more on Bayani Stickers

the Manila Standard Today ran today an article on Bayani Fernando denying allegations that he had something to do with the proliferation of “Bayani” stickers that have graced the numerous windshields of local transport vehicles.

read it here.

on the other hand, the Malaya ran a story quoting the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority that Bayani Fernando himself paid for the “Bayani” stickers.

i could not find an online version of the article so here it is. it was printed today, August 20, on page 2.

BF paid for ‘Bayani’ stickers, says MMDA.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Tuesday said it is not responsible for the printing and proliferation of “Bayani” stickers now being displayed on the windshields of passenger buses plying Metro Manila and according to some reports, even in the provinces.

The stickers have reportedly earned the ire of the Land Tansportation Office and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board. The LTFRB said it has not cleared the use of the sticker on public vehicles.

MMDA general manager Robert Nacianceno stressed that MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando himself paid for the printing of the stickers which carry the word “Bayani” and a Philippine flag.

He said Fernando also took care of the distirbution of the stickers and MMDA had no role in it, belying earlier reports that it was the MMDA which distributed the stickers to public vehicles.

Nacianceno said the MMDA would never allow the use of its personnel and resources for such a project.

“We are not authorizing them to do that posting of stickers on the buses,” he said, clarifying that only those posters and tarpaulins which carry the words “Government Property” or “Printed by the MMDA” are funded by the agency.

Fernando, who chairs the administration Lakas party in the National Capital Redion, has not been coy about his desire to run for president in 2010. This early, his posters espousing discipline have been seen along national highways as far as Northern and Central Luzon, apparently aid name recall when he does join the presidential derby.

with such conflicting statements, it is very clear that our good chairman Bayani Fernando is not running a tight PR ship. he sure needs to fix this up before the world learns of his dark secrets


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  1. stoxbnx3 on

    nagiging political blogger ka na, kirky. 🙂

  2. el pistolero on

    hindi naman. bad trip lang talaga ako. you know me naman di ba? i’m hot-headed like that. hahaha! 😀

  3. jon on

    ito pa oh

    mas garapal ito. mmda truck at passi iloilo…with bayani sticker

  4. Kulaputin on

    I agree! Pootik ang kapal nyan si BF. Kumakanta pa yan sa Celebrity Duets, akala nya gusto cya ng tao.

  5. el pistolero on

    ahaha. true, that.

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