, straights and hooks have bonked his noggin. A lot of boxers have gone bonkers. Muhammad Ali is already bonked. But let’s give it to Ali, he’s a real artist in the ring and he’s a champ. And Pacman, is no one. (Except that he’s Ring magazine’s Pound for Pound fighter of the year and the endorser of Extreme Magic Sing. Sheeut.)

I agree with Mr. Arturo Topacio, Jr. of Cavite City. He wrote this in the Inquirer.

Ah, to hell with him. I wish after this Blaze of Glory fight, he’ll be given a nice good KO punch in the jaw that’ll leave him dead like that poor Pinoy prizefighter who went down, and never stood up, in Thailand.

But, oops, if Pacman will end up dead, he’ll win all the sympathy of the world. Tough luck for us again. And may be they’ll incarcerate Solis and cricufy him.

Hay, I really hope something will happen. Something that’ll bring the People’s Champ back to earth.


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