words of wisdom

two weeks ago, i joined some of my banahaw family for a Subic road trip.

i have been longing for a road trip for a while and this shopping trip was very much welcome.

that Subic-Clark-Tarlac Express Highway is a Filipino success. it is that good.

for lunch, we went to this place called Seafood by the Sea, along Bayfront Road. it was a nice enough restaurant with classy food that comes with a fairly-priced tag.

what really caught my eye were these “words of wisdom booboos” that were posted inside the men’s toilet.

do try to spot the grammatical errors.

nice, ain’t it?

now for the parting shot, the men’s toilet has this to offer.


3 comments so far

  1. paul on

    ang weird nalang na ang witty ng mga words of wisdom pero mali mali ang spelling at grammar.

    baka bobong amerikanong nakatira sa subic ganyan. haha.

  2. paul on

    baka bobong amerikanong nakatira sa subic ganyan ang nagsulat, i mean. hehe.

  3. el pistolero on

    haha. ewan natin. ahaha.

    baka sinabi ng amerikanong boss sa pinoy staff nya tapos sila na lang ang nagtype. haha. ang sama ko. haha.

    pero, di ba? kakaaliw?

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