And the package from METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES SCAM arrives

NOTE: METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES has recently got itself a new victim. This post is the latest of a series of accounts made by my girlfriend as to how she was scammed by this fraudulent telemarketing company.

Read the other posts here and here.

Last May 17, 2010, the package containing the VIP PRIVILEGE CARD from METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES was delivered to my girlfriend. It is fortunate that we both work at the same company and I was able to join her in documenting the handing over of the goods.

We were armed to the tooth, we had a video camera, we had other witnesses aside from us and we have alerted our office’s security to aid us just in case the courier bails out on us. Here are the details as told by my girlfriend.


Today, May 17, Monday, at around 10:30 am, the package from METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES arrived.

Our lobby security guard called me thru my office landline that a courier was waiting for me at the ground floor lobby. Bigla ako kinabahan kasi di ko inexpect na may darating pa talaga after I told the second caller from METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES that I would not accept any offer or package from them. So they really need my authorization to actually charge the whole amount of P5,850 on my credit account. The gall of those people!!!

So, I called my boyfriend right away informing him na dumating na ang package na yan at samahan niya ako. Buti nalang talaga dala ko pa rin ang video recorder ng kapatid ko, to record my encounter with the courier as evidence that the package arrive but I did not accept it and I did not sign any document from METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES. Prior to that, I asked two of my officemates to accompany me in meeting this courier, since I told them last week that I got scammed. So I needed all the help and support I could get.

We met with my boyfriend. And the four of us went to the ground floor lobby to meet the courier from METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES. I told him that we will do the transaction at the basement of our building. So we went downstairs and inspected the documents he wanted me to sign. I saw three kinds of documents:

1. A CHARGE SLIP authorizing METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES to charge the amount of P5,850 to my credit account
2. A SALES SLIP from RCBC Bankard
3. AN AGREEMENT/CONTRACT TO CHARGE the said amount and PROOF OF RECEIPT of the package

I asked the courier para saan ang documents na ito. Para sa package daw, na ngayon tinatago na niya at ayaw niya ipakita. Hindi ko na nga nahawakan ang package eh. Well, I don’t care. I don’t want to see it anyway.

So, tinanong ko na kung hindi ko pipirmahan ang mga ito, hindi ako ma-cha-charge ng P5,850. Dahil vinivideo namin siya, kinakabahan siya at atat na umalis. Sabi na lang ng courier, pwede na hindi ko na i-sign ang documents.

I asked him if regular employee siya sa METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES. Hindi siya sumagot. I asked kung regular siya or outsourced/contractual. Sabi niya outsourced daw. I asked for his ID. At first hesitant pa siya. I was waiting for him to show his ID. Eventually, he gave it to me. He is Nestor Ponce and his ID shows that he works for METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES as a courier.

Sabi ko “regular employee naman kayo ah. Hindi outsourced.” Hindi siya nakasagot. Nag-suggest officemates ko na ipa-xerox ang documents as proof sa mga documents na pinapa-sign nila. I went to the printing area. So I have the copies of the documents.

I went back and returned the original documents. He asked for his ID back. Sabi namin nasa kanya na. At pinaalis na namin siya. Tapos!!!

I have proof of the three documents. I have a video of who the courier is. I have proof that I did not sign any document and I did not receive any package. Punyeta, di ko nga nahawakan ang package eh. Hindi ko na inalam kung ano ang laman nun, para ibalik niya sa head office nila na sealed ang package at hindi ko tinanggap.

Kapal-kapal talaga nila!!! Kahit sinabihan ko na ang second caller from METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES last May 13, na hindi ko tatanggapin any promo nila, heto nagpadala pa rin sila. What does that prove? Na kailangan nila signature ko to validate the transaction of P5,850 na charged fraudulently sa account ko. Stipulated sa AGREEMENT nila na ‘Membership fees are not refundable on the third and final confirmation of the sales.’

Eh, hindi ako nag-confirm. Until second confirmation lang ako. That was when their ‘manager welcomed me to their club.’ Yuck!

So bottomline is “PWEDE MA-CANCEL NILA ANG TRANSACTION KASI WALANG THIRD CONFIRMATION!!!” They better cancel it because I have evidence, documents and a video, of non-confirmation and they have their courier, MANG NESTOR, to attest to that.

What bothers me is how they were able to produce a charge slip without swiping my card. Is it possible to get a charge slip without a card to swipe thru the device? Ang alam ko lang, walang charge slips kapag online transactions. I know ‘cause I have purchased online at ang binibigay lang as proof of the online purchase is the confirmation/reference number. So how the hell did they get a charge slip?

I called Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) at 2:15 this afternoon. I asked them if it’s possible to have a printed charge slip without swiping a card. The SCB call center agent said NO. Kapag online transactions, confirmation/reference number ang binibigay. ‘So ano ang mangayayari sa floating transaction without the signed charge slip?’ tanong ko. Sabi ng SCB call center agent, pwede na hindi pumasok kasi walang signed charge slip maprepresent ang merchant. Pero to be sure, hintayin ko pa rin daw ang billing statement ko, then I can file a dispute.

Okay. So for now, I will wait for my bill, which is due to arrive on the first week of June. Ang tagal pa!!!

Here is the video of the event.

Here’s the transcription


WOMAN: Hindi naman nila ako sisingilin kung hindi ako pipirma dito di ba?

COURIER: Hindi ka naman masisingil kasi walang pirma.

MAN: Saan ka ulit kuya, sa kanila ano?


MAN: So messenger ka lang?

COURIER: Messenger lang po, ser.

MAN: Bale “in-house” ka nila?

WOMAN: “In-house” ba o out-sourced?

COURIER: Bale out-sourced

MAN: Ah, out-sourced. Okay.

WOMAN: Patingin nga ng ID ninyo, kuya.



(COURIER gets his ID)

MAN: Ay, tiga-City Limits (sic) kayo? Mr. Nestor Ponce.

WOMAN: Ayan oh, Metro Care. Regular naman kayo, Manong. Hindi naman kayo out-sourced eh.

COURIER: Wala kaming ano diyan, ayun. Kung walang deliver, wala rin kaming ano.

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  1. biong on

    sir pwede q b kaung m add s ym… kc gus2 qng mag p elf s inyo n scam din poh kc ung gf ng gagong metro care n yan… enge kmi ng advice s inyo! about dun s credit card dpat b nmin byaran un.. anu po ga2win nmin

    • el pistolero on

      Sorry about the late reply. Wala akong YM eh. Huwag ninyong bayaran. Basahin mo lang yung last few posts ko about Metro Care, andun lahat ng mga ginawa namin. Basahin mo rin ng mga links kasi yung iba comprehensive talaga ang mga detalye kung paano lalabanan ang Metro Care.

      Basta, huwag kayong mag-sign ng kahit anong galing sa kanila. Good luck.

  2. jl on

    thanks el postolero. kaso ang problema ko, nakuha nila ang 3-digit code ko. tsk! bad trip ‘tong mga ‘to. sabi sa july daw mag-ccharge, pero pagtanong ko sa citibank, nag-charge na nga. wala pa rin yung package saken. kaso hawak na nila ang 3-digit card number ko sa back ng card. may laban ba ako to dispute?

  3. jl on

    sorry for multiple posts el pistolero. but i guess i’ll just post comments on this page since this is the most recent one..

    anyway, additional question, nakuha na ng gf mo yung statement niya sa Standard Chartered? anong nangyari sa floating transaction ng Metro Care Marketing? natuloy na i-bill sa account?

  4. haynako on

    hi jl at el pistolero. na-scam din ako, nung wednesday lang (june 2 b yun?). nkuha sakin yung nos. na nkasulat sa front and back ng credit card ko. jl, parehas tau, sa july din daw ako mabbill… sa bpi ako nagwwork, so mejo ‘natutulungan’ ako ng iba kong officemates.

    sadly, wala talagang magagawa ang banks to cancel the transaction kasi legitimate merchant ang metrocare.. however, they advised me na pag dumating yung package, WAG KO TANGGAPIN at WALA DAPAT AKONG PIPIRMAHANG KAHIT ANO. tapos, abangan ko daw bill ko sa july kung sisingilin pa rin nila ako or hindi na. pag siningil pa rin nila ako, gagawa daw ako ng letter of dispute… ..this is addressed to metrocare diba? hehe.

    el pistolero, please keep us posted. hehe. at sorry kung nfflood ng comments blog mo :p

    may question din po pala ako… pano pala nasabing scam si metrocare? hehe. i know, it’s a very dumb question, pero wala pa kasi akong nababasang blog saying that the privilege card doesnt work… pwede kasing legit sila pero masama lang talaga marketing strategy nila…

    • el pistolero on


      okay lang ang mas maraming comments, mas tataas ang traffic at relevance ng post na ito kaya tataas ang rank niya sa google. once na nag-google search ka, isa itong post sa mga una mong makikita. a great way to let others know of how the deception of Metro Care Marketing Services works.

      on your question kung bakit naging scam ang Metro Care Marketing Services, well, nanloko sila eh. fraudulent ang means nila in getting clients/victims. they deveive you by saying that they were recommended to you by your bank/credit card provider which is not true. they don’t divulge all the details of the transaction, most especially that you will be immediately billed right after you confirmed your credit card details. may panlolokong nangyari. at ang mahirap pa dito, wala kang laban kasi legal ang means nila to get the transaction.

      i guess legit naman ang Metro Care Marketing Services. maganda sana kung macheck talaga natin sila with the SEC, DTI and any other agency. and if you see their website, mga credible naman mga institutions na affiliates hindi lang masama ang kanilang marketing strategy, effective kasi marami pa rin silang naloloko.

      • haynako on

        hay. tama ka jan. thanks…

        good luck sateng lahat.

    • jl on


      yep, same tayo ng situation. but i guess, there’s nothing we can do right now but to wait for the generation of our CC statements.

      oh by the way, I’ve already requested that my card be blocked and replaced as soon as my conversation with Metrocare has ended. some call center agents of my CC told me that Metrocare can’t do anything with my 3-digit card number since it was already replaced.

      Last week, the courier arrived here in our office with the package. I didn’t sign anything. I’m just hoping that like what happened to raymond’s friend (see his post on part 2 of el pistolero’s blog), the floating transaction will not be billed to my account. i’ll post again once i’ve received my statement this June 20.

      • haynako on

        kumusta jl? are they calling u? they’ve been bugging me to pay their cancellation fee.

      • haynako on

        ay nkalimutan ko sabihin… wala na ung floating saken (yeaaaaahhhhh). pero ayun nga, they’ve been bugging me to pay 800 for their cancellation fee. kaw?

      • el pistolero on

        congrats din sa iyo, haynako. HUWAG MONG BAYARAN ANG CANCELLATION FEE!!! KAHIT IPA-NBI KA NILA!

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  6. bl on

    kabadtrip tlaga metro care services pnasok nla sa dalawang credit card ko…mali ko lng naibigay ko credit card number ko..3,000.00 was debit to my account..naka 6,000.00 sila sken. D naman sila macontact..Pls. help me..

    • haynako on

      whoaaaaaaa. ang daya talagaaaa! floating pa rin ba? maybe it’s best to have your credit cards blocked.. ask your bank. floating pa rin ba? basta do not sign anything and do not receive the package. pag d mo ni-receive at ni-sign, malamang tatawag sila sayo.

    • el pistolero on

      POTEK. ito na ata ang pinakamalalang case na nabasa ko.

      kung iisipin mo, isang tao ka lang nakukuha ng privilege card nila tapos pang-dalawang card ang i-bill nila sa iyo? aanhin mo yung dalawang card for one person? grabe yun! pwede mo silang idemanda! grabe sila!

      i-suggest na itawag mo kaagad ito sa dalawang credit card providers and have them cancel ito on the grounds na dalawang card ang ginamit mo ang na-bill.

      please try to contact Ms. Alma (09232907715). she is trying to file a class suit against them. maganda ang case mo as an example.

      good luck to you.

      • Rose on

        I recently became a victim of their deceitful marketing strategy.
        My mistake is i already accepted the card. Before the delivery of the card, i have already called their office to cancel the transaction but Miss Lauren Avenido told me that I am not obliged to pay for it if i decide not to keep the card. I called them up and said that I am no longer interested with their minimizer card but I didn’t know that transaction was already posted in my billing statement. When I called their office again, they said that I have to write a cancellation letter. I was advised not to pay it and wait how the cancellation would turn out. When I asked for an update, they wont give me a specific answer and told me that the fee is no longer refundable. What a fool i am! An expensive lesson learned!

