Metro Care Marketing Services claims another victim

For the past week, my girlfriend and I realized that METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES has been a staple in our universe of existence. We have met a number of people who have been victimized by the same company and one those people turns out to be very much close with my girlfriend. She’s a good friend of my girlfriend from college and let’s call her Sofia.

Sofia works for a bank. YES, she works for a bank and this same bank is her credit card provider and truth be told, she was still deceived by a dirty and cunning METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES call center agent.

Sofia furnished for us an account of how METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES was able to fool her.

Last June 2, a guy named MIKE GOMEZ of METRO CARE called me. He started the conversation by confirming a couple of details about me (e.g. name, etc.). He also told me that our conversation is recorded. Then he told me that, because of my good credit standing, my bank recommended me to them to avail of their privilege card. This will give me 60% discount on bars, airlines, and every mall in the Philippines. Normally, if I will call them to avail of the privilege card, I have to pay P16,000. But since they called me, they will only charge me P3,000, which is payable in 24 months.

I already sensed that this is too good to be true, but for some reason, I took the bait and gave them the numbers found at the front and back of my credit card :’c What bothered me is that he knew the first 4 digits of my credit card and the identification number, and then made me finish dictating the numbers. It seemed like he knew the numbers all along and just wants me to confirm the numbers. He then gave me his office landline (since I have to contact him first to get discounts from airlines) and office address. He also told me that the package will be coming from Singapore so the package will arrive after 5-10 working days. Then, his female officer welcomed me and congratulated me for joining them. She talked soooo fast, leaving me no chance to butt in. The phone was then immediately transferred back to Mike Gomez.

As we were about to end the conversation, I told Mike ‘sir wait lang, ayoko na lang po pala i-avail ‘yung discount card nyo.’ Then he said ‘bakit naman? sayang naman ‘yun…’ and he again told me the perks of their card. Sabi ko na lang ‘sige na nga’ just so he won’t waste any more of my time.

Bigla akong kinabahan when I put the phone down. I dialled the landline number he gave me but it was always busy or unavailable!! I got so scared. We looked for them in the directory but they’re not there. I immediately called my bank’s hotline, told a summary of what happened and found out that there is already a floating P3,000 transaction from Metrocare! I asked the agent if they could cancel the transaction but they can’t since the transaction happened between me and Metrocare. Labas na ang banks doon. He suggested that I block my credit card instead, but this will still not guarantee me that I have evaded the charge. I told him I’ll try to call Metrocare first, and then call the hotline again once I’ve decided to block my credit card (which would cost me P400, huhu).

I still couldn’t get hold of Mike Gomez so I ended up calling my bank’s hotline again and blocked my card.

Nakakahiya pero umiyak talaga ako sa officemates ko. I pitied myself for being so helpless and stupid. Word spread out that I was crying and the next thing I know, alam na ng buong wing namin kung ano ang nangyari. Good thing I am working for a bank. I am veeeeeery lucky because one of the officers know someone from the credit cards group. I was then advised that I wait for the package to be delivered. Upon the arrival of the package, I am to NOT ACCEPT IT and NOT SIGN ANYTHING. He also told me that it is still likely that Metrocare will charge me P3,000 since, if I understand it correctly, they billed me via BDO (I don’t know what this means). Anyway, since BDO recognizes them as a legit company, we will also recognize Metrocare legit. If ever I will still be billed, I was advised to FILE A LETTER OF DISPUTE. He also encouraged me to try to contact the firm again and tell them to cancel the transaction.

Meanwhile, my boss went online and saw a lot of blogs about this scam. An officemate also got hold of another contact number of Metrocare through one of the bank’s department. The department also mentioned MONIQUE APACIBLE. From what my officemate understood, Monique is the head Metrocare’s consultants.

