she said her name meant happiness.

i met her last saturday. we talked. we had coffee.

she told me that her name literally meant “happy kid”


let’s see what happens.


i miss blogging. it’s already been a while since i last dropped by. i guess my absence and lack of interest in posting may be been caused by my being too preoccupied with work and with being too lazy. yes, i have been, for almost a month now, a lethargic bum.

i guess, this period of inactivity was triggered by the, “ahem.”

well, so much for that.


i offer a huge SHOUTOUT to my “original” blockmates who railroaded the metallurgical engineering licensure exams!

Top 1. Chester James Razote de Leon! ~ you fucking asshole! you’re one hell of a genius. but come to think of it, you always hung around with me. shet.

Top 2. Dande Louie Alejan Pena ~ well, we sure do look a like. no question about it. napatunayan na yan.

Top 4. Erwin Geul de Guzman ~ ang gwapo na lang.

Top 11. Maria Lily Espenilla Rosios ~ ang gwapo mo rin. chick boy!


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