  7. bl on

    Bkit kaya ang mga credit card bank they accept this transaction since madami na nga nagcocomplaint? Like BDO they are not inform the card holder na nagdebit ang metro care services..Sana matapos na sa panloloko ang metro care marketing svcs. corp.

    • el pistolero on

      namention ko sa isang post ( na talagang may mga bankong kinoconsider ang Metro Care as a legitimate company, particularly ang BDO. kahit na maraming complaints na nakafile against them, pinapayagan pa rin sila ng DTI para makapag-operate kasi wala pa namang naka-file na formal complaint/class suit against them.

  8. jl on

    @el pistolero, raymond, haynako

    ok na yung transaction. hindi naman na-bill saken. nawala na yung floating transaction ko. basta dapat pala talaga ipa-block yung card tska walang pipirmahan. thanks sa inyo.

    @ bl
    ipa-block mo na yung cards mo na nakuha nila sa’yo. baka kasi kung hindi nga nila magamit para mag-charge ng metro care products nila, gagamitin nila yan pambili ng mga kung anu-ano sa internet. magugulat ka nalang, puro appliances na naka-charge sa cards mo. immax out nila yan.

    valid company din kasi ang metro care. try mo i-browse yung previous posts ni el pistolero rito tska search mo sa internet yung metro care services, talagang may binebenta sila.

    basta never divulge yung 3-digit approval code at the back of your cards. saken kasi, na-tiyempuhan akong nag-upgrade ako ng card, kala ko related sa card upgrade ko. yun pala, magbebenta ng discount card.

    pass on to friends and co-workers. may winarningan na ako rito sa office namin kasi pina-filter ko sa reception namin yung callers ng metro care/city limits.

    • haynako on

      jl, they didn’t contact u na ulit? walang pinapabayad na cancellation fee? swerteee

    • el pistolero on

      congratulations! buti naman at walang nabill sa iyo.

  9. js on

    help me paano ako makakatakas sa bangungot nato’ give some evidence too.

    • haynako on

      ..what evidence?
      ..basahin mo nlng po posts namin hehe

    • el pistolero on

      basta don’t sign anything. tama si haynako, try to read further. what kind of evidence do you need pa? eh lahat naman ng mga nabiktima, walang mapapakitang valid na evidence (i.e. recorded na conversation with Metro Care Marketing Services agent). ang meron lang kaming nakuha eh yung video. please do read my other posts regarding this.

  10. Ai-joe on

    @jl swerte mo, tapos na problem mo
    ako tinawagan ako ng METRO CARE na yan noong 6/21/10
    tapos me floating na 5850 charge sa RCBC Bankard ko, Ampupu talaga,lupet talaga nila,ang sarap nila pag papatayin eh!
    pero now, after ko mabasa post nyo, medyo gumaan na feelings ko, thanx po sa inyo elpistolero,haynako,

    • el pistolero on

      you are welcome, Ai-joe. basta wala ka pang pinipirmahan, may laban ka pa.

  11. Ai-joe on

    pag dumating ba ang courier, yung card holder ba ang
    hinahap? o ni rerelease nila kahit hindi card holder ang nag rerecieve,,
    pano kung wala ako tapos ni recived ng co-worker ko? edi sure na charge na ba yun?
    ampupu! na papa isip talaga ako ah!

    • el pistolero on

      initially, ikaw talaga ang hahanapin. dapat ikaw dahil pirma mo ang hanap nila. kung sakaling may nagpirma in lieu of you, pwede mo itong i-contest sa iyong bank sakaling i-charge ka talaga ng Metro Care. yun nga lang, napapatagal ka pa dun at baka umaabot pa sa DTI (kung sakaling magfile ka ng dispute) ang kaso. pero may laban ka dun dahil iba ang signature.

      just be sure, na kapag may dumating na package for you, sabihan mo kaagad ang buong office nyo at mga co-workers mo na na-scam ka and for them not to receive your package.

      kung sakaling dumating din yung package mo, i-video mo rin! tapos iupload mo sa youtbe at i-link mo ang video namin! mas maganda yun!

      good luck sa iyo, Ai-joe

  12. Ai-joe on

    @el pistolero

    thanx sa advice, post ko nalang ang susunod na kabanata,

  13. MAGE on

    buti na lang may presence of mind ako! chineck ko agad while having the conversation. and i even called my credit card provider… gosh!!! grabeh!!!

    • el pistolero on

      good job, mage!

      ibang klase na ito. ang daming tao sa aking universe na ang nabibiktima. itong si mage din pala.


  14. jl on

    yep, wala namang cancellation fee. tinanong ko kasi yung courier kung anong complete name. tapos hinihingan ko ng ID, ayaw. tinanong ako kung kukunin ko ba yung package o hindi. sabi rin saken na pag hindi ko pinirmahan, hindi naman ako maccharge.

    @el pistolero
    thanks. buti nalang nakita ko ‘tong blog mo. laki ng tulong saken.

    • el pistolero on

      @jl, ayaw na rin nila magpakita ng ID nila ano? siguro dahil lumabas dito sa video namin. nagpapasecure na sila para hindi na sila mahuli ulit.

      congrats sa iyo, jl. antayin mo na lang mawala ang cancellation fee, if ever.

      @haynako, narealize ko lang, sayang naman yung good credit standing mo kapag hindi mo binayaran yung cancellation fee ano? sinisingil ka pa rin.

  15. Ai-joe on

    dumating na yung courier(6/25/10), yun nga dala na yung delivery,,
    na i xerox
    ko yung drivers licence niya, wala daw kasi syang ID ng Metro Care.
    tapos pina sign ko cya ng kasulatan na hindi ko ni recieve yung package,,saka nag pa sign din ako ng letter of demand na i cancel nga yung charge,, sabi ng delivery man,, mawawala din daw ang charge basta walang pinipirmahan…
    so ayun wait ko nalang mag monday para mag inquire sa bank

    thanx nga pala ulit “,

    • el pistolero on

      wow, galing ng ginawa mo Ai-joe. sana you got this on video tapos inupload mo sa youtube. congrats. antayin na lang natin at baka singilin ka nila ng cancellation fee. sana naman at wala na nang cancellation fee.

      ayaw na ng Metro Care magpakita ng ID for their couriers dahil sa nagawa ng aming video. nice. ahaha.

  16. Ai-joe on

    ang galing ng ginawa mo,, ako naisipan ko nalang mag researce nung tapos na conversation namin,na hulog nko sa trap nila, buti nalang hindi pa huli ang lahat,, ehehe
    malaking aral toh! ehehe

  17. Ai-joe on

    musta na yung problem mo,,dumating naba yung courier syo?
    basta think positive, tama yung mga post nila na wala kang pipirmahan na kahit ano, mismo rin na narinig ko sa courier na mawawala daw yung floating charge kung hindi ka pipirma,,basta pag haharap ka sa courier mag sama ka friend mo para me witness ka,
    gud luck syo friend

    • el pistolero on


      kuhanan mo na rin ng video at kunan mo yung mga documents na dala niya. tama yung ginawa ni Ai-joe na may may documents siya na pinapirmahan sa courier as proof na wala siyang nireceive from Metro Care’s end.

  18. ai-joe on

    yahee! wala na po yung floating charge ko!! maraming salamat talaga sa inyo mga bro!!
    nag inquire me sa bank, yung card replacement fee nlng ang naka charge sakin,, ehehe
    ty talaga el pistolero, haynaku, jl at raymond

    • el pistolero on

      congratulations! pero antayin mo pa rin ang billing statement just to be sure.

  19. diane on

    guys i need your help too. kasi sabi ng bank ko kahit wala daw ako na sign na document ma cha charge pa din daw sakin un. as of now floating pa siya😦

    • page on

      d nyo b pansin, lahat kyong victims ay my credit card from scb?

      • el pistolero on

        i’ve blogged about this. ang sabi, the telemarketing agents of credit card banks sell the info to Metro Care kaya alam nila ang lahat ng credit details mo,

  20. diane on

    and di pa po dumadating yung package

    • Ai-joe on

      @ diane

      at first ganyan din sabi sakin ng bank, pero floating lang yun,basta dont recieve or sign anything from their courier.
      wait mo dumating ang courier, ikaw ang hahanapin nun, kasi they need your sign, sa recieving paper at charge slip ng bank.. mas maganda kung me kasama ka pag harap sa courier,
      basta dont sign any thing from them.

    • el pistolero on

      tama si ai joe, don’t sign anything.

  21. Ai-joe on

    basahin mo yung ibang post, marami ka dun makukuhang tips
    galing kina raymond,haynaku,jl at elpistolero

  22. Tina on

    Ako den po na scam ng Metro care na yan thru my credit card Standard Chartered bank! I almost shock when I found out na may transaction ako na di ko naman ginamet. Nakuha ko yung name nung taga Metrocare “Jasmine Garcia” and her contact no. 759-0712 but it keeps on ringing lang! I’ve already blocked by credit card but still na debit sya. And I’m still waiting the letter of dispute form to file the cancellation. Ingat po sa mga credit card users!

  23. ai-joe on

    @tina ang diane
    d na talaga cla sasagot sa tawag mo,, pero tatawag cla uli syo pag dumating yung courier,to make them sure na i rerecieve mo yung package,, so dapat wag mong i recieve,, kc wala ka ng habol pag ni recieve mo yun,,ganyan din nang yari sakin, tinawagan ako d2 sa shop namin para kulitin na i receive ko na yung package, but i stick to the plan,,dko talaga ni receive,kahit anong sabihin pang bluff nila,,kahit yung cancelation fee wag kang pumayag,, wag kang matakot sa floating charge,mawawala yun pag hindi ka nag sign sa charge slip kasama ng package,
    gud luck

  24. diane on

    wala padin po yung package. blocked na yung card ko and na received ko na yung bago kanina. sabi ng CSR ng bank ko, approved na daw ng bank yung transaction nabayaran na daw ng bank ko yung metrocare. kainis. tinanung ko pa nga kung hindi ko i-receive ang package and diko pirmahan ma charge padin? oo daw kasi bayad na! chance ko nalang daw humingi ng charge memo galing sa metrocare para ma cancel yung transaction. hays. panu na po ito?

  25. diane on

    ang sabi pa ng CSR hindi daw ako pwedeng mag request ng dispute kasi valid transaction daw. hays help nman po.

    • el pistolero on

      oh no, diane. dapat hindi mo nireceive ang kahit ano. what Metro Care needs to validate the transaction is your signature. kung wala yun, pwede mo pa rin i-contest ang transaction because of fraud. tama ang credit card CSR na pasok na ang transaction pero floating pa yan. pwede mo pa i-contest yun if ever. at tama rin ang CSR na hindi ka pwede magrequest ng dispute with the bank pero pwede kang mag-file sa DTI ng dispute and tag your credit card provider. magugulat ka, bigla silang papayag na magfile ng dispute. it worked for us.

  26. diane on

    wala pa po akong pinipirmahan na kahit ano. wala padin kasing dumadating na package sakin. tinawagan nila ako last week pa tuesday, until now wala pa po ang package.

    • el pistolero on

      if that’s the case then don’t sign anything. please update us on anything that happens. all the best to you.

  27. diane on

    wala pa din pong dumadating until now.

  28. jl on

    hintay ka lang. darating din yan. sabi ko sa’yo, hintayin mo statement mo. pag nag-reflect dun, then dispute. pag wala, edi ok.

  29. diane on

    guys, kanina nag inquire ako thru phone ng statement ko and P200 ang naka charge sakin yung card replacement fee. ibig sabihin po ba nun na wala na yung P5,850 sa account ko? wala po kasi ako nakausap na CSR eh.

    • el pistolero on

      we can’t be sure about that diane. mas maganda pa rin hintayin mo ang iyong billing statement.

      • diane on

        ay ganun. statement of account ko today so i thought wla na yun😦 nalungkot nnman ako bigla huhu:( try ko nga call sa bank maya para i confirm . 24hrs nman cla.

  30. Yham on

    Same case here with me,nkfile ako ng dispute last Mar. w/ Metrocare en naireverse ng card ko,but right now d card s asking me to get a cancellation memo w/ Metro,problema d fone kips on ringing nobody wants 2 answer d fone….up2 Tues. na lng deadline ko sa credit card ko den dey will charge me w/ 5850 f di nla mresib d cancellation memo… guys help me nman my sakit ako en i hab 2kids skulling up2 now…can’t afford 2 pay that amount pambili na lng ng fud,vits.,pang skull nla… any comments will do…tnx so much

    • el pistolero on

      oh no, Yham. this is the first time that i’ve read something like your case, in which the credit card provider gives a deadline for the transaction. can i ask which credit card provider ito?

      did you file a dispute with DTI? baka doon pwede ka pa makalaban. did you sign any receipt form when you got the package? if you did, i don’t know how you are going to fight it through.

