The Greatest Upset

Today, Don Nelson and his armada of small and agile players made history.

Their eight-seeded Golden State team ousted the NBA’s highest caliber Dallas team from the Western Conference’s playoff eliminations.

The Warriors’ win cost the league’s best record team to fall from the top. The two teams clashed for five games, with the Mavericks trailing the Warriors with a 3-2 record.

The Warriors swept the Mavs in their first meeting, beating them at their homecourt. But the Mavs came back at them and won on Game 2. The Warriors then trampled over the ailing Mavs for the two succeeding games at Oakland, California. But with a spurt of desperation, Dirk Nowitzki pulled his team from a sorry end at Game 5 and made his team win by making 12 straight points, overcoming the leading Warriors.

And this series was ended with the Baron Davis’ pack of ravaging underdogs by winning the series’ Game with a 111-86 lead.

The Warrior’s win was a real shocker. A real kick in the ass. A real bummer.

The Dallas Mavericks was the team that was sure to be on the NBA finals. And now they’ve ended up as roadkill.

I’m pondering on how would Mark Cuban react to this upset, on how he will tackle Avery Johnson, the Mavs’ coach who happened to be one of Don Nelson’s former players.

It must have been hell for Johnson to go toe-to-toe with his coach, the man who has shaped him as a player and may have also been influential in making him a great coach. Don Nelson was also the genius behind the making of the the powerhouse that was Dirk Nowitzki. It must have been hard for him to match the man that knew all his strengths and weaknesses, the man who knew all his shots. Johnson was completely rattled and cornered by his mentor.

I’m also wondering on how the Mavs team would accept the defeat. With Dirk, their savior, completely devoured and their team’s producing poorly in their series with the Warriors, how would they fare for next year’s season? I just don’t know.

But, if it was hell for the Mavs, the Warriors must be in cloud nine.

Baron Davis was, as always if he was healthy, phenomenal. Stephen Jackson has also successfully proven that his ejection from Game 5, was nothing. He dropped several spectacular treys. And my fantasy league players, Andris Biedrins, Matt Barnes and Mikael Pietrus were simply amazing. Biedrins was again, a monster, capping 12 points and 12 rebounds. He also made 3 integral blocks. I wanted to see him play for it was reported that he made several important hussles for the team.

Another question that came to me was if the Warriors’ win worth it? Will they last against the winner between the Jazz and Rockets’ bout? The Warrior’s win is quite dubious now that Monta Ellis and Davis have been reported to both have injuries. These two guards have been the frontliners that rallied their triumph. And now that they are down, who would pull the team up? Both Barnes and Pietrus may not keep up with their brand of play. They have been great during the regular season but this is the second round of the playoffs. And Jackson, is not a team player. He’s good but he’s not a great playmaker.

Oh, man, questions.

For the details of Dallas and Golden States’ final duel, read this.

This NBA season is great. Though plagued with so much injuries and still riddled with scandals, it has been very satisfying.

But still, my money is on the Bulls. Haha.


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  1. jam on

    gusto ko magparamdam pero hindi ko naman alam icocomment ko dito kaya “HI!” na lang. super bibo na hi. hi kirky! miss you! muah! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. el pistolero on

    hi jam! miss ko na rin kayo. ๐Ÿ˜€ pagdating ng pasukan, bibisita ako sa masscomm. ๐Ÿ™‚

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