Bayani Fernando scored, again

this point does not favor MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando. rather, it goes up his arse.

and in this case, he was, again, skewered by an editorial.

Jojo Robles of Manila Standard Today has another bomb for the 2010 presidentiable. read his column today here.

also, here is a site that offers where Bayani Fernando has been for the past months for his so-called election campaign.
happy reading.


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  1. jon on

    kurkek, thanks for the link 🙂

    jojo robles’ article intrigued me. hmmm…

    ….”how true are the reports buzzing all over the Internet that vehicles that carry the overly large “BAYANI” banners …”

    Internet… so i google bayani fernando billboards, bayani stickers and bf4p. i got some very interesting results. hehehe

  2. el pistolero on

    hello jon.

    interesting take there, especially the image search where you have the hitler photo. haha. 😀

    can i also add to your blog that i’ve spotted Bayani in Zambales? i’d try to get some photos and post them here so that you could link them up.

    i’d like to add a comment on your blog but you don’t seem to have a comment page.

  3. jon on

    comment feature activated =)

  4. el pistolero on

    wow, thanks! great post on SM Marikina!

  5. Jack on

    Wow… galing galing naman… sana manalo si BF as president… He is really brilliant. There are just people here who have a malice di na lang mag-research ng totoong facts.. Anyways, wala naman perfect na tao to become president of the land, tsaka given the democracy here in the Philippines, I still like BF, at least siya may maipagmamalaking accomplishments….

  6. carolina herrera on

    yong ad ni bf tungkol sa dating vendor na pinaalis nya sa bangketa at ngayon ay mayaman na? OMG!!! sinungaling talaga yang bayani fernando na yan!! ang totoo lang doon sa ad na yon, ay talagang may pwesto na yang vendor na yan na ang pangalan ay Nita. ang pwesto nila sa marikina ang tawag ay Boy Nita. malaking pwesto ito sa palengke at bago pa man maging mmda chairman si bf, may pwesto na yang boy nita na yan. mas lalo nga lang lumaki nong naging mayor si marides kasi malalakas ang kapit sa kanila. pero hindi totoo na umasenso si boy nita dahil pinaalis sila ni bf sa bangketa!!! pwe, baloney yan. hanggang ngayon sinungaling yang bayani na yan!! wag niyong iboto!!!

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