    • page on

      isumbong nyo kay tulfo, pls contact dis nr 09212386423

      • el pistolero on

        thanks for the info, page.

        btw, we also tried getting in touch with Tulfo noong kami pa ang naiipit. ang sabi sa amin, we need evidence. kaya may video kami noong dumating ang courier.

  31. diane on

    yes po big prob ang makipag communicate sa kanila. dont expect na makakausap mo pa sila. yung sakin naman walang dumating na package and statement ko today di nman nag reflect yung 5,850 thank god:) nabasa mo na po ba ibang mga posts may mga advice po sila dun:) sana makatulong po

  32. ai-joe on

    @ yham
    ni recieved mo ba yung package?
    kung hindi pa malaki ang chance mo na mabawi yung charge, w/ help of DTI,, but kung nag sign ka dun sa charge slip at DR nila parang mahirap na yun, kasi it means that you agreed to thier policy,.

    @ dianne
    ok na pala probz mo,,wait mo nalang statement mo, ganyan din sakin eh, nag inquire ako sa bank,, card replacement fee nalang ang naka charge.

  33. diane on

    ganun. pero floating pa din daw yung 5,850 sabi ng csr last night. di pa din dumadating yung package kasi. hays😦

  34. el pistolero on

    basta, don’t sign anything kapag dumating ang package, diane. yun lang ang chance mo for now.

  35. el pistolero on


    If you do have facebook accounts, you might want to contribute to this facebook page dedicated to Metro Care Marketing Services.

  36. albertob on


    Kapag nakapirma ka na ba wala ka nang magagawa lalo nat ang kwento nila sa iyo ay iba. Iba ang sinasabi nila dun sa actual na binenta nila syo at ang sabi pa nung isa sa mga Manager di raw pwedeng buksan yung item kungdi pipirmahan.

    • el pistolero on

      oo, mukhang tagilid na laban mo nun kasi the signature validates the transaction. kung sakaling ipush mo ang laban mo to the court, you can claim whatever you want, ganun din sila kahit na iba ang paliwanag nila sa iyo. marami na kaming narinig na stories na ganyan. mga sinungaling sila. kaya nga its best to read the fine print before signing.

      • albertob on

        thanks sa reply … last May lang ito nangyari … HSBC credit card namin … though nakapagfile na kami ng dispute form and tried to return them thru LBC pero pinabalik din nila sa amin …

        we’re hoping that thru HSBC makita nila yung fraudulent acts ng Metro Care and they should blacklist such merchants if they want keep customers … bad rep sa kanila ito … tsaka we are a good payor no … we will update you soon … nakapgsubmit na rin pala ako ng complaint sa DTI …

      • el pistolero on

        good luck sa iyo, albertob. if you got your credit card through the phone or through some agent, chances are mukhang nabenta na ang mga credit card information mo sa Metro Care. and usually, these agents are outsourced by the credit card provider kaya labas sila dun.

        but i do agree with you that credit card providers should do something to fight these scammers off. kakaunti ang kanilang market.

  37. diane on

    wala pa din dumadating na package sakin galing sa MetroCare.

    • el pistolero on

      good luck, diane. let us know kung ano nangyari sa iyo.

  38. putek on

    anak ng ako now lng…. kaninang 3pm may tumwag sa office….

    • el pistolero on

      naku, sana hindi mo naibigay ang iyong credit card details. basta basahin mo lang yung mga posts ko. you’ll get a rundown of what to do. good luck.

  39. Ai-joe on

    naku dami parin talaga na iiscam,
    sana guys hindi pa huli ang lahat,, keep in reading the post, makaka tulong to sa inyo, then let us know din
    ang mga nang yari sa problem nyo,,
    gud luck,,

    • el pistolero on

      nakakagulat nga na hanggang ngayon, marami pa rin ang naloloko.😦

      • putek on

        pano kung di ko napirmahan mga pinapapirmahan sakin???

  40. el pistolero on


    di mabuti kasi your signature sa receipt of the package stands as you agree with the transaction. kung hindi mo ito pinirmahan, ibig sabihin, you don’t agree with the transaction. in most cases, Metro Care will still charge you a cancellation fee. dun sila dumadale. pero in our case, lusot kami. walang chinarge sa amin.

  41. karen_po on

    bwisit yang taga citilimits na yan, mga manloloko! Nabiktima ako nyan last April. Ginawa ko lng is gumawa ako ng dispute letter to BDO and after a few days nawala na yung floating transaction na yan. I have to replace pa my credit card to avoid the same situation (with 250 pesos charge, haist!)

    • el pistolero on


      Tama ka. Ansarap gantihan ng mga taong yan sa emotional stress at trauma ang naidudulot nila sa ibang tao.

  42. albertob on

    Napadala na ng misis ko yung kopya ng LBC sa HSBC … we’ll be waiting for their action … either way we’ll only settle what we have charge with our credit card pero di namin babayaran yung METROCARE (P3000) and any financial charge that they’ll come up …

    We’ll update you soon guys … God Bless …

    • el pistolero on


      do let us know kung ano mangyayari sa inyo para maipaalam din natin sa ibang mga nabiktima ang kanilang maaaring gawin.

      maraming salamat!

  43. xryste on

    guys,may case na ba na naforge ung signature?kasi dumating yesterday ung metrocare with the package, i didn’t sign anything, mali ko lang gumawa ako ng letter stating that i didn’t receive any package and did not sign ant documents supporting the acceptance tapos pinasign ko siya kaya lang pati ako ngsign tas humingi sya ng copy..ngayon ko lang nrealize mali ko..are they capable of forgery?napaparanoid ako,di ako mapakali..

    thanks guys!

    • el pistolero on


      as far as i know, wala pa naman ata. pero kung sakaling nangyari yun, may laban ka pa. pwede mong ilaban na forgery at identity theft yun sa korte kung willing kang ilaban ito.

  44. Jax on

    Grabe ito, isa ako sa mga biktima.

    Natatakot ako kasi last Friday (July 30) sakto wala pa ako sa office so hindi naka stay yung courier nila. Now, I just called BDO and meron ngang Floating na 5850 sa billing ko. Now let’s say pag dating nung lunes, hindi ko pirmahan yung package, hindi naman ako macharge for that dito.

    Now ito nakakatawa, after na hindi naideliver yung package, may nag text na saken kung ok lang na sa monday padadala na ang package. Nagulat ako kasi ang tagal tagal kong tumatawag na laging busy, now hindi lang nag deliver, text sila agad sa akin. Grabe diba.

    Tapos I called BDO, now sabi kasi since Phone Banking hindi daw kailangan ng charge slip. Pero from what I read here kailangan nila ng charge slip. Dito na ako natakot. Kasi mapupunta sa wala ang 5850.

    Now lets say (positive scenario) na hindi ko tangapin yung package at nawala yung floating, can I still use my card parin ba? or madali nang malalagyan ng kung anu anong charges yan?

    I will give feedback dito kung ano mangyayari tom kung dumating yung courier.

    Thank you so much dito. Sobrang dami kong natuto with this.

    • el pistolero on


      we’re not experts dito. we only share what worked for us. talagang persistent yan Metro Care agent na yan to get you into signing the slip kaya huwag mong signan.

      i guess, it’s best for you to block your card kasi nga alam na nila ang mga credit card details nito. dapat nga pina-block mo kaagad kasi may isang nagpost dito, twice siyang chinarge for two different cards. di ba sobra na yun. isang tao ka lang with two different cards tapos dalawa ang priviledge card mo? kaya kung ako sa iyo, have it blocked.

      hindi ko rin alam kung paano ang process ng credit card provider mo pero it doesn’t mean na when you have your credit card blocked eh magrereapply ka ng panibago. depende rin kasi sa credit card provider.

      when my girlfriend had her credit card blocked, sinabi lang niya sa call center agent ng credit card provider nya. it’s your right as the credit card holder to have your card blocked/replaced. kasi hindi na safe ang account mo and somebody tricked you into giving them the details.

      huwag kang mag-alala kung mapapalitan na iyong card. mas importante pa rin na walang extra charges na ipasok sa account mo.

      good luck sa iyo.🙂

  45. Jax on

    Now eto pa, Ka text ko yung “Consultant” ko na si Cacharel Collin with the sun number of 09323430899.

    Sinasabi pa nila na yun nga charged na yung 5850 sa account ko at wala naman authorized na daw ng bangko. Tapos I should know na recorded nga yung conversation and pumayag nga daw ako. Tapos ang sabi nila if I want to cancel my subscription, tangapin ko yung card, then mag sesend ako ng letter or fax with the VIP card number with it. With the help of this blog, hindi ko na gagawin yun. Nakakahinayang lang kasi kailangan ko na yata maiblock yung cards ko. So that means ba na uulitin ko ang applying process for credit card?

    Sorry kung sa dalawang post ako nag leave ng message. Kasi hindi talaga ako ma blog. At the same time mali ang bagbasa ko. Sorry po ulit sir. I am also panicking kasi.

  46. Jax on

    Update on what happened.

    So I was at work today, then I got a call from Cacherel if I am accepting my Card. All I said was that I am here in the office now and if the courier wants to come over then sige. Gusto ko rin makita kung ano yung mga titignan kong papeles.

    Then true enough, after a few hours dumating nga. Sayang wala akong video pero meron namang lobby video sa office to show walang akong kinuha. Tapos merong BDO charge slip. I told the guy hindi ko ito kukunin kasi ayaw ko na. The guy didnt press the issue naman and said “Bakit sir?” I said “Wala na kasi akong pera eh” na paloko. Then he said “Sir kung meron po akong tatawagan at kakausapin ok lang ba?” I said “Sige” pero umalis na siya.

    Now, kakatext lang sa akin ng Cacherel.

    “HI!D nyo pala narcv uing package..actualy, na debit na po ung 5850 wit ur account and soon it wil be posted wit ur biling statement.gnwa ko npo ung part ko inadvise and inform npo kau..u cud check ur bank tym to tym and ask kau 4d cancellation..sbhinlang po ng bangko sa inyo samin kau mkpg coordinate snce kami po ung nang hinge ng approval kami rin po may authority n icancel dn po un, coz ndi po mag cancel and bank without our credit memo..tnx”

    OH MY GOD! So hindi nag work? So wala rin ang pag hindi ko pag accept? Bakit ganun ang BDO? Grabe sila! Guys please help. Siguro hindi lang napapansin ang blog na ito ng iba pero grabe naman. So wala na ba?

    Do I have to close my card na ba?

    Hay, sadness..

  47. Jax on

    OH MY GOD! MGA BLUFFERS! I called BDO and wala na yung floating charge of 5850! Tinakot pa nila ako! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    I already blocked my card, yun nga lang 250 pesos yung charge (kesa naman 5850 diba?)

    I would like to apologize for trolling this blog. I’m really sorry pero I’ll also help people with this. Grabe, tinakot pa nila ako diba?

    Now, I am not sure if I also gave the 3 digit number of my HSBC card pero since July 23, walang napasok na floating sa kanila. I am so tempted with replying Cacherel by saying “Naku po, sorry” Pero siguro that is pushing it na.

    God Bless this Blog.

  48. el pistolero on

    congratulations, jax.

    sorry at hindi ako kaagad nakareply sa iyo earlier tonight. nakatulog kasi ako.

    it’s great na wala na ang charge. and katulad nga ng sabi mo, it’s better to have the card cancelled and be charged with a little than the whole P5k.

    totoo ang sabi ni cacharel that it on their end to cancel the transaction. totoo yun. however, for the transaction to transpire, they need your signature to ultimately claim that the transaction is legit. kahit tignan mo sa batas natin, sa law ng transactions at ng mga credit card, they will need your signature as proof that you agree to their terms.

    ok lang na marami kang post.🙂 we understand. lahat naman ng mga taong nagpost dito eh nagpapanic din. i hope we have been of help to you.

    • xryste on

      Buti ka pa jax..ako me floating parin.sana wag lang nila iforge..pero ngayon ncontact ko sila sabi mgpasa nalang ako ng cancellation letter..ngpasa ako stating na hindi ako ngagree sa terms nila.tawag daw ako ulit sa friday..sana maging ok na..update ko kayo on friday..thanks el! have a nice day!=)

      • el pistolero on


        hopefully, all goes well sa iyo, balitaan mo kami.

  49. Jax on

    You have been a really really big help El Pistolero. This whole blog is. Now I will constantly look here para makatulong in any way I can.

    Pero ganun ba kabilis yun? As in pag tawag ko after mag text nung si Cacharel, wala na yung floating. What I did was after a few minutes, I called again and this time iba na yung CSR and asked kung merong floating pa sa akin. Nung sinabi ulit na wala, pina block ko na. Nirecommend din ng CSR na i block ko since compromised na nga yung last 3 digits.


