the X in Ismail Ax

as of late, i have been finishing the biography of well-known psycho Ed Gein. he was a notorious serial killer back in the 1950s. even though he just killed two people, he was proclaimed a serial killer. what made him a serial killer was his active interest in necrophilia. he greatly divulged in this. he dug up graves of middle-aged women, peeled their skin, cut them and dressed them up (he literally took their innards). he cured the skins, made these into masks, vests, belts and other things and paraded into these ghastly makeshift clothes. he also made some parts of those cadavers as home furnishings. he made these acts of horrendous proportions because he was deeply mad about his mother. he is one hell of a sick dude.

after following the Virginia Tech massacre, i have been deeply intrigued by the reason as to how Cho Seung-hui became a very demented person. reports have said that he was a loner and that he wrote violent and gory plays. and as of late, NBC was said to have received a package from Cho. it contained a video tape of his anger, in which he was ranting and cursing ‘rich kids’ and their ‘hedonism’ and ‘debauchery,’ and photos of him literally ‘dressed’ to kill.

i have only found and read a little about Cho’s background besides the testimonies of Ian McFarlane, who was his classmate in playwriting before. there was bits of information about his family. it was said that his parents where working for the dry cleaners and that he had an older sister and that his fathers was a silent man who didn’t like to talk to his neighbors.

i have also read some interesting things about Cho. there have been many speculative writings as to how and why he did that murderous rampage. among this was the name Ismail Ax, that he had written in red ink on his arm. there have been much buzz about it. this is one of those articles. here is another. and here.

most of these question Cho’s choice of the words. it is a mystery as to how he chose the name. it is just a pair of words but a lot people have been disputing as to how it really meant and what it really is. and the strange thing is, people have been connecting the words to Islam. oh, man. here we go again.

but really, people are really missing the real X. the X that marks the spot.

to see the X i guess, no, i wish they would first see Cho. i wish they had more on how and who Cho really was. i wish they had more on his family.

i believe that he what he done is unforgivable. even though he has already been cast him off as a sick person for what he has done. but he is a social being. he was part of society. he was part of the system. he was influenced by it. the system made him.

such deviant behavior can only be traced as to how it was formed and developed. in Cho’s case, his family, his environment, how he brought up and how he was brought up might give a peek into how the trigger-happy and demented person that he has been tagged came to be.

i wish the American authorities can dig deeper into the case. i wish Americans would introspect deeper into their society and see what it is like to be an poor Asian immigrant.


after a few minutes of browsing the net, i chanced upon these blogs which can help people, like me, understand Cho Seung-hi.

vivianjung explains something called the ‘korean dilemma.’ it is interesting how people reacted on her speculations. ang galing na lang. napa-oo ako.

another blog said something about Cho’s behavior in class, especially in one of his writing classes, particularly that of American poet Nikki Giovanni. this is what people have said on that blog.


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