it has really been a while.

much have happened since i have posted something here.

truth to tell, i have been much busy to post something worthwhile, even though much of what have happened were all worth the while.

first off, family.

dad has been in the country for more than a month. and mom has been real happy. the house in zambales has been through a lot of renovations before but none of the leaking ceilings and the clogged pipes and dripping sinks were really fixed. that is, until dad was king of the hill. he is still the ‘numba un, undedeated dyi man of the world. i long to inherit his skills and unworldly knowledge of being a do-it-all. right now, mom and dad are fixing all his papers before he’s to be shipped to wales. god save the queen.

beyts has a new plaything and i want it to be mine. hehe.

ee-an’s genes are acting up. tumatakaw na siya. and now, she’s da real baboy.

on work.

it has been a drag. all that drama, politics and comedy are all-made for television. but at least, there are people who can trudge with you along the way.

mikoi was stung by dengue and was confined for two weeks. during that time, i was joe’s bitch. somehow, it was all worthwhile.

there’s also a new dude. he seems good enough. but they say, he’s part of the new invading party. something’s brewin’. can’t wait for the drama, i hope there will be. hehe.

i also have a new ‘yosi’ mate. and he has the hottest officemates! they, too, smoke. can’t wait to meet them. hehe.

i thank Bosch for that wonderful give-away wooden block puzzle they gave me back in ’04. it has made my time at work more, more interesting. i did not realize that that small wooden mind-boggler can do wonders fighting off boredom and learning more about the people i work with.

on self.

i been undergoing a lot of introspection and analysis. this is coupled with several hours of Prison Break, House M.D., Blood+, Initial D, Ergo Proxy and Rome. i have been really liberated these past few weeks.

and i’m also returning back to my childhood by reliving watching Michael Joe and Rio’s love. hehe. grabe, laking tuwa ko noong makita kong may ganoong DVD pala. ang geek ko talaga.

aside from that, i’m nurturing my brain with many hours of Final Fantasy Tactics.

i’m missing my friends. i hope i can see them real soon.

sa ngayon, sobrang boring ng buhay ko.


2 comments so far

  1. ronan on

    pag may basketball kasi sumama ka samin pansit junior

  2. Couen on

    hello there… jut dropping by your blog.. 🙂

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