    Talaga? Baka panakot lang yan since wala naman pinirmahan dyan sa charge slip.

    This happened in our office na pala before and it was the same messenger. The guy was more pushy daw sabi ng receptionist namen. Ang sabi pa niya was “Pirmahan nyo nalang then chaka na kayo mag pa cancel.” Pero buti nalang he didnt sign also. At andun din naman yung guard namin at medyo matapang din kasi ang receptionist namin.

    I hope the best for you Xryste. I think wala rin yan kasi floating naman.

    Another thing, alam nyo parang hindi lahat ng mga CSR marunong sa mga ganito. Una, nung sunday when I was panicking, the 1st BDO CSR said na ang floating pwedeng 10-15 days. Then I asked again, hindi naman nila sure kung gaano katagal. Eh eto nga, after hindi ko tangapin, wala na yung flaoting. Pero sure ba yung na pag sinabing walang floating at walang posted, wala na diba? Kasi baka merong super hidden floating yan. I’ll just wait for my statement pero bagong card narin naman. At least I will not be tempted for 3 weeks bumili ng gamit na hindi ko afford.

    • el pistolero on

      yes, it’s best to just wait for your billing statement, jax

  50. grace cruz on

    hi! hingi lang sana ko ng tulong kc ung kaofficemate ko kanina lang nareceive n nya ung package tapos napirmahan p nya ung agreement pati ung charge slip.tumawag na kami sa metrocare ang sabi nga daw gawa daw kami ng cancellation letter pero tinawag din namin s bank sbi still floating p din ang transaction pinablock n din namin ung credit card pano kaya un possible p din kaya na magreflect un s bill?tulong namnan oh.

  51. el pistolero on

    nakows. masama yan kung napirmahan na. i’m sorry to say but papasok na yung billing.

    the best thing you can do is to file a cancellation. however, they will still charge you for the cancellation fee.

    • jl on

      how did you get the package? tinakbo mo yung package tapos hindi mo pinirmahan yung receipt? hehe

      • jl on

        oopps, mali ng post. dapat dun sa part 2 ng blog. pasensiya na el pistolero

      • el pistolero on

        no problem, jl. if you refer to Nascamdin, ang asteeg pala ng story nya.

  52. grace cruz on

    oo nga e un din ang advise nla kaso d p daw sure kung macancel kc my procedure p daw un.thanks anyway.

    • el pistolero on

      what you can do though is to file a dispute sa DTI. yun nga lang, hindi ako sure kung may nanalo nang mga case na may napirmahan.

      • albertob on

        @ el pistolero

        nagfile na kami sa DTI and until now walang message or call back about the issue … so inassume ko na wala silang pakialam … ilalapit ko nga kay PNOY ito dahil mga tauhan nya ang mga nakaupo na pero di pa rin naaaksyunan …

        as per HSBC they will be waiting for a reply from RCBC na nagcharge dun sa credit ng asawa ko … bale lumalabas na sila METROCARE ay pinapadaan ang pagcharge thru their RCBC account … sabi rin ng HSBC na kung di makakasagot ang RCBC e inunullify nila yung charge ng METROCARE and any financial charges … keeping our fingers cross …

      • el pistolero on


        don’t lose hope. meron yan. kung di kaya sa email, i’m sure my trunkline naman ata ang DTI.

  53. el pistolero on


    ngayon ko lang narealize. nakakainis pala ang name na CACHAREL COLLIN.

    bwisit! poser!

    ang sosyal pakinggan ng name pero im sure baluktot ang english niya.

    halatang fake ang name niya.

    by the way, grace cruz,

    sabi nila sa GF ko, “no cash out” daw upon delivery. so bakit ngayon meron na? mga sinungaling.

    • Jax on

      Oo nga eh, una nagulat din ako sa name niya. Hindi ko pa nga napansin until nung nag dududa na ako. Pero in fairness nung unang tawag medyo ok pa, pero di ka, when she called the day that the package will arrive, iba na ang tono. Parang yung nangungulit na ewan na. Dun ko nafeel sobrang fake ng pangalan. Dapat nga hulihin yan kasi fake ang pangalan eh.

      • el pistolero on

        pet-peeve ko na talaga itong si cacherel collin! nakakainis ang name nya. ahaha.

  54. el pistolero on


    want to see the contents of the Metro Care Marketing Services VIP Card?

    see it here.

  55. kmach on

    sir nabiktima po ako kanikanina lang po sa opis

    • Jax on

      Sir Kmach,

      Ask your credit card provider kung pumasok na yung payment. Pwede mo nang ipablock agad. Yung saken hindi ko napablock hangang nawala yung charge.

      Ito ang next na importante, HUWAG NA HUWAG kang pipirma ng lahit ano or tangapin ang package pag dumating. Huwag kang maniwala sa KAHIT anong sinasabi nila na kesyo kailangan tangapin muna ang card bago paputol.

      Good Luck. Don’t Worry maraming nakalagpas dito. Kaya mo yan.

      • el pistolero on


        marami rng salamat sa pagtulong mo sa cause na ito.

  56. kmach on

    sir maraming maraming salamat po sa advice…. at sa blog na ito… antay ko nalang po yung courier…. napablock ko na po yung 2 cards ko… peste talaga yang metro care na yan…. pero yung floating transaction nandun pa din…. panu nga kaya nila nalalaman ang card info natin…

  57. kmach on

    sana po yung mga card provider…. mag set up sila ng firewall protection sa mga info ng customers like us… or ipablock na nila yung metro care for so many complaints…. kakairita po talaga

    • el pistolero on


      pareho tayo ng sentiments. ang mahirap kasi most agents for credit card providers are outsourced kasi mas mura ito for them to maintain. this is industry practice din, as in halos lahat ng services na kailangan ng call center, outsourced ang mga agents.

      ang problema naman dito, mas lax ang security ng mga credit card holders at wala namang magawa ang mga credit card providers about this. mahirap talaga.

  58. Jax on

    From what I read here, binebenta ng ibang credit card companies ang info natin.

    Come to think of it, bago tumawag ang City Limits sa akin, tumawag muna ang Union Bank. Kasi merong nag bebenta ng Credit Card with CellPhone Load. Parang new deal ito na 1 year lang susubukan. I tried it out and gave my info, nag text pa na approved na ako. I was already waiting for my card, pero instead, I got a letter from Unionbank saying that for me to get the card, I should open an account with Unionbank and have a 12k maintaining balance. Hindi ko na sinipot yung Unionbank. I think ang info na ito ay galing sa agent ng Unionbank. Kasi yung HSBC at BDO cards ko hindi naman alam ang office number ko.

    Then a few days (or weeks) after, tumawag na yang tingingingining na si Cacherel Collin na yan.

    Now her spiel was, My name was given to them by Visa and Mastercard as good clients. I really think that it is a bunch of bullcrap. Do you think it is true?

    • el pistolero on


      it’s bull crap! galing kay cacherel collin yan eh! pangalan pa lang bull crap na! ahaha.

    • albertob on

      likewise …. its all b!@#$%^&*() …

  59. MC24 on

    Maybe im the latest victim by that shit metrocare!!I just found out today their scam.and tnx for your blogs! im not yet receiving the package but still the amount floats in my card.i already blocked it with my bank..and still now im worried w/ that.i dont know what can i do once the courier arrives here but as your advice i will not accept it.i hope the amt they charge to me will be thinking ano kya pde mgpatgil sa mga gnito msma work nla sa mga tulad ntin???sobrng bothered tlga me for the whole day!!

    • el pistolero on


      please read my other posts so that you’ll know more.

      i commend you for immediately blocking your card. compromised na rin kasi ang confidentiality ng iyong credit card information.

      huwag ka ring mag-alala. we’re here to help and share our exxperiences with Metro Care. basta you have to keep in mind that you have the choice not to accept the package. and don’t receive anything.

      as to how we can stop this scam, i’ve written a suggestion in one of my posts. if i remember correctly, i emphasized that we need stronger and more specific laws about credit card security. naglalaro kasi sa loopholes ng batas ang MetroCare

      I pray that your problem will be gone sooner. good luck.

  60. MC24 on

    tnx! ur info is a great help!We should fight this kind of scam so that we can protect not just ourselves but for the others that they will try to victim again!Let’s spread this scam!i will just make an update kung ano mangya2ri sa case ko kc until now wla pa dumting na package skin from them.i will try din na kumuha ng details sa mgde2liver..i wanna stop it na rin tlga kc nka2inis ung gnagwa nla gnito!!Grr…

    • el pistolero on

      Thank you, MC24.

      That’s the reason why I’ve been blogging about this scam by Metro Care, to somehow stop them from victimizing people.

      In this small way, I’m helping others, making them aware that there exists such a scam.

      On a higher plane, I’ve contacted some of my media friends and friends in the government to let other people know of this. I’ve spoken to a contact from Bitag and another Tulfo Brother’s show but we lack substantial evidence to counter Metro Care.

      They do have a point. Wala pa naman tayong record ng actual conversation with Metro Care wherein narecord ang panloloko at pagsisinungaling nila di ba? Mahirap kasi yun.

  61. karen on

    I received a call last August 10 from a certain DEREK SANTOS, that he was calling daw in behalf of Mastercard, and he need to verify some info, so i entertained him, he already knows my credit card number and he was only asking kung anung batch daw ako.. So nagulat ako kung anu ung batch and then sabi nya it was the three digit nga daw at the back of my card and it was so dumb for me to give it without calling my bank first.. and then ang dami na nya sinasabi na di ko maintindihan hanggang may babae na nag congratulate sa akin. And that Derek Santos also got the nerve to make chika with me regarding the economic crisis.. duh.. After the call i got nervous di talaga ako mapakali and i googled it, and then un nga pwede pla gamitin without swipping, Nakakastress talaga… I checked my credit balance and then wala pa naman nakapasok na transaction but then my floating na pla di lang sinabi ng costumer service.. So I immediately block my card, kala ko tapos na tong impyerno na to kc nga block na. And then after a few days my tumawag ulet babae naman from Metro Corp daw asking for my exact address, i was working in Ortigas Ave but i told her ADB ave my God kala ko wala ng darating… Jul 17, eto na dumating na ung package nakita ko agad ung BDO receipt tpos mga papel, pero di pa talaga aware sa blog na ito since that day.. I ask the courier if he was working with metro and he told me no… Sabi ko di ko yan rerecieve balik mo nalang sa kanila, so bumaba naman cya, then may call agad from metro pag di ko daw recieve eh mag chacharge ulet ako ng 1k kaya pinipilit nya ako recieve since may naka float na daw un sa card ko (Take note: sa kanya ko lang nalaman na my naka float) so i said okei but upon that i hang the phone and di na ako
    lumabas ng office di naman na bumalik ung courier… i called my bank immediately and they advise me to send a letter to them that im not finalizing transaction with Metrocare, and also advice me to cancel any transaction with Metrocare kahit di ko nireceive ung package, so right now Im still waiting for 15 days to see if the floating transaction will disappear… i was super praying na sana mawala nga at sana di mag appear sa Statement of account ko..

    and sana talaga matigil na ito at wala ng mabiktima..

    • Jax on

      Hi, you did the right thing by not accepting the package. Without your signature sa package, hindi nila mafa-finalize yung transaction. Whatever they say about the floating and all, it’s true except the point that hindi mawawala yung transaction unless kinuha nyung card.

      Don’t worry, marami nang nakalagpas dito lalo na with this blog. Tama yung ginawa mo.

      • karen on

        yah thanks to all of you guys, dahil sa blog na ito eh na relieve din ako.

  62. Jax on

    Ganun din ang sa akin, BDO din yung card ko na nagka prob. Buti nga sa iyo maayos pa kausap yung agent ng BDO eh. Akin sinabi agad na walang magagawa until ma post yung payment. Dahil sa Blog na ito, dito ko nalaman ang kailangan makita, which was the BDO charge slip.

    Yan na yan din ang ginawa saken when I didn’t accept the package. May tumawag pero hindi ko nasagot kasi may ginawa ako. Pero after that, nag text yung “Consultant” ko. Ganyan rin halos na naka float at lahat.

    Wait for your statement nalang, so far wala pa ang statement ko pero upon asking about billing, wala na yung 5850 sa floating and dumating narin yung replacement card ko.