We called the number and I was finally able to talk to Mike Gomez again. I told him that I really want to cancel the transaction. Medyo nagtataray na ako. The conversation went something like this:
MIKE:’naku. bakit naman ma’am?’
AKO: hindi ko rin kasi magagamit talaga ‘yung card niyo e. sayang lang.
MIKE: …sige punta ako sa processing department namin, which is nasa……… 8th floor. tignan ko kung mahahabol ko pa.’
Ako: sige

Then the line suddenly went busy.
I called him again. This time, I used the phone number Mike gave me and it worked.

Ako: nagbusy yung line.
Mike: …ah nagbusy ba? ……..naputol ka kasi e… wireless kasi itong gamit ko…
Ako: Ibababa ba dapat yung fone?? ano ba, tatawag na lang ba ulit ako o maghihintay ako sa line?
Mike: tawag na lang po ulit kayo mam.
Ako: sige, gano katagal?
Mike (seemed to be stalling): well, pwede kong hintayin yung elevator… kung masyadong matagal pwede akong mag stairs…
Ako (cutting him): so I’ll call you in 5-10 mins.
Mike: sige mam. …mam gawin nyo nang 20 mins.

I called him after 10mins but the person who answered the phone said Mike was still in the processing department. Later, we got hold of WARREN LEGAZPI from Metrocare’s processing department called me. Medyo inaway-away pa siya ng mga officemate ko, telling him there’s no way they can’t cancel the transaction. Warren insisted on talking to me so they gave me the phone.
WARREN: Ma’am Sofia, I understand your officemate is concerned for you noh. …I know you’ve already talked to MIKE VILLANUEVA
Ako (cutting Warren): Villanueva??? Ang sabi niya sakin Mike Gomez siya.
WARREN: (pauses) … opo Mam. Mike Villanueva-Gomez
–what the. Hindi ba babae lang ang pwedeng magkaroon ng ganyang surname??–
WARREN: bakit niyo po ba gusto ipa-cancel yung transaction?
AKO: I realized I don’t need it. Hindi ko siya magagamit talaga. At nakita ko P3,000 kaagad yung floating charge sa akin. Hindi ba payable dapat yun in 24 months??
WARREN: yes mam. (then explains something na magiging payable in 24 months un..) Hindi na po kasi natin maccancel yung transaction kasi naka-package po yun.
–I didn’t understand the connection of the package to the cancellation of the transaction. Anyway,–
AKO: so pagdating dito ng package, hindi ko na lang siya irreceive.
WARREN: kelangan niyo po sha ireceive para maging staggard (staggered? Hehe) yung payment.
AKO: …sige, tatawag na lang ulit ako.
WARREN: sige mam, if u want mag usap muna kayo ng officemate nyo. I’ll be expecting a call from u tomorrow.
AKO: I’ll call u later.
WARREN: sige po. pero next shift na.
AKO: Ok, bye.

I didn’t call them again, thinking that talking to them over the phone won’t get me anywhere.

Then came Friday, June 4,2010. The package from Metrocare came! Ang bilis a! I asked an officemate and an officer to accompany me to the messenger.
OFFICER: employee po kayo ng metrocare?
MESSENGER: hindi mam. messenger lang.
OFFICER: kasi pinacancel na namin ito e. ibalik mo na lang sa kanila.
MESSENGER: a nagkausap na kayo? so balik ko na lang? cge po.
AKO: opo, nung isang araw ko pa yan pinapacancel.
MESSENGER: ah sige.

looking at me, the messenger said. Kayo po si Ms. Sofia?
Ako: Opo. Ako po.
MESSENGER: Ah, akala ko siya e. (pointing to the officer)

…That’s my experience so far and they still haven’t cancelled the P3,000 charged sa credit card ko.


June 8, 2010

I checked my credit card balance online before lunch time and saw that the floating P3,000 from Metrocare was gone. I couldn’t believe it! again, a too-good-to-be-true scenario. Past lunch time, I called our hotline and confirmed if the floating P3,000 is gone. The agent told me that she wasn’t able to see any floating P3,000 in my account. It was quite weird, actually, because she sounded like the floating transaction didn’t even happen. She also told me that Metrocare probably didn’t settle the transaction; thus, the floating P3,000 disappeared. I was soooooo relieved and thought that I had ‘won the battle’.

