UJP ACLE (or for the love of the org)

grabbed from Jam’s multiply site. for additional promotion. i’m so proud of you kids!

Start: Aug 16, ’07 1:00p
Location: M 213, College of MassComm
The Union of Journalists of the Philippines – UP will show “Huling Hala Bira!”, the award-winning documentary of the I-Witness team of Howie Severino. Ms. Ella Marie Evangelista, Executive Producer of the documentary, will give a discussion afterwards.

What is it about? From Howie’s “Sidetrip”:

“As far as squatter conditions go, Jojo Paragas has few complaints. He has nice neighbors, a riverside view, and safety from flooding. As a trolley boy, the happy-go-lucky Jojo lives with his family close to work – right under the tracks, at the point where the railroad’s steel bridge over the Pasig River meets land.

Unique among the thousands in Manila who live dangerously near the railroad, Jojo’s family and a few neighbors can see the underbelly of passing trains from their homes. For them, the thunderous noise and violent shaking are a small price to pay for the benefits of their location.

The documentary opens as their barangay is happily preparing for the annual fiesta, a raucous event inspired by the Ati-Atihan in Aklan where most residents are from.

For Jojo and his “under-the-tracks” neighbors, it is also a bittersweet time, for it will likely be their last fiesta in these parts. They have received their notice of demolition from the government, which intends to upgrade the railroad. The fiesta provides a reprieve.

But after it, their fate is in the hands of the authorities and perhaps their feisty neighbor Aling Adel, a widow and ihaw vendor who has assumed the role of leader in their quixotic fight against dislocation from a community they have come to love. She takes their fight all the way to Manila Mayor Lito Atienza.”


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