  63. ehajems on

    hi el pistolero at sa lahat..

    navictim din ako gosh! tumawag sakin ung CITYLIMITS/ METROCARE na yan the day after my bday.. i thot its another surprise since kakadating lang ng credit card ko last July31, Tumawag sila August3, they knew na kakaarrived lang ng card ko at may privilege card daw sila para sa mga bagong card holder,tinanong ko kng sino ngrecomment sakin, at sabi HSBC daw w/c is my bank,so i thot promo talaga xa ng HSBC, same situation sa inyo puro bola ung sinabi ng kausap ko since im in a good mood dahil katatapos lang ng bday ko mabilis nya kong nabola,nabigay ko na ung credit card number ko and even ung sa likod ng card, i ask them kng may babayaran ba ko,at first sabi nila wala, and then sbi nya pero may babayaran daw ako na annual fee w/c is 585,nagulat ako sabi ko anu?bat sabi mo walang bayad,tas ang bilis na nya magsalita hussler talaga hanggang sa i dont have a chance na magsalita na,may sinabi pa xa plus annual fee meron pang 12months na babayaran for 337,lalo akong naloka na super shocks! so in short hindi na talaga ko nakapagsalita,hanggang sa may congatulate ng nagaganap, at binaba na ung fone,By August6,dumating na ung card sakto may event sa office,so dumating sya na nakikinig ako sa speaker namin tinawag ako ng officemate ko at sinabing may naghahanap daw sakin,actually after ng usap namin nung august3 sabi ko sa sarili ko pagdating nung card di ko na tatanggapin kasi parang agrabyado ako,so dumating na ung courier,sabi sa courier d ko na tatanggapin ung card so, tinawagan nya ung consultant na si JAKE ROBLES, kinausap ako at binola ng kng anuanu,na pwede naman daw icancel after a week pagnakita ko ung whole package, since mejo bangag ako dahil andun din ung isip ko sa event namen,sa madaling salita napapirma ko na d ko alam kng bakit, tipong dinaanan ng mata ko pero di ko inintindi,at nagmamadali din ako bumalik sa event,ng binuksan ko ung card so weird na kng anu anu lang nakalagay dun at kaduda pa na tatawag muna sa kanila pagnagavail dun sa bwidit na card in short HINDI tlaga Tugma sa pinausapan namin ni JAKE, so that day tumawag agad ako sa office nila, laging busy ung numBER na binagay ni jake,tumawag ako sa ibang pang number na nakaindicate sa pinirmahan ko,nakausap ko ang nagngangalang KRISTINE FLORES,sinabi ko concern ko at sabi nya magfax lang ako cancellation letter, i did, then i called her again,she told me na wait lang ako ng notification within 7 working days, wala pang 7 days tumawag na ako,kinukulit ko na sila for cancellation letter pero puro on process, Then days come 7 days na,AUGUST17, i called them since wala pa din feedback tumawag na ako so ayun puro palusot na na kng sa kanya ko daw ba nfax, so deny na xa, sabi hanapin daw muna nya baka nasama sa personal file nya she gonna call me back, 2hours walang call, tumawag ulit ako, nahanap na daw nya,at sabi since pinacancel ko i need to pay for 2850,3000 lang daw ang marerevise sa account ko, so pumayag na ko since la na talaga ko magawa,i have to wait for notification letter na daw,i called HSBC and i ask kung may charge ako at sabi floating na ung amount na Php5824.46 to be exact,sabi ko pinacanceled ko na, tapos knwento ko na lahat, sabi ng CSR ng HSBC if ipablocked ko nalang daw ung card then i have to pay for 400 tas ipaadispute ko nalang once napost na sa dumating na ung card billing ko at para madispute daw i need to have a cancelled leeter from METROBAnK,so i called them hinanapan ko ng cancellation notification, sabi magfax daw ako sa kanila ng xerox of valid id with 3 signature on it, tas padala ko daw ung package ng card nila, tsaka lang nila ako mbibigyan ng cancellation letter, since then wala na kong nagawa, what do u think da best way na dapat gawin? kahit ung cancellation fee nalang na 2850 ok na sakin, para lang matapos na since alam kodin naman na may mali ako dahil pumirma ko,hay, hindi naman napupulot ang pero, it gave me a huge depression and trauma,di ako makapagwork ng maayos, pakiramdam ko lahat ng tao manloloko pag nasakay ako sa bus piling ko lahat cla agent ng METROCARE.sobra na ung takot ko dati sa mumu lang ako takot ngaun d na sa TAO nalang buti nalang nakakabasa ako ng mga blog na ganito ang hirap kasi pagkinimkim, pili lang ung taong nakakaalam sa nangyari sakin, though gusto ko maging aware lahat ng konektado sakin.. need help anu po kaya magandang gawin?
    Pasensya na sa post ko nobela na pang MMK pa..hehe..

  64. ehajems on

    i have no guarantee kasi talaga na mareceive ko ung cancelletion letter na authorize nila pag pinadala ko ung package nila, at ung copy of id and signature,i know mas lalo ako madidiin pagpinadala ko pa un, what i need now is the cancellation letter, na sinasabi ng HSBS para madispute ung charge ko, wla ba talagang magagawa ang mga credit card company para mavoid un?how come na d nila macancelled un?hay naku nakakainis talaga!

  65. ehajems on

    i guess puntahan ko cla?pero panu kng pagbigay ko ng package d pa din bgay cancellation letter? i’l email DTI nalang..and HSBC card na di ko sila babayaran,BAHALA SILA!!

    • albertob on

      @ ehajems

      I already went with my wife last July sa office ng Metrocare sa pasong tamo … sa cityland 2 tabi ng waltermart sa makati … sinubukan namin kausapin mismo yung agent pero di na raw working sa kanila … yung manager di naman makausap dahil may ginagawa … may Lyn na kumausap sa amin and I told her how their company commits fraudulent acts tapos may gana pa siyang magsabi paano … in the end they would require you to fax them the incident pero di pa rin nila gagawan ng paraan …

      Ang kakapal ng mga mukha … kailangan mong maging mahinahon at baka makasakit ka ng ibang tao … sa ngayon we’re still using the credit card pero we’re only paying what we bought … nakapagsend na rin kami ng dispute letter to HSBC and they’ll already in the process of checking this with METROCARE’s RCBC account … at kahit pa anong sabihin ng credit card provider namin … di namin babayaran sila dahil they should have already make an effort to block/ban this kind of scammers …

      Hope this helps …

      • ehajems on

        hi albertob..
        how does it happen na d nyo cla babayaran?does the 5850 still on float?kasi if nabilled na un at d nyo binayaran db lalaki lng interest?
        i’d called hsbc kanila lang.they told me na wala na daw nakafloat sa account kala ko naman ok na un pala kasi nakapost na daw sa account ko ung 5850,nxtmonth daw ang billing.i filed a dispute pa din babakasakaling madispute pa..hays actually feeling ko pinost nila un nung nangaway ako kaya un naatat na ipost agad.
        bahala na c God sa knila..
        lahat ng bagay may karma..

  66. karen on

    @ ehajems
    alam mo what i realized is that wala tyong kakampi d2, pati bank kc my profit cla d2, babayaran mo un so pabor sa kanila, .., pag di mo naman bayaran masisira credit record mo pwedeng di ka na maka kuha ng ibang credit card at di na rin maka pag loan.. at ung mga tao jan sa metrocare halang mga kaluluwa nyan.. dapat sa kanila sinusunog …mga bitch!!!

    • el pistolero on

      pasensya ka na, karen but i beg to disagree. kahit na sabihin nating may kita ng mga credit card provider, iba pa rin ang kita nila in the long haul. the longer you have your credit card, the more earnings they will get. so obviously, they’ll want to hold on to you longer.

      in a another post, particularly that of sofia, a bank employee who happens to be a friend. they did all they can to have a cancellation pero wala rin. matinik lang ang Metro Care kasi they’re walking on a fine line between being legal and being on the wrong side of the law. nakakainis di ba? andun ang Metro Care sa grey area ng batas kung saan lusot sila.

      wala rin magawa ang mga banks. this scam also hurts their business because it makes a bad image of them and it drives away potential income.

      just my two cents.

      pero you do have a point na wala tayong kakampi dito dahil mismong DTI, na sangay ng gobyerno na dapat tumutulong sa atin, wala ring magawa. yun ang mgas nakakainis. sila dapat gumagawa ng batas against fraud and identity theft pero anong ginagawa nila? hinahayaan lang nila na magtagal pa rin ang Metro Care.

  67. Jax on

    Naku, nabuksan mo yung package? Honestly, I really can’t say anything to help kasi tinangap mo yung package. Pero if you read sa mga ibang posts you can follow what they did.

    Isa sa mga lessons na nakuha ko ay pag may tatawag sa akin, kailangan focus ako at hindi papaloko sa bilis ng salita nila.

    Pero kaya parin yan, people have fought and won before.

  68. ehajems on

    kaya nga eh!! kaya gusto ko na patusin ung 2850 na sinasabi nila?do u think puntahan ko?just to receive the acknowledgement letter for my cancellation?at mabigay ung lecheng package nila?para atleast bumaba naman ung mabilled sa account ko? ang inaalala ko lang kasi nga hayop cla,possible pa din na ndi nila ireverse ung account ko.. late na kasi ng maisipan cla isearch sa net, busy kasi nung panahon na un, grabe bilis ng pangyayari.. hay.. il try my best para mapress sila, il ask sa mga kakailala ko na taga media if what can i do.. ah anyway, para po sa mga nkaavail talaga.have you ever tried to present the privilege card in the said establishment? tinatanggap po ba?

    • el pistolero on

      pasensya ka na ehajems. parehas kami ni jax na wala talagang knowledge of what to do kapag na-signan na ang claim receipt.

      isang tao lang ang nabalitaan ko na nanalo sa kanyang laban with Metro Care at nakuha nya ang reversal, si Nascamdin. she’s a frequent poster din sa blog na ito.

      • ehajems on

        ok lang po el pistolero..
        i think lesson talaga sakin un..
        buti pa c nascamdin eh nareverse nya, ung sakin kasi nkapost na eh.. i think mahirap na tlaga mahabol..
        basta il keep on viewing nalang d2 sa site mo para if ever man matigil na ung ginagawa nila gumaan naman pakiramdam ko..
        thank you guys.

  69. khat on

    hi guys,
    have read your posts and comments…thanks for this page. grabeh i have also experienced such fraudulent incident this month lng po. nung wednesday, August 18, 2010, someone calles me sa office number ko on my local line. he introduced himself as Carl Sy from Metro Care Marketing Services. he offered me a privilege card na pwd ko magamit as discount card whenever ill buy any appliances in any selected stores. i am a cardholder from 3 banks. i was shocked when i found out that he knows my personal details most especially my CC numbers. when i asked him how did he know such details he told me that the said company is an affiliate of VISA and MASTERCARD. i never said that i am interested with the said package. sabi ko “i never used my cards to buy appliances. pang-grocery ko lng xa and emergency purposes..” but still pinilit nila ako and bgla n lng nia pinasa ung phone sa manager nila…”we would like to thank you for availing our products and 5,850 will be reflected on you account on your next billing” nung pinasa ulet ung phone kay Carl Sy, sinabi ko agad “hndi nmn ako ngsabi n gsto ko yang products nio ah…bkt ibibill nio na agad ako hah?!” pero its as if wala xang nririnig at always nia sinasabi na sayang daw kng hndi iaavail kc mkktulong dw tlga sa akin…then binigay nia sa akin ung contact number nila and address. tas dun ntpos ung call… but still d ako matahimik…d ko matapos ung trabaho ko…dhil un ang nasa isip ko…i tried to call the given digits then aun! bc tone na at operator n lng ang sumasagot. dun na ko mas kinabahan…ginawa ko…tumawag agad ako sa banks na my cards ako…then that’s the time na sinabi nila sa akin na wala silang gnung klaseng promo…most especially dun sa isang bank na sabi nila eh nirecommend nila ako…ung my 5,200 na sa acct ko…1st try was rejected…and on the second try floating na xa…sabi time to time inform ko sila and tumawag ako for the updates. after that call..ngnet ako using my phone at nabasa ko lahat ng conversations dito sa page na toh at dun ko mas lalong naprove na scammers tlga sila…nagemail agad ako sa mga banks to dispute the fraudulent charges at ngrequest n rin ako for a replacement. sabi ko d bale ng mgbayad ako ng replacement fee kesa magbayad ako ng amount na ni minsan d ko nmn pinakinabangan… aun under investigation ung transaction for 2 months…but still d p rin ako nkkreceive nung package n sinasabi nila…after kong mabasa toh…kng ano ginawa nila gnun dn ang ggwin ko…hndi xa basta makaalis sa bldg dhil haharangin agad xa ng mga guards oras na tumakas xa..