Then, at around 4:15pm, WARREN LEGAZPI of METROCARE called. our conversation went something like this:
WARREN: Mam Sofia, ano po nangyari sa package niyo?
AKO: ewan ko
WARREN: hindi niyo po ni-receive
AKO: oo
WARREN: Mam, for sure alam niyo na may floating P5,850 pa rin kayo sa account niyo.
AKO: teka. P5,850??? hindi ba ang usapan ay P3,000 lang??
WARREN: ay oo nga pala, sorry mam. P3k lang nga pala sa inyo. Anyway Ma’am, kung gusto niyong mawala yung floating P3k sa account niyo, pwede kayong magbayad ng cancellation fee.
AKO: cancellation fee???? at bakit ako magbabayad???
WARREN: kasi mam nakapangalan na po sa inyo yung package. (he also said something like my bank also approved the identification number…?? can’t really remember). dapat mam binasa niyo yung papers na kasama sa package.
AKO: e sinabi ko nga kay Mike na gusto ko ipacancel yung transaction e. Tinawagan ko ulit siya, wala pang 1hr ang nakakalipas tapos may package na agad. ambilis naman. I’ve done some research and i read na ‘yung iba, wala namang binabayaran na cancellation fee.
WARREN: may instances mam na hindi kami nagpapabayad ng cancellation fee. case-to-case basis po ‘yun.
AKO: haay nakooooooo
WARREN: if u want mam, pwede kayong gumawa ng cancellation letter. ikwento niyo dun kung ano yung case nung sa inyo ni Mike Gomez. It would depend po on your reason why you want to cancel the transaction. Tapos titignan po namin kung sino yung may diperensya. Kung kayo po yung may diperensya, kelangan niyo magbayad ng cancellation fee.
AKO: e pano kung ang reason ko ay gusto ko lang ipacancel yung transaction? dahil na-realize kong hindi ko kailangan ng card niyo?
WARREN: edi isulat niyo po dun.

I ended up getting his fax number, but I don’t think I’ll be giving them a cancellation letter..

Ang mali ko dito ay hindi ko sinabing ‘e pwede palang i-cancel ‘yung transaction. Ang sabi niyo sa akin nung June 2 ay hindi na ‘yun pwedeng ma-cancel’

Ang labo nila ‘di ba? very inconsistent!!

You may say that Sofia is a bank employee and you may assume that she’s supposed to know scams about money and stuff but she, too, took the bait.

What does this incident tell us? That our banks are lax about keeping our credit card information confidential? Take Sofia, she already works for her bank but still METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES was able to take hold of her credit card information. And the irony about it all is that even her employer’s credit department cannot do anything to cancel the transaction even though they already know that she does not want the transaction.

This issue with Sofia boils down to security and affiliation. She works for a bank that also happens to be her credit card provider. And the irony of it is that they cannot save her. But we must disregard these facts because we already know all too well that banks only operate in a set of rules that they are bound to.

After a month of analysis and introspection, I have come to realize is that in order to capture the monster, we have to set up more traps, strengthen our fortress and fill our armory with enough ammunition to kill anything that moves. What I’m driving at is that aside from being wary and alert for scammers, we also need to set up the right kind of protection from such threats. What we need in order to close down METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES is not only to file protest and dispute cased to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) but also to strengthen the laws that govern and implement such transactions.

Filing cases is not enough to permanently close down METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES. At the moment, they are free to do whatever kind of deception and thievery they can do because they are permitted to. When caught, they can change their company’s name and do their same modus operandi again.

At this time, what we need is putting more teeth to the law. We should not only be filing cases against METRO CARE MARKETING SERVICES to the DTI, the trade department should also file laws and administrative rules that can sanction erring corporations.

