on the brink of death


so much has happened for the past week. and now i am quite dead.

from may 5 to 6, i have been a slave for my family. i was a laborer, kargador and barena boy for two paking days. the joys of moving. i literally had our whole household on my back. all the work is on me and my siblings do nothing but chill. ee-an activated her allergy machine and she is coughing and sneezing all the time. no work for her. and beyts is still a yak. nothing can move him. he’s dumb. and now, my slipped disk got much worse. i am now completely paralyzed from waist down. i cannot stand nor walk. good bye to banging gorgeous chicks.

~the only advantage from the whole ordeal was the workout. my wonderful abdominals and pecs resurfaced after a long period of being dormant. i am one hot paraplegic.

may 7 to 11. i was riddled with assignments and meetings because the elections is coming. pak. more work.

~just one more month. only one more.

may 10. reunion galore ng mga utawst. they all seem happy. and beautiful. and rich. while i am a loser. hay, the joys of being the eldest child. all your earnings go straight down the drain. and i am not earning that much. hay

~i realized how bano i was and it felt good. sometimes it is much better to see the sky when you are in a shit hole. it somehow inspires you.

may 12 and 13. i was again, a laborer, kargador and barena boy. after i lost all feeling in my legs, my wonderful and loving family gave me all the work again. now, i am totally brain dead. whatever is left of my consciousness is doing this post.

~after a theatrical performance, i made a statement. “I’m so paking tired!” and then, exit. but come next weekend, i am sure to be a laborer, kargador and barena boy, again.

may 14. election day. i was the new kid at the TASK FORCE [bleep] 2007! i had to do petix for ten hours. cool right? no, there were many power interruptions and i did nothing. i almost shit my pants when i learned that the boss sent da man for the third shift. oh, man. regularization – good bye!

~pacquiao is sure to lose! yey!

so that was my few past week.

now, i no longer have my legs, am quite brain dead. i also have no future in sex. i no longer have a career because i am sure to get stoned to death today by the boss.

life is so good to me.


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  1. stox on

    kirky! natawa ako sa post mo. ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. el pistolero on

    it was meant to be that way. it is better to make fun of your hardships. it makes things better.

  3. stox on


  4. stox on


  5. el pistolero on

    ang dami mo namang tawa. ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha na rin ako.

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