The Battle of the Surfaces

this was one heck of a concept. whoever thought of this was a genius.

bring in the two top players of tennis, place them in their battleground of choice and let them slug it out ’til the other can’t stand it no more.

without batting an eyelash, this battle is going to be one heck of a match. in fact, it reportedly was.

yesterday, one of the oddest exhibition games in tennis history was opened. Dubbed as “The Battle of the Surfaces,” the game was done in a half-grass and half-clay court and was dominated by two of the best tennis players of our time,top-seed Roger Federer and his powerful rival, Rafael Nadal.

the exhibition game was even dubbed as a battle between the King of Clay and the King of Grass. Nadal, who has been, time and time again, proven to be unbeatable at a clay court, was matched up with Federer who is simply unstoppable.

this odd-ball game was said to be quite exciting and tiring. the court giants had to regularly adjust themselves to the different surfaces of the court and they really had to change shoes whenever they changed sides.

but in the end, it was Nadal who conquered both surfaces. the young Spaniard beat the seasoned Swiss, 7-5, 4-6, 7-6. For details, read this.

to see what the court looks like, click here.

to cap it all up, I am just impressed by the originality of it.


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