What we can also do is to contact our newly elected congressmen and have them do something about this.

If you have also been victimized like us, help us. If you know somebody or anything that can help, please do reach out to us. We need all the help we can get.


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  1. msprecious1205 on

    hello there! me too was victim client of metrocare marketing recently i month ago.same story that you shared and unfortunately iwas charged 3thou on my credit card im trying to decline it but the said bank said that metrocare was the one to cancell that trying to call their office but the tel nos that they gave doesnt suit to the person were im looking for. in short walang ganung name ang nasa linyang yun.naloko na ako, naisahan pa.i hope that people out there will be aware abt this DIRTY SCAM of METROCARE MARKETING!i do hope that more people will be aware and careful abt tel calls and dirty transactions…

    • el pistolero on

      i definitely agree. i hope everything goes well with your transaction cancellation. i;m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. Jax on

    Me too, I do hope na matangal parin ang transaction.

    Pero sa akin naman after nag text yung “Consultant” ko, nawala na yung charge. So I immediately blocked my card in case bigla nila ibalik since they know my credit card details na.

  3. Jax on

    Chaka, did “Sofia”‘s card still charge her for a cancellation fee or the 3k floating?

    • el pistolero on


      as of today, wala na yung charge ni Sofia at wala ring hininging cancellation fee.

      • Ara on

        tulungan niyo din po ako. ano po maadvise niyo. knina lng po ako nabiktima through fon. npblock ko n po credit card ko and already wrote a letter of this dispute. pls help me po.

  4. victim on

    i’m a victim too..please give me an instructions on what to do…email me at as soon as possible..let’s make an appropriate action about this serious matter..

    • Jax on

      What happened po? Para malalaman po kung ano ang maitutulong ng mga tao para sa iyo.

      Did the package arrive or nakapirma na?

      • Charmaine on

        Sad to say pero naka pirma na ako late ko nalaman na scam pala to huhuhuhu ehat to do?😭😭😭😭

    • el pistolero on


      please don’t leave your post your email baka maspam mail ka.

      i have the same question as Jax

  5. el pistolero on

    guys (esp. those recently victimized),

    i will be personally sending you an email about a tip i got from a source that will help us. please check your email when you can.

    sana lang, tama ang mga email addresses na nilalagay ninyo sa inyong replies para mareceive ninyo ang tip.

    • Charmaine on

      Im one of the victim also please helpppp meeee

      • Cha on

        Plssss somebody help me

  6. dominador on

    bro… i was also victimized by this metro care company… yesterday sila tumawag, then when i checked with my Go MC may floating nga daw na 5800 something… wala pa dumadating na package pero definitely di ako magsisign as you advised… pinablock ko na muna yung card ko subject for replacement then call after 2 days daw kung napost, then forward ako dispute letter… the thing is nabigay ko din yung details nung HSBC ko pero when i called them up wala naman daw pumasok any transaction of that kind… will it be advisable na pa-block ko din yung HSBC ko? need your help please please… i never thought something like this would happen, pero it did and i badly need your assistance… also can you send me the tip you were mentioning on your previous comments bro? thank you very much…

  7. art on

    el pistolero

    Oh my gosh! iw as freshly victimized by this shit scamer. Duplicated scenario of that happened to everyone in this forum. I would like to know what else to do aside from not receiving the package and emailing dispute letter. I wont and will never pay such. Please please email me. I cannot reach the number they gave me. Do you know any other number so I can cancel the transaction. Eastwest also warned me that Metrocare should be the one to cancel the transaction or else it will be billed to me!!

    Thank you,

  8. Jax on

    Ganun naman lagi sasabihin ng credit card company that Metro Care will be the one to cancel the transaction. Pero, all you have to do is not accept the package and the transaction will not take place at kusang mawawala yung floating charge.

