WordCamp Philippines 2008

just learned of the WordCamp 2008 through my friend Stox’s blog.

hooray, hooray!

who would think that a conference on WordPress would be here! man. this WordCamp would be the first conference here in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

unlike my friend Stox, who by the way is an internet star in her own right, i am a complete numbskull when it comes to blogging. i have tried several blog platforms before and these did not appeal to me much because, either these were to complicated and tiresome or the blogging experience they had to offer was too limited.

back in 2006, Stox and i were working for a BPO company that specialized on online marketing, I came across WordPress. i was handling a blog that used the WordPress format and i said to myself that this was the platform for me. since then, i have been an avid WordPress user.

i have been blogging for more than four years now. but still, i’m still a noob when it comes to blog technicalities. i’m surely joining this conference so that i could maximize my WordPress experience and perhaps, be an internet star myself.

all you WordPress users out there, join up and see you on September 6 at College of St. Benilde, in Taft Avenue. i would definitely be there.

a big kudos to the people, Mindanao Bloggers, who have brought this event here. bringing the WordCamp is more than a good job, it’s a miracle. many thanks to all of you.

here are also the links of WordCamp 2008’s other sponsors. please do give their sites a visit.

until then, i will be waiting. and i will blog more than ever.


7 comments so far

  1. stoxbnx3 on

    internet star?! bwahahaha. di ako nagsabi nyan ha.

    anyway, see you there!

  2. migs on

    Thank you for registering for WordCamp Philippines!

    You will be receiving your camper pass via email soon.

    For updates, please visit http://philippines.wordcamp.org
    and/or subscribe to its feeds: http://feeds.feedburner.com/wcphils

    See you in WordCamp!

    on behalf of WordCamp Philippines Organizers

  3. el pistolero on


    you are. 🙂


    thanks. 😀

  4. Aleli on

    hello. i shifted to wordpress from blogger diba.. and i’m loving it haha. this is the first time i read about this event so thanks for the post 😛

  5. Aleli on

    interested as i am, I’m not sure if I can attend this. hinatak kami ng commres department mag secretariat for a student conference in masscomm on the same date T_T

  6. el pistolero on

    hownows! ganun ba? sayang. 😦

  7. can’t wait « Blasted! on

    […] blogged about this here. and i’m really excited. […]

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