  70. khat on

    may continuation pa po ung kwento ko…nung thursday.. tumawag ulet siya (Carl Sy) sa akin…eto ung conversations nmin

    Carl: hi, may i speak to Ms. Khat?
    Khat: yes? speaking
    Carl: mam ako po ung tumawag sa inio kahapon ung tiga-metro care

    nagpantig na agad ang tenga ko…

    Carl:mam my prob kc d2 sa card nio…pwd ko po bang malaman ang expiration date po ninyo?

    sabi ko…d b nakacharge na yan sa isa kong card? tumawag ako dun kahapon para icheck kng ginalaw nio ng hndi nmn ako ngaagree sa offer nio…eh bkt ichacharge nio pa jan sa card ko na yan…tsk tsk…sori to tell you naablock na yan kaya nkakaencounter kau ng problems…mrami akong nabasa tungkol sa company nio…

    sabi nia… ahhh gnun po ba mam…naiintindihan ko po…to tell you mam lahat ng nabasa nio po ay black propaganda lamang po…

    sabi ko… black propaganda eh ang dami dami nila…duh?!

    sabi nia…its up to you mam kng gsto nio po na icancel ung pgpapadeliver ng card…

    sabi ko…i never said that i am interested with your damn product…

    sabi nia…ok po mam

    then that’s it! bigla nia binaba..

    so wait ko n lng till next week kng ipapadeliver ung card na un…once na dineliver kng ano gnawa nio gnun dn ggwin ko…kng pwd nga lng na ipadakip xa sa pulis na asawa ng kaoffice mate ko gagawin ko eh…

    anyways guys! im with you on this fight! i hate those f****** scammers…!

  71. el pistolero on


    buti na lang ganun ang ginawa mo. i have a question, yung tatlong cards mo ba, nachargean nila lahat? grabe na yun! scam na talaga yun. for one person to be charged three times because of 1 privilege card na wala naman talagang inooffer na privilege, sobra na yun!

    at to you, Carl Sy and to anyone from Metro Care


    These people who read, comment and share their thoughts and experiences in this blog are testament to the injustice you bring to all credit card holders.

    I work for in the image-building business. I know all about black propaganda and how to besmirch the reputation of an entity. But as you can read from all of the comments and posts, these are all clearly COMPLAINTS!

    Simple logic dictates and validates that a company with numerous of complaints is a CRAPPY COMPANY!

    So, Carl Sy and the rest of your co-workers at Metro Care Marketing Services, instead of calling us liars, quit your act, change your spiel and come up fresh. Malay mo, one of these days, this blog will be used as evidence against you and your company.

    I’m not threatening you, malay mo lang.

    • Jax on

      Grabe! So black propaganda pa pala ito ah! Hindi namin sila sinisiraan dahil niloloko kami kaya meron itong blog na ito.

      Sobra akong natulungan ng blog na ito kaya dito ako at hindi ito black propaganda dahil ang hindi naman tayo nagsasabi ng hindi totoo. Metro Care ang sinungaling, kasi sinasabi nyo sa amin na hindi pwede ma cancel ang charge unless tangapin ang card which is NOT TRUE!

    • albertob on

      Guys ….

      Anuman ang sabihin natin sa kanila … it will just fell on deaf ears dahil sa sobrang kapal ng mga mukha at mga walang kaamor amor sa sarili kaya nila nasisikmura na gawin yan … make it an agenda and to spread the word to everybody we know or who has a credit card about their fraudulent operation … sabi nga nila hanggat may nagpapaloko may mangloloko …

      Advise rin natin ang mga credit card provider natin that if they cannot do something about this … they’ll be losing income because they’re losing customers …

  72. khat on

    @el pistolero
    hmmmm…actually ung isa kong card lng my nkafloat na charge…tapos…pinablock ko un, gumawa ng dispute letter at ngrequest for a replacement…after a day..tumawag ung MCC asking me if i want to pursue my request of blocking my account and at the same time o request for a replacement…although wala p nmn na nakafloat sa acct ko na certain charges…sabi ko…ipupursue ko p rin khit gnun kc alam nila CC number ko eh…aun! so ang safe na ginawa ko eh ipablock lahat kesa lahat i-charge nila dun…

    yup! sobra sila na sabihin na black propaganda toh…eh same lng ang mga kwento nting lahat at hndi tau mgkakakilala personally..pinagtagpo tayong lahat d2 because of one goal…para ishare lahat ng ginagawa ng Metro Care Mktg na yan!

  73. ehajems on


  74. ehajems on

    guys, does anyone already post a suggestion or comment to pnoy site? i hink kasi they could help us,well hopefully.. here’s the site

  75. albertob on

    @ ehajems

    Just continue posting and probably one of these days may makakapansin na … baka sa kakulitan natin matigil na ang kanilang modus operandi …

    • ehajems on

      sana nga albertob..
      lahat ng bagay may katapusan..
      at sana dumating na katapusan nila..hehe
      i mean san matigil na.. at makonsensya sila..
      kung sila nga hirap kumita ng pera eh..sana alam din nila na hirap kumita ng pera ung mga niloloko nila..hay..kung gusto nila kumita ayusin nila trabaho nila..anyway po pwede ba magask kng ung discount nila eh tinatanggap?para kahit pano may mapakinabangan ako..hay..

      • albertob on

        @ ehajems

        di ko sigurado dahil never kong ginamit sa sobrang poot at inis na nararmdaman ko lalot nakikita ko yung asawa ko na umiiyak at di makatulog dahil sa ginawa nila … oo pera lang yun … pero perang pinaghirapan namin para sa ming pamilya …

        kaya di rin ako titigil sa kakapost sa ibang website para malaman ng buong mundo kung anong klaseng kumpanya at mga tao sila …

  76. khat on

    Hehe uo nga wg taung ti2gil s laban n toh..dpt my fb page n rn tau..we dont care about metrocare! nbanned cla s industry papakainin q kaung lhat s jollibee hehe

    hehe sori guys ah sbrang saya q lng kc naagapan q ung nangyari s akin..hayst! sna lng my iba rn n d p nbbktima ang mkbsa nito para bgla n lng cla mwawala dhl s pgkalugi..db?

  77. ehajems on

    ahehe sana naman mbanned na cla para makatikim naman ng libre ni khat.. ahehe hays,daanin nlang sa tawa kahit for a while lang..hays..

    sana..sana..wala ng mavictim pa..

    magkanu kaya kinikita nila?
    tanga ng mga agent nila,kumikita kaya sila ng 5850 a day..
    naisip ko lang kng d naman sila nakita ng ganun, bakit hinahayaan nilang gamitin sila ng company db?hays..
    may lakas naman sila ng loob at sanay naman mkipagusap sa fone, bakit kaya d nalang nila gamitin un sa maayos na trabaho,bat d cla maghanap ng work n matino.gya ng maayos na call center.d ung ganyan..hay..

    baka kasi may naliligaw dito na taga METROCARE at nababasa nila to, sana lang marealize nila..

    • albertob on

      wala nang paki yung mga ahente nila kung mali man ang ginagawa nila … basta ang alam nila kumita sila … pero may mga lehitimong araan naman para kumita …. yung nga lang sa pangogoyo ang alam nila …

  78. Jax on

    Yan din iniisip ko, parang pwede naman silang magtrabaho sa matinong call center at for sure magiging ok ang kita nila.

    Alam niyo, I think marami silang naloloko. Kasi sa pag bisita ko rito halos laging merong bagong biktima. Nung una kong pag post dito (That was July 24 ata, halos kakabiktima lang saken)Marami nang nakapost. Sana lang yung mga ibang taong naloko nila mabasa itong blog na ito. Maganda rin na maraming nag popost dito para meron laging sumagot sa mga tanong nila.

    Sa tingin ko, sa bawat isang tao na nakabasa ng blog na ito, merong silang nalolokong 5. Dapat talaga makalat itong blog na ito.

    Yan din ginagawa ko lalo na at natulungan ako ng blog na ito.

  79. Ai-joe on

    sir pistolero,
    nakakagulat po, talagang tuloy tuloy parin ang citi limits sa scam,,tingin ko, yung mga card agents ang mga may gawa kung bakit nangyayari to,,
    pano nalang yung mga hindi nakaka basa ng mga blog like this? diba? hayyy!

  80. Jax on

    Yun nga eh, buti nalang mga iba saten nagkaroon ng idea na tignan sa net. What if wala? Then biktima na talaga sila.

    Actually come to think of it, baka yung mga ibang agents ng City Limits ay part time Credit Card Agents din. Pwede kaya yun?

    • albertob on

      @ Jax

      Posible yun … marami kayang nagkalat na ganoon ang modus operandi nila … kaya ingat …

      @ Guys

      as much as you can ikalat nyo ang balita kung paano sila mangloko … in my own way … ikinakalat ko sa ibang mga website kahit sa forum at blog discussion … kahit magopen pa ako ng topic for discussion para lang matigil ang ginagawa nilang kalokohan …

      Di ko sila mapaaptawad sa ginawa nila sa misis ko … ako nga e di ko pinapayagang lumuha … sila pa na di ko naman kilala …

  81. Ai-joe on

    malamang po ganun, kasi tatanungin ka ng mga agents na yan kung may card kana,kasi nga “plus factor” daw yun para madali kang ma isyuhan ng new card, cyempre pag nag apply kana isusulat mo lahat ng true things about syo,,, ayun dun na mag sisimula yun! waiting na sila ngayun kung kelan ka iisyuhan ng card ng bank, then aatake na sila, or pwedeng ibebenta nalang nila yung account mo..
    pero conclusion ko lang po ito,, wala po akong basihan talaga,,
    pero mas mabuting mag aply nalang tyo ng bagong card, dun mismo sa banko, wag sa mga kung sino sinong agents..

  82. el pistolero on


    salamat sa supporta at tulong ninyo sa blog na ito. tama kayo sa puntong kaya ko pinost ito para mapakalat ang balita sa ibang tao. may konting alam ako sa Search Engine Optimization (SEO), isang technique para maparami ang hits ng isang website, kaya mataas ang position ng blog na ito sa google hits kapag sinearch mo ang Metro Care.

    moving on, tama ka ai-joe, na kung mag-aapply ka ng credit card, diretso na sa mga banko. ganyan din ang sinabi ng girlfriend ko. kasi yung card na nabiktima sa kanya ay through a SCB telemarketer. kayo rin ba, ganun?

    albertob, alam mo you have a point on alerting our credit card providers. sana nabasa ninyo sa kabilang blogpost ko na may nakausap akong isang business journalist na nabiktima rin ng Metro Care. she’s pulling some strings and convincing bank executive contacts to look into this and protect their customers.

    since ang mga kinukuhang telemarketing agents ng mga banks ay third party o hired lang, talagang mahirap protektahan ang credit card info ng mga client ng mga banks, somewhere down the road, pwede itong mabenta sa mga interested parties tulad ng Metro Care.

    pero there’s still a chance for banks to protect their clients. paano kamo? simple lang, the banks should create a protocol that warns the client whenever a transaction from Metro Care comes into their account. simple lang di ba? i’m sure may database sila ng transactions from Metro Care. kung baga, kailangan talagang i-confirm ng bank kung gusto talaga ng credit card holder na mag-apply at nag-aaggree siya sa conditions ng Metro Care.

    i understand this is quite taxing for the banks because of the extra calls but its their responsibility to protect their clients. it’s better to have these clients in the long run kesa i quit nila ang cards nila dahil na-scam sila.

    kaya, guys, i ask of you to talk with your banks to implement such a safeguard or protocol para wala nang ibang mavictim pa. do it in your own way. please pay the goodness forward and i know naman that you too want to close down this scam. this is just a step but its worth taking naman.

    please read the other details on what we can do about this on my other post. lumaban tayo!

  83. Jax on

    Actually, sa ibang credit cards pag medyo mataas na ang charges tatawag sila pero hindi nila siguro bibigyan ng pansin ang 5850.

    Though when I called HSBC, they said marami rin nag rereklamo about City Limits. Meron din silang yung parang insurance na kung fraud yung charges or something. Hindi ko lang alam if it can help us nga lang.

    • albertob on

      @ Jax

      I think it would help us … way nila yun to get us hooked to their scam ..

