can’t wait ’til tonight

let’s just say i have been longing for a couple of beers. it’s been a while since i had last finished a bottle.

and it was like, a month ago.

come tonight and i will be at San Miguel Avenue for San Miguel Oktoberfest 120! beer-guzzling galore. and Third Eye Blind will be in there, playing live!

and i will be going there for FREE. hooray for that!

the but the catch is, i was only given a General Admission ticket, which costs around P120. according to here, the Gen Ad ticket would not be much. i won’t even see the 3EB. major bummer. see more details here.

but most of my old friends will be going. my best pal Mamer and his girlfriend Angelie will be going. and my orgmate, Charlie, will be going too. as well as some of my barkada.

i will be going with some of my officemates and their kids. haha. cool. by the way, their kids are about my age.

i hope i won’t go home drunk. but my tolerance to alcohol has improved much since i was in college. i will see tonight if i could still tip over 15 bottles. [i am dreaming]

i was surfing the net about alcohol and i found this. haha. so, this is the reason why Asians turn red after finishing a few bottles. wow, the ‘red flush’ was an Asian thing. for the longest time, i thought it was because of being mestizo or being Caucasian.

for all i know, we Filipinos are hardy drinkers. we have Red Horse! but it turns out, we are not the best beer drinkers in the world.

on another note, i also can’t wait til tomorrow ~ WORDCAMP Day!


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