the true bayani

last year, i wrote this piece raving about Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Bayani Fernando and his genius but atrocious means to “discipline” the denizens of Metro Manila.

i thought then that all his brutality and single-minded Machiavellian methods were not just creative but pure genius. talk about brandishing a wet “basahan” to put pedestrians in line, branding the helmets of motorcyclists with their rides’ plate numbers and the unruly and chaotic clearing of “bangketas” to put away all metropolitan peddlers and sidewalk vendors for good.

this month, Fernando instituted another grand scheme to straighten out all buses. this campaign is called the Oplan Agaw Manibela. read article here.

this new idea seems to be promising. after the massive crackdown on colorum Metro Manila passenger buses a few months back, EDSA has been a little bit clearer and was no longer a parking lot during rush hour. i know, for i am one heck of a EDSA bus commuter.

but to take away the steering wheel of buses that are taking too long to load or unload passengers is quite, i believe, too much.

the Commission on Human Rights has released its say on the matter and it was not good. the media has caught up with the buzz, click here and here.

i agree with CHR Chair Leila de Lima that this new campaign is a bit too much for bus commuters. imagine giving only 30 seconds for people to get off a bus and let other commuters ride on the bus. it would look like the MRT at rush hour. it would be pure chaos. it would possibly give the bus conductor a lot of hell.

but most importantly, it would be hard for women, children, the elderly and the disabled. the other day, i while i was riding my way on a bus to work, a mother and her blind teenaged daughter really took their time to alight from the bus. the bus conductor was courteous enough to lend them a hand. the mother and the blind kid took their time because it was hard for them to navigate through the bus aisle, with so many people standing there.

here, i quote

“We salute them for being creative but they should also take into consideration the rights of the vulnerable groups – the women, children, elderly and persons with disabilities – who depend on public transportation daily,” De Lima said during a press conference.

She added that giving passengers only 30 seconds to ride or alight from a bus was tantamount to depriving them of their right to safety, public and social services and the right against nondiscrimination.

The new scheme could also be a violation of the rights of bus owners and operators, she pointed out.

“The scheme is tantamount to a deprivation of property without due process that may not pass the test of lawfulness,” De Lima said.

here is what Jojo Robles, columnist and publisher of Manila Standard Today has to say on Agaw Manibela and Fernando’s prospects for the 2010 elections. Robles followed the column with this today.

delving on Fernando’s political aspirations, the MMDA head honcho had clearly made it known that he was vying for Malacanang way, way back. see his proclamation here. way to go, man. but, as early as he had said his presidentiable proclamation, anti-Fernando bullets blasted and lambasted his MetroGwapo posters saying these were premature means to forward his campaign. read article here. see this blog entry for a sample of Fernando’s savvy on EDSA.

there was even an anti-Bayani Fernando WordPress blog put up. haha. here is an interesting take on Fernando by Prof. Roland Tolentino on

for the past few weeks, i have been observing some “BAYANI” stickers on some provincial buses and even MMDA service trucks. Mrs. Bambit posted a sample of the sticker here and some interesting notes on the “alleged” purpose of the sticker.

Mrs. Bambit wrote:

“Apparently buses who sport the sticker on their windshields are ignored by the MMDA. They are not flagged down for any traffic infractions.”

very, very interesting. if this is really so, then, i’ll be damned.

my take on this “BAYANI” sticker campaign is that it is a good marketing strategy that could reach even the provinces. i dub it prominence. and Fernando has been doing this for quite some time now with all his Metro Gwapo posters. with all those provincial buses running from Manila and to their destinations, a lot of people would see those stickers. aside from EDSA, Fernando has now even ventured to other parts of the country.

he was even spotted in Nueva Ecija. read it here.

i still stand on my say that Bayani Fernando is a genius. but by the way he maneuvers himself to get a crack at Malacanang, it is just plain scary. i hope he does not end up like another Marcos. i was still too young then to know how Marcos ran the country during Martial Law but i have read quite enough to believe that he was really scary.

basing on the way things are going, i firmly hope that Bayani Fernando does not win as president on 2010.


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  1. bayanifernando4president on

    Hi Kurkeh, actually it’s Mrs. Bambit. Your post is what I started out to write when I was writing mine 🙂 Only yours turned out much much better.

    I’ve seen photos of buses with the Bayani stickers on flickr accounts such as this one, and one of the tasks I have lined up for this long weekend is to snap a few of my own. Standing on the Estrella pedestrian overpass will allow me to do that (on a morning when I am not late for work).

    Great post!

  2. el pistolero on

    oh, sorry about that. i’ll just edit it. i’m really sorry. wasn’t able to throughly check out your blog. do post your photos when you have the time. i’m really gonna continue this “anti-bayani” campaign. haha. 🙂

    thanks for the compliment. 🙂

  3. bambit on

    el pistolero! finally snapped my own pic of a bus with that blasted sticker. You can use it if you like.

  4. el pistolero on

    wow! thanks mrs. bambit. great posts on our MMDA chairman. 😀

  5. paul on

    bek, may nakita kaya akong napakalaki nyang billboard somewhere in Cebu last May. nasa south na siya. scary. haha.

    yeh, sobrang misguided nalang niya to say the least.

  6. el pistolero on

    ows? wow.

  7. jon on

    using public funds and government resources for his 2010 presidential ambitions.

    tacloban leyte

    Bayani leaflets

    Bayani leaflets

    Take note of the following
    1. tricycles with Bayani stickers
    2. bayani fernando supporters (or maybe marikina city gov’t or mmda employees) wearing pink shirts
    3. government license plate
    4. marikina city government logo on vehicle

  8. el pistolero on

    great post jon! thanks!

  9. jon on

    thanks kurkeh

    add more on my blog

  10. JOHN MARVIN on

    Why not? He’s the type of leader Filipinos need. I want to see more of his governance, Singapore-style. I will definitely vote for him!

  11. el pistolero on

    are you really sure? think twice, man.

  12. mike on

    im a marikenyos,so i know what the phenomenon he done to our city…a cleanest,discipline,worldclass ,peacefully livelihood place.6yrs pa lang po ang mmda,pero ang dami nang magagandang accomplistment,na talaga nmang napakaepektibo.!!pasasaan pa’t makikita nila ang ginhawa ng magandang pagbabago ng metro manila,suportahan lng natin si(BF)at ipagdasal pa sa kanyang mga magagandang layunin sa mga honorable mayor ng metro manila…suportahan nlang po natin si chairman bayani fernando…magkaisa po kyo para rin nman sa ikakabubuti ng lahat.magtulungan, na para bang isang team ng liga…at sa bandang huli ay makukuha rin natin ang kampeonato…at makagrandslam pa diba?tigilan na po natin ang erehan,ang inggit,pagkamatigas ang ulo,iwasan na natin mag utak talangka…maging positibo!!!wag natin ibaba ang isang taong sa tingin natin ay maganda at malinis sa kanyang hangarin,alam natin na hindi sya ganun kasikat sa pilipinas pero nakita nman natin ang dedikasyon nya,umikot man sya sa buong pinas,makita ko man ang sticker nya ang tarpaulin poster nya,marami mang kumastigo at kumontra!!!wala akong pakialam!!!no big deal…dapat lang para mas lalong makilala at sumikat pa sya sa buong pinas,kung sa ikakaganda’t at pagunlad nman ng pilipinas ang hangarin nya.bakit hindi?sa ngyn kailangan ng pinas ang (BF)bagong fresidente,bagong finuno,bagong filipino,bagong fatakaran,bagong filipinas…IN BF WILL…IN GODS WILL…

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