  9. art on

    Here are the numbers 7287208 and telefax 8923762. I can’t explain but sometimes they cant be reached just keep on trying just like what I did. I have forwarded a cancellation letter if that’s what they call it. Explain that the transaction was not authorized therefore you are canceling it. They said 7 working days is allotted to to take effect. Im crossing my fingers and hoping for positive result.

    Jax how about your floating charge? are they gone?

  10. Jax on

    Yup, when the messenger came and when I didn’t accept the package, the floating transaction was gone. Just like it never happened. The main key there is not to accept the package. No matter what they say or whatever they threaten you, do not accept the package.

  11. art on

    ok then, all i need to do is to wait for the package and refuse to accept it. How long does it take to arrive?

  12. donna on

    guys same incident that happened to me only yesterday,its nkkhiya kc on that same date after they called me, i went to mall to buy a gift for my boss,and to my surprise decline ung card ko.good thing i had cash in my wallet.i wondered bkit na-declined ung card ko which is monitor ko ung expenses ko sa card ko.when i call my credit card company and asked about why my card was declined…PRESTO!!!…they said i had a floating bill amounting to P5,995.00.and that’s the exact amount na sinabi sakin ng manlolokong Metro Care Marketing Services Na yan…grabe sila,nanloloko sila ng tao…naaatim nilang manloko at sa panloloko nila kinukuha ang ipapakain nila sa pamilya nila?mahiya naman sila sa sarili nila…anyway,wala namang ligtas ang panlolokong ginagawa nila sa Nasa Itaas.

  13. art on

    Hi donna, u should follow the above instructions if you want to get your credit back. I called again earlier and metrocare gave me until friday for feedback. I hoping for positive result.

  14. ai on

    hi guys! same thing happened to me…they called me up last monday.nung wednesday nag decline na yung card ko nung mag purchase ako sa sm valenzuela,nung e check ko yung account ko may naka float nang amount na P5,995.00 sa Metrocare Marketing. im so worried right now, nanginginig ako sa inis at dimayadong dismayado ako ngayon.Sana makarma sila sa ginawa nilang panloloko!!!

  15. art on

    Lucy Reyes of Metrocare called me awhile ago instructing me to pay for cancellation fee of php1600!! Oh my gosh what to do next? I refused to received the package but she said Im still liable for that package. I wont pay the cancellation fee but she emphasized that it will bill to me by January. Hay advice please!!!

  16. ai on

    Guys please help search the no. of Tulfo.. mauti cguro ilapit na natin to sa kanya para ma solve lahat ng prob natin. total marami naman tayong na sure bibigyan tayo ng pansin dito.

    • el pistolero on

      ai and art,

      i have media contacts and i’ve talked with some people about going out and speaking to Tulfo. well, this contact told me that i need clear evidence as to how metro care transacts (kung paano sila manloko). ang problema, all of their transactions are through phone. under the wire-tapping law, hindi mo pwede irecord ang conversation, it’s the lack of evidence that protects metro care. parang ang lalabas, it’s their word against ours. the fact that we gave them the credit card number (as they claim) which clearly makes them the winning side. i hope that you have read all the posts and comments here. makikita ninyo that i’ve done all that i can to bring metro care down and expose them to the media. kaso wala eh. i don’t know kung kulang ang ginawa ko. i’m the first person to record how their couriers fool you. my blog is the most active source about metro care. hanggang ngayon, even though wala nang charge with metro care ang girlfriend ko, i still help out with those na nabiktima. other victims who were saved by this blog also did something to contribute kaso mahina talaga ang laban dahil walang ebidensya. other people have filed cases to the DTI, in bulk.

      so please don’t say na we did not do anything. huwag ninyo pong sabihin “na wala gumagalaw” dahil ginawa namin ang aming makakaya para ma-expose ang metro care at matulungan kayo.

  17. art on

    Sino ba ang my alam na number? at panu ba gagawin dun.? palagay ko tama ka di yan titigil until wala gumagalaw

  18. art on

    Hello guys found the address. