delving into the “Bayani” sticker phenomenon

Mrs. Bambit is on a roll with her exposes on MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando.

here’s her post on Integrated Metropolitan Bus Operators Association president Claire de la Fuente’s change of heart on the Fernando. and here’s her latest installment on “Bayani” stickers.

great job, Mrs. Bambit!


2 comments so far

  1. MerryWarner on

    And who would you guys rather see on the sticker?? Jejomar Binay?? Kindly research Bayanis statement and liabilities see if he can support such.

  2. el pistolero on


    You are missing the whole point aren’t you? It’s not about “who,” it’s about “why” and “how.”

    Bayani has clearly voiced his intentions to run for the presidency and he’s been doing his campaign clearly by using MMDA resources. He’s been doing provincial campaigns when MMDA is supposed to be centered only in Manila. And while doing such campaigns, he makes us of the MMDA. Isn’t the use of government resources for motives other than serving the people called CORRUPTION?

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