sports fan

my whole day has been spent watching sports.

earlier this morning, the Pacquiao-Barrera rematch has been aired over GMA 7. i thought that it would been shown at around 8 a.m. so i woke up early. but i was mistaken, the fight would be shown at 10. i ended up watching inu-yasha.

then came the undercards. the first fight was good. and the Filipino won. i forgot his name though. the other undercards were boring so i just watched that Judy Ann-Ryan movie. then dozed off. then watched the undercard of Forbes and another mexican fighter. the contender graduate won.

at around 1:30, the fight started. as promised, Kyla sang the controversial national anthem. Ara Mina was said to have been the one to sing it but due to Manny’s alleged affair with her, the deal was off.

i had originally had a liking for Pacquiao. but my positive view of him faded away after all of his so-so fights and wondrous exploits. see here. and here.

now, after his anticipated fight with Barrera, i somehow like him again.

i liked the way he showed them his heart and sportsmanship in this fight. i liked the way he weaved his head. the way he threw those right jabs, most of which just hit air. i liked the footwork, so reminiscent of Ali’s pedalling. his stamina has greatly improved! for once, he can last for 12 rounds. and the way he penetrated Barrera’s defenses was just spectacular.

but then again, the old, exciting Pacquiao was not there on the ring. the hard abdominals were not there to shield his internals from body blows. his old one-twos have weakened. but most important of all, he has lost the weight in his punches. yes, there was that much talked-about left straight but it can’t bring down the old and ailing Barrera.

there might have been close calls but the hunger was not there. everytime Barrera wobbled, there was no follow-ups. he was always open to Barrera’s counters. oh well.

but Pacquiao did great. he did great with his acting. that 11th round illegal blow from Barrera was a classic. that right downward hook was just a brush but Pac-Man managed to go to his corner and wobble-off, as if he was hit by George Foreman in his prime. he clung off the ropes and paraded over to the other neutral corner. his past two movies have paid off. his acting was superb.

oh, well. all cheers to the Pambansang Kamao. details here.

and I hope Manny Pacquiao stops hitting on wussies and settle for fighters who could really go with him, toe-to-toe like Edwin Valero.


after the Pacquiao-Barrera fight was another war. the UAAP season 70 men’s basketball finals was really a dramatic battle. and it was won by the De La Salle Green Archers.

it was a real upset, seeing the team with the best record in the play-offs trashed by a battle-weary team. the University of the East Red Warriors have been the best team there is with an untarnished record of 14-0. they were just there waiting for the final contender.

but the Green Archers have been unrelenting. They pulled UST down, then settled the controversial rivalry with Ateneo. then this time, the Warriors were just overwhelmed and were brutally choked by the Green Archer defense.

sayang. ang galing pa naman ng mga UE. masaya na naman ang boss ko. kawawa naman kaming mga dukha at taong masa. matapobre yun eh. sigurado sobrang panlalait na naman ang maririnig ko bukas.


and as always, panalo na lang ang kabaklaan ni Lawrence. see here.


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