      @ Guys … sa mga nakapirma na …

      Meron ba kayong nareceive na “thermal slip” kasama noong receipt galing sa courier … yung katulad sa white slip na binibigay kadalasan para pirmahan pagkaswipe ng card nyo … tanong dyan ay paano sila nakakuha noon kungdi naman nila physically hawak ang card at naiswipe ito … liban na lang nagproduce sila ng “fake card” tapos inimprint nila dun yung information mo para maiswipe at mapirmahan mo …

  84. ehajems on

    sakin wala namang binigay na thermal slip..charges slip lang..naisip ko nga rin db dapat may slip din na galing sa hsbc,pag sa mall ung slip na pinipirmahan may hsbc talaga na nakalagay.db?
    i called sa HSBC..
    i already file a dispute form,pero since nkapost na daw sa account ko magbbilled na un for the next month,eh nkapagpass na ko ng dispute and under investigation pa daw, naisip ko lang d po ba pwede na ifreeze ung amount na 5850, kasi db if i have an option na wag muna bayaran ung amount na under investigation db dapat d muna magbilled kasi panigurado daw na magkakaron ng interest un.. eh wat if after da investigation sabihin nila na valid ung transaction, then that time ko lang binayaran lets say after 3months, ung 3months interest babayaran ko rin ndi ba unfair un..parang pinagkakakitaan din xempre d na nila investigate pag nagbayad ako at pag d naman ako nagbayad muna, sasabihin na valid ung transaction, so kikita talaga sila dahil magkakainterest na..ask ko lang po ganun ba talaga dapat?
    hay pahirap sa buhay yang CITYLIMITS na yan..

    • albertob on

      @ ehajems

      Ang ginagawa namin ni misis e di namin binabayarn yung sa Metrocare at any financial charge that incur … halos 4 months na rin yung interest kaya malaki na … may natanggap kasikaming sulat na ichecheck ng HSBC yung transaction from RCBC kung paanong navalidate yung charge or thermal slip … kapag di nakasagot mababalewala yung sa metrocare and financial charge …

      Nasa sa iyo yun kung babayaran mo … kami kasi di namin babayaran dahil nabiktima na nga kami at ang HSBC ay wala namang ginawa at that time … kahit nagfile na kami ng dispute form nireflect pa rin nila sa SOA namin … sana man lang hinold muna nila … habulin nila kami kung gusto nila pero di namin babayaran yung di naman namin nagamit … kahit pa mablacklist kami … marami pa naman kaming ibang credit card e …

  85. khat on

    hayst! kktwag q lng s bank q..d p rn pla nwawala ung floated amt.,sb sken aftr 15 days n d nkpgpresent ang metrocare ng transaction d xa mgre2flect s soa q at automatic mgdi2sappear xa..nkaluwag aq ng pghinga..sna naman hnd nla i-forge sgnature q..peo impocble wla naman aq pnirmahan n qng anu s nangyari lhat ng dumarating n letters 4 me ntatakot aq ireceive bstah bstah..nkakatrauma cla..

    • albertob on

      @ khat

      yun na nga ang nakakapagtaka … paano sila magkakaron ng charge or thermal slip e wala naman sa kanila yung physical card … unless they fabricated a “fake card” with your information bago nila naiswipe …

    • el pistolero on

      i hope that everything will turn out well for you, khat.

      albertob, totoo, nakakapagtaka talaga kung paano nila nagagawa yun.

  86. ehajems on

    pwede ba un albertob? kasi db posible na pag d mo cla binayaran pwede cla pmunta sa haus mo at kunin mga gamit?nakakainis sila parang ayaw makipagtulungan eh… oi ask ko lang po sana sa mga bdo card holder?mas malaki ba ang interest ng bdo?sori out of topic, hehe..
    kamusta na po pala ung sinusulong nla el pistolero..?

    • albertob on

      ala akong balita ehajems … saan mo naman nalaman na pwedeng kunin ng bangko ang gamit sa bahay mo pangbayad sa utang … di naman ito loan na ginawa mong collateral … ang alam ko marami pa nga diyan ang tinatakbuhan ang mga bangko sa pagkakautang … sa kaso natin di naman natin sila tinatakbuhan …

      we just refuse to pay for something that we have no use, was of fraudulent in nature and they, our credit card provider, is slow to make amends/resolutions therefore incurring those financial charges …

      I don’t know how most of you will take this but we stand firm that hard-earned money we make should be spend wisely … and what makes this bank sure na ibabalik nila yung binayad mo after the investigation if it should end at all … for sure it will take time … which we do not have since the longer you stay with them … the more you’ll be paying for nothing …

  87. lezzar on

    pls help me naman kasi i have a credit card nung gagamitin ko na sya decline daw tapos tumawag ako sa customer service kasi daw my 5995 daw ako n transacton from metro services… nung tumawag sila sa akin nakinig naman ako sa mga offers nila tinapos ko ung explanation nila at nung matapos na sinabi ko na thank u but im not interested with that…. pagkatapos binastos ako at binagsakan ako ng phone ang name nya derek sabi nya pakiantay na lang sa office mo ung discount card.. and now malaman malaman ko my floating ako na 5995 pano naman ako? wala naman ako natatanggap at lalong wala akong nirereceive at at the same time im not interested kasi nga ung card ko is nakalaan for the milk of my kids and for emergeny purposes only =(

  88. lezzar on

    pls help me naman guys

  89. Jax on

    OK lang yan sir, floating lang naman yung 5850 na charge. Basta huwag kayong pipirma ng kahit ano pag dating ng card. Huwag din kayo maniniwala na kailangan tangapin yung card para ma cancell yung charge.

    • lezzar on

      @jax thank u talaga buti na lang my mga ganito na blog amg laki ng naitutulong nyo. =)

  90. Jax on

    Floating lang yan, ok lang yan sir. Basta kahit ano pang sabihin nila kahit ano pang pananakot ang gawin nila huwag mong tangapin yung package at huwag na huwag kang pipirma ng kahit ano.

  91. lezzar on

    @jax thanks tumwag me sa csr ng bank sabi sa akin 45 to 60 days pa daw ung processing. ;-(

    • el pistolero on


      tama si jax, just as long na wala kang na-signan, okay ka pa.

  92. Phil on

    Nakupo!.. Patay na nadale rin wife ko ng pesteng company na yan ayun babayaran na lang namin yung package kahit di namin gusto na kumuha na i-deliver pa rin yung card. Meron na po bang solution sa ganyang scam?

    • lezzar on

      @phil as of now sa daming ginawa ng mga taong nabiktima dito sinumbong na sa sec at dti wala pa din the only solution is wag tanggapin ang card at wag pipirma sa kung ano man ung pinapipirmahan so sad naman ung nangyari sa wife mo ;-( kahit di nyo ginusto ayan at babayran nyo pa rin…. hirap talaga sa mga ganyang company na namimilit at the same time nambabastos pa…

      • Mara on

        tlaga sir d ko dapat tanggapin ung card d din kaya masayang yung pinost saken amount?

    • el pistolero on


      tinanggapnyo na yung card? pwede pa rin ata ito sa DTI. merong nag-post dito na nakuha na nya yung card pero nilaban nya pa rin si DTI. the DTI ruled in favor of her complaint at isinauli nya ang card. na-refund din siya.

  93. Cherry Ann P. Dimalanta on

    Hi! your post regarding metro care is very helpful. It gave us important info kung ano ang gagawin. Katatawag lang sa amin ng metro care binentahan ang kaibagan ko ng discount card. Which she thought is tied up with her newly approved credit card up until we have proved otherwise. Buti nalang we came upon your blog.It gave us relevant info kung ano ang dapat gawin. Maraming salamat for posting this. Kasi makakatulong itong mga info na ganito to avoid yung mga manloloko na yan. Maraming Salamat. Bahala na si Lord sa kanila.

    • el pistolero on

      thanks, cherry ann. i hope all goes well for your friend.

  94. Rose on



    I recently became a victim of their deceitful marketing strategy.
    My mistake is i already accepted the card. Before the delivery of the card, i have already called their office to cancel the transaction but Miss Lauren Avenido told me that I am not obliged to pay for it if i decide not to keep the card. I called them up and said that I am no longer interested with their minimizer card but I didn’t know that transaction was already posted in my billing statement. When I called their office again, they said that I have to write a cancellation letter. I was advised not to pay it and wait how the cancellation would turn out. When I asked for an update, they wont give me a specific answer and told me that the fee is no longer refundable. Since i did not pay it, i was charged for interest now! I don’t know what to do? Should I just pay for it so i could avoid further interest charges?

    What a fool i am! An expensive lesson learned!

    • el pistolero on


      since you have signed the package, it will be a tough road but there is still hope. don’t rely on what metro care says. go directly to your bank and file a dispute claim. also try getting in touch with DTI. file your complaint and try to get in touch with them daily.

  95. april on

    tulong naman po ako kasi eastwest bank e..tapos kanina ako na scam..nag file nako ng dispute letter tapos napa block/replace ko nadn un card ko…pero floating padn ung 5995…pano na dapat kong gawin..??i need help…pls…natatakot nako…

    • el pistolero on


      siguraduhin mo lang, wala kang pipirmahan o i-rereceive na package nila. Be sure to read my other posts so you’ll know.

  96. april on

    el pistolero, na scam ako kahapon oct 27…tapos after the call tumawag na po ako agad sa eastwest bank aun nga pinag fax ako ng dispute kaso hanggang ngaun wala padin daw sila natatanggap na pa block ko na dn ung card ko..kaya nag email ako 2 beses ngaun, hiningi ko nadn ung name ng supervisor nila para dun ko inattention ung letter..ang plano ko is hindi ako magpapakilala na ako tas sabihin ko out of town pero papipirmahin ko ung courier sa ginawa kong certification na hindi nya iniwan ung package at hindi tinanggap ng mga ka officemates ko (hindi ako pipirma ng kahit ano)…hingi nadn ako id nya at ixerox ko para ma fax ko sa eastwest at dagdag evidence na hindi ko inaapprove ung transaction ng metrocare…

    tama po ba un..??or maganda ng sabihing wala ako at paalisin nalang ung courier..??tulong naman po baka kasi dumating na tom or fri eh..pls po..tnx..

  97. april on

    dumating na ung platinum card kanina sakin…ang sabi namen ng mga kasmahan ko out of town ako..tapos nung hinihingan namen ng id ung messenger sabi wag na po mam isosoli ko nalang po to sa nagpadala..tapos kaninang umaga pala natanggap na ng EWB ung dispute letter ko..magiging ok na kaya lahat..??na cut na card ko for replacement last tues pa…sana matanggal yun…natatakot nako…:(

  98. Jax on

    Tignan nyo nalang kung papasok man yung charge though basta huwag kayong pumirma at wala kayong tinangap, hindi sila makaka charge sa inyo. Dito nga sa amin, nung dumating yung messenger, ako, at yung mga guard at yung mga maintenance ang kasama ko. Pati receptionist pinagtritripan siya.

    Kasi ako yung pangalawang biktima ng Metrocare na yan dito sa office, nung 1st time, ang tapang pa ng messenger na dapat tangapin. Nung ako na, at siya parin yung messenger, nakaganti na yung receptionist namin hehehe

  99. el pistolero on

    guys (esp. those recently victimized),

    i will be personally sending you an email about a tip i got from a source that will help us. please check your email when you can.

    • el pistolero on

      sana lang, tama ang mga email addresses na nilalagay ninyo sa inyong replies para mareceive ninyo ang tip.

  100. april on

    jax, ano ngyari dun sa case nung receptionist nyo..??natanggal po ba..??

    • Jax on

      Hindi, sa akin yung nangyari sa Metrocare. Kasi yung isang nabiktima na hindi rin tinangapan yung package. Ang tapang nung messenger nun. Inaway niya yung receptionist namin. Eh nung ako na, at pareho parin yung messenger, tinarayan talag ang receptionist namin.

  101. khing on

    galing mangbola ang agent ng MCM,,bibilis pa magsalita..hmm..pwd ku daw panchix ung sandamakmak na gift certificate na galing sa knila..hehe..kaya napa agree naman aq..a very big mistake..haiyszt kung nabasa ko lng sana agad to,,hindi ku tinangap un..sayang!!..almost 6k din un..bwisit..

    sir help naman “el pistolero”
    2matawag sakin kahpon ung agent ng MCM magfafax daw siya ng app. for installment sa EWB CC q..sav q wla naman kac kami fax machine..then sabi q ako nalng tatawag sa kanila pagpwd na sila magfafax..gagawin q pa ba un??kaz pag nag fax sila, syempre mag fifil up ako dun info about sa cc q and signature..bka lalo nilang magickin ung isusubmit kung app..bka lalon lng magkalokohan..

    nuh gawin q sir..pls advise me..

    • el pistolero on


      ngayon ko lang narinig ang ganyang pakulo nila. ano, installment basis? grabe. since tinanggap mo na ang package at mahirap talagang ilaban ang case mo, it’s up for yopu to decide.

