Eiga Sai 2007

i’ve always been a fan of film festivals. back in college, i’d skip classes just to see subtitled films from different countries. until today, my friends and i have made it a tradition to see these films.

but, fuck, the French Film Festival is almost over and i haven’t seen anything. before the week ends, i’ll see one or conrhole me.

by the last week of June, there’s another film fest coming up and it’s the Eiga Sai. i’ve been a big fan of this Japanese film festival. it is at these screenings that i’ve met the creator of MXC or here in the Philippines, it more popularly known as Takeshi’s Castle. it is also at the Eiga Sai that i’ve met the Seven Samurai and all those who follow the way of bushido, as seen through the eyes of acclaimed film auteur Akira Kurosawa.

here’s the screening schedules and the film synopses at Eiga Sai 2007.

and at this Eiga Sai, i’ll definitely see every one of those films.


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  1. stox on

    pumunta akong french film festival. naghintay ako ng three hours para makakuha ng ticket at pumila. pero nung nagsimula na ang movie, nakatulog ako. nagising na lang ako nung closing credits na. ang saya-saya.

  2. aei on

    wwwaaaaii! eiga sai! swerte upfi is just a walk away…and my class sched seems to participate sa movies na gusto kong panoorin!

    hmm…di rin ako nakanood ng kahit ano sa french film fest. the only weekend where i was free to watch a french movie, i went to megamall’s toycon instead 😀

  3. el pistolero on

    to stox…

    ay, sayang naman. napagod ka sa kakapila. hay… better luck next time.

    to aei…

    sabihan mo ako kung manonood ka sa upfi, sama ako. i’ve already seen blue, blue spring, inochi and kamikaze girls! the latter is very much recommended!

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