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Contemplating a Monty Hall Problem

I am not that good with numbers.

I do try to understand them. But most of the time, I end up messing up everything.

So, I guess, numbers are not really meant for me.


Recently, I have come across an intriguing math problem that is, up to this date, still used to complicate TV game shows. It is called the Monty Hall Problem.

Basically, it is about changing your choices upon the conditions presented to you. It is upon your judgement if you will opt for a CHANGE or be CONTENT of what you have chosen. It is upon your JUDGEMENT if you get the luxury of a brand new car or the responsibility of taking care of a stinky goat.

And most of all, intuition does not mean shit.

A few months back, I was given a Monty Hall Problem. I was given choices and the numbers were good and the prize was beyond anything I could hope for, at the time. And because I do not give a damn about numbers, I decided to be content of what I have – and that is to stick to what I have.

Superior logical and mathematical people will probably change their choice as this will, as stated by the calculations and logical reasoning, increase the chances of them hitting the jackpot. I guess, the variable of change is the ace that will give them the win.

Given the lack in mathematical prowess, I resorted to the best of my capacity and that is to trust my INTUITION.


Now, I’m stuck with a goat.

But I am currently appreciating the goat. And it’s far more better than a brand new car.