Bayani is dead-on for the presidency

i was dying to post this even before the weekend came but laziness won the best of me.

i believe that most of us are aware of GMA-7’s revived reality TV show, Celebrity Duets. the show’s first season proved to be quite successful for it was awarded with a new season. the contest basically showcases the singing prowess of celebrity contestants. the new season, Celebrity Duets: ‘Let’s Duet Again,’ has for its new line-up of contestants, the one and only MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando.

here is a Manila Standard Today article of the new season of the show.

aside from nailing the new singing contest, Fernando also sealed the deal on running for president for the 2010 Presidential Elections by declaring his intentions openly. reported that our determined presidentiable does not care even if his party does not carry him on the party banner. here’s another take on the issue by Manila Times.

This Inquirer article revealed a lot for Fernando’s intentions for joining the singing contest. Aside from the huge media exposure, he is banking on using his would-be winnings to finance his candidacy.

despite the queerness of it all, Manila Standard Today columnist Bong Austero has this to say about politicians as entertainers.

aside from my previous post on Jojo Robles’ tirade on Fernando’s breaking into the presidential race, the Inquirer also lambasted Fernando for being ‘the earliest bird’ to run. Read the article here.

but despite all the pizzazz and the political squabble that Fernando is shaking up these days, he revived an old scheme of his – putting shirts on topless barakos roaming the streets. and this time, he gives them shirts. read it here.


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  1. Aleli on

    you so luuuuuuuuve bayani fernando don’t you? HAHA!

    the minute I heard his name being announced by Ogie in that celebrity duets episode, i knew he was running for president! macho gwapito?? with that pa-cute dance and THAT colored polo shirt?? nangangampanya na talaga! they loved him there, i think– hidden intentions for joining and all.

  2. el pistolero on

    hindi naman! ahahaha!

    i’ve just set my eyes on him! ahaha.

    it was a surprise seeing you at high street!

  3. sprite on

    i support Bayani fernando,. i think it’s about time our country is brought to its senses. we need a non- trapo president who will end the vicious cycle of corruption and the like– the very things which characterize president Arroyo’s government.

  4. sprite on

    we are a great people who deserve a great country which can be only achieved with a great president. we need a lee kuan yew. let us no longer make the mistake of electing idiots like noli de castro.

  5. el pistolero on

    hello sprite.

    i definitely agree with you that Noli de Castro is not the right choice for president. however, i don’t consider him an idiot.

    i also disagree that Bayani Fernando would be the right choice. his authoritarian ways may benefit the most of us but like what i have mentioned in most of my recent posts, Bayani Fernando is not the Lee Kwan Yew that most of us think.

    i believe that Bayani Fernando is a definite trapo.

  6. jon on

    before we compare someone to LKY lets study first the life of LKY.

  7. jon on

    bakit ba talaga gusto maging presidente ni Bayani Fernando? hmmm… yan palagi ang iniisip ko kung nakikita ko billboards nya. bakit? why?

  8. el pistolero on

    i agree with you jon, LKY may be authoritarian but he does not delve in corrupt transactions like handling the construction of a mall within the boundaries of a municipality that he once handled. this proves true for Bayani. haha.

    well, ako rin. hindi ko rin. alam. it may be because of the power. di ba ganun naman talaga?

  9. alex on

    I dunno, I always thought Bayani Fernando seemed like a good president. He does things that will draw flak, but they actually do some good – like the illegal vendors and squatters along the road. They’re really not supposed to be there, and imagine how wide the roads will be… of course, this is a view from someone from the middle-upper class, but ultimately, those are the only social classes that support him, no? 😛

  10. Jack on

    Well… I just think BF is doing great job by being controversial. Anti-BF and Pro-BF are talking about him a lot…. Honestly I am exited about it. Feeling ko, eto naman kasi ang gusto ni BF… ang pag-usapan siya ( either in positive or negative way )… dba, he’ll be more popular. Cge lang… lets just comment on him… either good or bad, it doesn’t matter. More people will know him and will remember him. Yun naman ang gusto niya, I think. Mas madami tao ang makakaalam sa kanya. Mas malaki ang chance niya manalo.. For Anti-BFs there, its the best na manahimik.. but I know, you will not.. hehehe… and the more you talk and blogs negative, the more sisikat si BF. I was converted to be PRO-BF because of these negative blogs. Because I researched and found his character and track records… BF our next president after GMA!!!!

  11. mike on

    im a marikenyos,so iknow the phenomenon he done to our city…a cleanest,discipline,a worldclass city,a peacefully livelihood place…at ang mmda 6yrs pa lang,pero angdami nang mga accomplishment,na talaga namang napakaepektibo!!!pasasaan pa’t makikita nila ang ginhawa ng magandang pagbabago ng metro manila,suportahan lang natin si(BF)at ipagdasal pa sa kanyang mga magagandang layunin sa mga honorable mayor ng metro manila…suportahan nalang po natin si chairman bayani fernando…magkaisa po kyo!para din naman sa ikakabuti ng lahat.magtulungan,na para bang isang team ng sa bandang huli ay makukuha rin natin ang kampeonato…at makagrandslam pa diba?tigilan napo natin ang erehan,ang inggit,pagkamatigas ang ulo,iwasan na natin ang magutak talangka!.maging positibo!!huwagh natin ibaba ang isang taong sa tingin natin ay maganda at malinis sa kanyang hangarin,alam natin na hindi sya ganun kasikat sa pilipinas,pero nakita naman natin ang kanyang dedikasyon.umikot man siguro sya sa buong pinas,makita ko man ang sticker na BAYANI..ang tarpaulin POSTER nya.marami mang kumastigo at kumontra!!!WALA AKONG PAKIALAM!NO BIG DEAL!!dapat lang para mas lalo siyang makilala sa buong pinas..e kung sa ikagaganda at pagunlad naman ng pilipinas ang hangarin nya.bakit hindi?sa panahon ngyn kailangan ng pilipinas ang (BF)…BAGONG FINUNO…BAGONG FRESIDENTE…BAGONG FILIPINO…BAGONG FATAKARAN…BAGONG FILIPINAS…IN GODS WILL…IN BF’S WILL…

  12. PINYO on

    Magkano ba ibinayad sa inyo para mag-type? Cguro pede nang pang miryenda. Hahah. Mga bayarang kawatan. PI nyo!

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