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and finally, the last installment [Defining GWAPO part 4]

here it is, boys and girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

go here to enjoy.

and this time, i’m included! ahaha. i was mentioned in # 35. the domesticated gwapo.

yun nga lang, i’d like to add another dimension to Maya’s definition. ahaha. indulgence and narcissism. hehe.

the word domesticated, in this discussion, may mean:

1. to accustom to household life or affairs.

let us put this definition into the context of a Filipino household, where machismo predominantly reigns supreme.

the masa definition of the common guy can be summed up with what a usual guy would do during his daily routine: eat breakfast. pet the dogs. hang-out. chat with the neighbor. nap. eat lunch. nap. watch basketball. hang-out with the neighborhood tambays or watch the neighborhood sabong matches. flirt with aling nena’s daughter at the nearest sari-sari store. eat dinner. hang-out. chill with the kapwa tambays and drink beer or bilog.

and if you are a Filipino guy and sports, women, tambay and drinking is not part of your daily routine, you are either gay or a geek. hehe. if you are a common macho, your life must revolve within this sphere of activity alone.

and if you take a guy out of this sphere, and make him do other things, naku, giyera. and if you make him do household chores, naku, world war. kaya nga maraming cases ng domestic violence. because chores like doing the laundry or planning or shopping for family’s weekly meals is not exactly manly.

and if you do household chores, you might as well branded yourself an andres, a weakling. and if you are already married, you might as well be called an under-the-saya. a harsher type of weakling.

but if you are that type of male who can do pang-nanay chores with confidence and dexterity, that is the domesticated gwapo. walang kyeme-kyeme. walang hiya. okay lang sa iyo maglaba ng panty at ang pagsampay nito. with the neighbors looking.

here‘s an interesting reaction to the series. ayos. a guy’s perspective on things.

i agree with mr. jester that one can learn and improve one’s home-making skills in due time. however, it limits the definition of being domesticated only to the skills aspect, without defining the Pinoy psyche of the whole domesticated gwapo definition.

pero, the screwdriver banat was one of a kind. ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha.

pero ako, i prefer an electric drill. bumabarena eh.


Defining GWAPO

My friend Maya is a genius.

She came up with this earth-shattering definition of just being gwapo. Actually, it’s more on categorizing each and everyman’s kagwapuhan.

See it here.

And here.

And here.

There’s still the last installment coming. And I’m so excited on seeing my own category in her list. Ahaha.