i answered this from Aleli’s blog. Na-hook up na lang ako.

Nathan Petrelli. Taken from www.wikipedia.org

Nathan Petrelli
You scored 16 Idealism, 20 Nonconformity, 37 Nerdiness (ay, talaga ha…)

I’m a shark, Pete.
You’re Nathan Petrelli! You’ve got all the qualities of a stereotypical politician. You’re ambitious, practical, and you’ve got more than a healthy sex drive. (wow…)

Still, as much you want to succeed in your field, you don’t enjoy the attention that comes from being “different”, and you are willing to lie to fit the image you want to present.

Your worst quality: Ambition–you will make your way to the top of any career. (pwede.)
Your worst quality: Anything for the votes–you will do whatever it takes. (eh, talaga?)

Bottom line. Hindi ako ito. Awas.


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