meteoric rise

for the past two years, my blog was nothing.

until yesterday. haha.

i got more than 300 hits today and yesterday.


that goes to show that going against the flow will make you famous. when everyone was praising, i was also praising. but i was cussing while praising. and that got everyone’s attention.

it is a welcome change but i hope not too much.

next week, this blog will be back to normal ~ nothing.



7 comments so far

  1. jon on

    congrats! hmmm i guess you should thank BF and the Eraserheads.

    back to normal next week? i hope not. hahaha

  2. el pistolero on

    true, that, jon.

    but i guess, the Eraserheads deserve more credit. haha.

  3. paul on

    haha. dahil sa BF series mo, dahil kay BF, sumikat ka. haha. well, eraserheads din. haha. magaling. magaling.

  4. el pistolero on

    katakot kaya. mas eraserheads ito, tsong.

  5. el pistolero on


    congratulations for being mentioned by Jojo Robles! great job!

    wow! my meteoric rise is overshadowed by your great accomplishment!

  6. paul on

    true. mas eheads nga.

  7. jon on


    thanks! =)

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