  102. april on

    guys, question…pag nag papa dispute ka ba kelangan tlga ng cancellation from metrocare..??kasi ang punto ko kaya ko nga pinapa dispute kasi ayaw nila mag provide ng cancellation letter eh…sabi nung nakausap ko ngaun na agent sa EWB kelangan daw ng cancellation letter from metro para matuloy ung investigation ng dispute ko…ang gulo..diba reversal na ang labas nun pag may cancellation galing metrocare..??haayyy lalo naman akong natakot…eh ayaw nga ng metro magbigay kasi pinagbabayad pako ng 650 na cancellation fee, hindi naman ako sigurado kung icacancel naman nila un kung magbayad ako…huhuhuhu…ano gagawin ko…pero floating padin namn ung bill sa card pls..

    • april on

      hindi ko tinanngap ung package nung thurs..wala akong pinirmahan…hindi nadn ako tinawagan pa ulet ng metrocare…ano kaya ibig sabhin nun…??desperado nako…huhuhuh…

      • el pistolero on


        i guess, it’s usual protocol on the end of the bank to ask for cancellation letter. as long as wala kang pinirmahan, you are still safe.

  103. april on

    ay ganun po..salamat…pero hindi ko na kelangan magbayad sa metrocare ngg 650..??kasi hindi naman sure kung tatanggalin nila un kung nagbayad ako e…salamat po sir el…:)

  104. yvonne on

    hi po,El,

    Na victim din po ako yesterday and ngaun po pinapacancel ko ayaw nila di daw pwede kasi n transact na at nag agree daw ako sa conversation namin sa phone..metrocare din po pero ag amount po nung sakin is 5,995php..panu po un???

    • kat on

      make sure n my ibang tao n ksama k for back up..and wag k pmirma s khit anong papers n ibibigay nila sau.. photocopy m lng ung mga papers pati copies ng charge slip n d m pnirmahan. tas playasin m n ung courier. bsta wg k papilit n prmahan anything n gling s company nla.

  105. nona on

    hi el, mavictim ako ng Metro Care na yan, Cal Sy, dumating sakin yung package na yan kahapon, di ko nireceive yung charge slip and yung package, good thing nagresearch agad ako about that company and nabasa ko lahat ng comments. nagpasa na rin ako ng dispute letter sa bdo. i dont know wats next… kung machcharge pa rin ako. pls help….:( sbi kc nila investigate pa daw nila… i have photocopy of id ng guy na nagdeliver, xa c kuya dyan sa video, and pinapirma ko xa na di ko nireceive….

  106. kendz on

    i am a victim too just yesterday. may tumawag sa office and their spiel na good credit card holder daw ako etc. she (unable to get the name of the caller) offered me this priviledge card na pwede daw for discounts and may vouchers… 24 mos to pay ang membership n 5,995. i agreed and gave my cc details (wrong move!) nakwento ko s officemate ko na baka nga daw scam ayun when i checked s google, saw these blogs.. n-scammed nga ako. I checked s cc company ko and my floating nga na ganung amount. Package will arrive mon or tues. Sana magwork din s case ko if i will not accept it and will not sign anything. am pissed off, sobrang dami ng manloloko and i was so dumb naman. hay! napablock ko n nman yung credit cards ko. 2 pa man din yung nabgay ko. bpi and hsbc. s bpi lng cla nakapagtransact. pero i have this feeling n s hsbc nila sila nakakuha ng details ko. kasi bago lng yung hsbc ko 1 week palang and thru fone ko lng xa na avail. hay! napakamalas ko tlaga. thanks s mga posts nyo, i know what to do pag dumating yung package.

  107. dudes on

    @kedz wag mo pipirmahan ung ipapadala sayong invoice hindi ma aknowledge yun kung wala pirma mo.

  108. JT on

    gusto nyo bang mapasa natin ung metrocare na yan… magkita kita tayo tapos sabay sabay tayong pumunta sa DTI, kung wala parin aksyon ang DTI diretso tayo sa NBI or pumunta tayo sa IMB KASE MAS MARAMI MAS PRIORITY TAYO…perwisyo talaga yang METROCARE NA YAN.

  109. JT on

    gusto nyo bang mapasaRa natin ung metrocare na yan… magkita kita tayo tapos sabay sabay tayong pumunta sa DTI, kung wala parin aksyon ang DTI diretso tayo sa NBI or pumunta tayo sa IMB KASE MAS MARAMI MAS PRIORITY TAYO…perwisyo talaga yang METROCARE NA YAN.

  110. dudes on

    Mag kita kita tayong mga nabiktima tapos punta tayo sa DTI para ma aksyonan at mapasara na yang METROCARE na yan, punta din tayo sa NBI para ma imbistigahan sila…for one day asikasuhin natin yan

  111. tyler on

    i think im a victim too just a while ago..before i checked it to google..ngloloko kc net k kagad ncheck..what will i do kpag dumating ung package?? hndi k ttanggapin at pipirmahan?..pero nkafloat n xa s CC ko.. meron nbng nka try s priviledges nila? if totoo nga ung mga discounts..

  112. rose on

    ei guyz, i was a victim,too. i even signed and accept the package. ayw nla i-cancel un transaction q kaya what i did was nilapit k sa dti un case. un txn k was august pa. d q n nga ma-contact un metrocare eh…then lately got a letter from dti for voluntary mediation…un metrocare na mismo tumawag sa akin for the cancellation…:)

    • Sheryl on

      Hi. Ano pong ginawa nyo? Victim din ako and i signed and accept package dahil as mentioned sa kin ni Lara Vernido na hindi naman ako machcharge if i decide to cancel the transaction..pero floating pa ang amount P5,995.00 sa credit card ko… I already request the blocking and replacement of my card, pero sabi nga still mattransfer naman yung floating amount to the new card.

      • Jax on

        Naku, masama po kasi that you accepted the pakcage. Pero please read on and you will know what to do if ever.

  113. dakila on

    sabi nyo tutulungan nyo me? napahiya pako… even with my credit card ayaw nyo naman pakilala self nyo, kala ko ba niloko kayo, gusto ko lang naman mag pacancell dahil loaded ako financialy, nag advice pa kayo na dumulog naubos time ko hindi pako pumasok office. Hmp. since na pinirmahan ko nag bayad nadin ako.

  114. katmeisterr on

    Hi guys i was also a victim of this scam too. Hindi ko pinirmahan yung slip and hindi ko din inaccept yung package. I reported the incident with HSBC and tried calling Metrocare to cancel whatever transactions they put into my CC. Ano pa ba pwedeng gawin para nde mgreflect yung charges sa bill ko?

  115. suye on

    I just received the package from them without me knowing about their scam! I declined to receive it from the delivery man due to the price entails, however a certain Ms. Jasamine told me I have to received it coz it has been processed and for documentation purposes then request for a cancellation form to Ms. Christine and she will process it tomorrow. I called their office several times and to my dismay no one is answering! I report the issue to DTI and sent a complaint letter. I even called my CC company and requested for block-off to have a new CC info. HELP!

    • Sheryl on

      Hi. Wala akong internet so, wala talaga akong alam regarding this scam. I signed and accept the card kasi sabi sa kin nung Lara Verdino na i can cancel naman the trasaction kasi may tatawag pa naman within 7 days to verify if i will continue or cancel the transaction. I just browse the package over the weekend and i texted her agad na ika-cancel ko yun transaction. Sabi nya mag fax or email daw ako ng letter of cancellation, so kinabukasan, nag email agad ako but til now wala reply. Floating pa yung transaction sa credit card ko but i have already informed my credit card provider about this, napa-block at replaced ko an yun card ko, but still no assurance na hindi mapopost yun transaction. As per advised, once na napost, gawa daw ako ng letter of dispute. May nakausap ako from Metrocare kanina, once daw na ng sign ako at in-accept yung package, binding na yun, sbi ko kaya ko lang naman in-accept kasi in-assure ako ni lara na i have the option to cancel it. and sabi ko, if they can review my conversation with derek since recorded yun, sabi ko dun hindi ko i-aavail yun Promo or the the VIP card. So, sabi nmn nung kausap ko, i-nonote daw nya yun, kasi kung hesitant daw yun client dapat di natuloy yun transaction. Fax daw ako lettet of cancellation kaso lang wala ako sa office today, but sabi ko i already emailed my cancellation letter last dec 20. SAbi nya i-veverify daw nila yun then, i-update niya ko, sya na lng daw ang hanapin ko if mag follow up ako. Hoping pa rin ako na hindi siya isa sa kanila na manloloko. I will update you sa mga susunod na mangyayari.. hays… stressful…

  116. ghie on

    how come they hatched our info( contact number ) to our bank, since all personal information sholud be kept in private and confedential… hindi ba kaduda duda, baka naman m ay commision din a ng mga bangko dyan?..

  117. Joan Lim on

    hi guys! victim din ako ng metrocare marketing corp. same din ng modus nila s inyo. i received a call from CACHAREL COLLIN. then dumating yung package nila pro hindi ko nireceive and hindi rin ako ngsign s docs nila instead nilagyan ko p ng malaking CANCELLED yung credit card transaction slip and yung membership form yta un. but when i called my credit card provider which is citibank where they charged the amount ayun my floating amount n 5t plus. then inadvise ko n yung citibank n hindi ko inapprove yung transaction n un sbi wait dw ako for 7 days kung mpost un and if ever mpost thats the time dw i can file s dispute letter. question ko lng guys..possible b n mapost un khit hindi ko nman nireceive un package and i didnt sign anything? pls. advise guys kung ano mgnda gawin? tnx in advance. God bless..

  118. Ai-joe on

    dapat talaga maging vigilant tyo sa lahat ng taong makaka usap natin..
    dati rin ako na victim nyang METRO CARE na yan, but because of this blog e hindi sila nag tagumpay,, this is a big lesson to us,,basta basahin nyo po yung mga older post, makakatulong po sa inyo yun,, may may mga advice dun si el pistolero, at mababasa nyo rin yung story ng iba pa,,, siguradong makakatulong yan sa mga bagong victim..
    basta tandaan nyo lang na we have rights to refuse, sa lahat na bagay na ayaw natin,,

  119. ghie on

    Hi guys. try lumapit sa aksyon oro mismo, pumunta kayo sa gma 7 sa jamboree gate. Hanapin nyo si mico sicat. Staff sya ng oro mismo. They will discuss this on air on their radio program aksyon oro mismo. Kung marami tayong magcocomplain , may pag asa tayo dito. punta na kayo as soon as possible para matigil na ang panloloko nila. aside from this blog naresearch ko din na 2007 pa sila nanloloko.

  120. Jerome on

    tinawagan din nila ako last January, sabi may nag recommend daw sakin na bank.. nagiisip na ako if tatanggapin ko yung alok nila kaso nagulat ako nung bigla nya tanungin kung anong bank yung CC ko (may nag recommend na bangko pero hindi nila alam kung anong bangko??). So sinabi ko nalang na hsbc, ang sabi kasi dadating yung package that day din.. pero nung nalaman nila na hindi ko dala yung CC ko, bukas nalang daw. nakakapagtaka kasi ang sabi nya, parang free ko xa makikita.. bakit CC ang validation.. Kaya ang ginawa ko, sabi ko bukas nalang.. nung tumawag ulit sila.. sa iba ko pinapasagot yung phone. naalala ko pa yung sabi ng office mate ko ng sabihin nya na nasa iba na kong location.. “Patay kang bata ka”.. so it means na may something dun at hindi lang basta for free yung package na ipapadala nila.. buti nalang nabasa ko to.. ma wawarningan ko yung ibang kakilala ko

  121. Allan on

    I am also facing the same kind of scam and I been doing all efforts to fight this scammers
    I filed complaint in DTI against this and our mediation is set on August 2011
    I have also seek the help and advice of Mr. Tulfo and gave an endorsement to NBI
    I would be glad if you can join me on this fight
    Allan (0910) 954.7355

  122. LeeLai on

    Hi there! I just received a call from this company, since I was busy with work, and it was my deadline already, I gave the details they need. Good thing though, my card was currently maxed out. So siguro, upon learning that, this agent called me again asking me for another card. But I dont have any card to give. After the call, I searched the net and found this site, thank God. NExt time am gonna be more vigilant, and if they will still send the package, I will not accept it and take photographs. Thanks for the warning…🙂

  123. Rose on

    Hi everyone! I have been also scammed by these people. Fortunately, i was able to get the refund from the credit card company. DTI was a big help talaga! More than 6k din un na-refund sa akin including finance charges. Medyo matagal lang un process but at least i was able to get the refund!🙂

  124. Jax on

    I hope wala nang na scam dito:)

  125. MUNTIKNA on

    The scammers are BACK! 2014 na ngaun pero same padin ang modus operandi. Dapat talaga naeexpose na ito sa Social Media, TV, Radyo, etc. BUTI NALANG AT BUHAY PA ITONG BLOG NA ‘TOH.

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