after turning a new leaf

it’s been, what, like a decade since i last made a logical post. well, much have happened.

since last year, my life has gone through a lot of turnpikes, uphills and downhills. don’t remember all of them now. everything seems to be a blur. all that i have felt after going through everything have been quite good and now, i am quite happy.

last year, i said to myself that i will just follow the feeling. and this year, i did.

i experienced hell and came back unscathed.

i took down monsters with my bare hands.

i climbed mountains with my friends.

i shed tears for lost friends and for new-born children.

i have completely surrendered to the thought that there are things that are really not meant to be.

i have learned that it’s never to late to learn new tricks.

i laid all in and i won.

i took the dive, free fell and hit the ground HARD.

but still i am alive.

and i could not believe that i did.

*there goes my logical post.


3 comments so far

  1. Cess Wendam on

    Kirk!!! galing mo talaga magsulat! Hehehe;p I like the line — I laid all in and i won… parang poker game.Hahahah. Life is really like a gamble. 🙂

  2. Cess Wendam on

    ay mali pala… *life is all about gamble and taking risk. hahaha.

  3. el pistolero on

    haha. salamat, cess. 🙂

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