BF likened to Forrest Gump?

Jojo Robles, publisher and columnist of Manila Standard Today, again, took a shot at Bayani Fernando about the MMDA Chairman’s contradictory statements regarding the speed limit on EDSA. read the column here.

The blurb says it all.

The breath-taking stupidity of Bayani Fernando defies comprehension.

The blurb was taken from the last paragraph of the column which lambasted the presidentiable MMDA Chairman.

The breath-taking stupidity of this petty bureaucratic martinet with presidential dreams defies comprehension. It makes Forrest Gump himself sound like a genius.

Robles, somehow, likened Bayani Fernando to Forrest Gump, that loveable character that has been immortalized by Tom Hanks. Gump can be said to be retarded but he had a brilliance in him that made him great.

we can categorically say that Bayani Fernando has his own share of brilliance, especially on how he changed Marikina. and wow, he’s in the Top Four of Celebrity Duets. what an accomplishment, ‘di ba?

i completely agree with Robles that Bayani Fernando’s recent grandstanding jousts on the news has only made him more like Gump, a complete brilliant moron. hay. it won’t be good for his presidential aspirations.


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  1. jon on

    There’s no limit to the idiocy, stupidity, arrogance, and insanity of Bayani Fernando! if BF was an ordinary bureaucrat, in Arroyo’s stolen administration, he would had been fired on the spot. I don’t know why he is still working for this gov’t. ano ba meron si BF kay Gloria?

  2. dana on

    Noooo! Refuse!

    (Pero, if life is like a box of chocolates, baka si Bayani Fernando yung coconut. hahahaha)

  3. el pistolero on

    @ jon. oo nga! i really don’t know!

    @ dana! uy! musta na? grabe na lang yung coconut. haha. okay lang miski wala. haha.

  4. dana on

    ayoko talaga yung coconut e.


  5. jamfired on

    you might be interested:

    mga 2 weeks ago to nangyari. pero naloka ako.

  6. jon on

    ito oh.. huli ang mga mga tropa ni BF naglalagay ng Cavite!

  7. bambit on

    Hola, el pistolero.

    I featured your BF-tagged posts and other BF-related posts of other blogs on my latest post, mainly because I will be away for a few days, to a place whose sister city is the chairman’s lair. Ano kaya makita ko dun? Will keep you posted.

  8. Leslie Bocobo on

    Methinks the comparison is an insult to Forrest Gump. “Ruun Bayani ruuun!” God forbid.

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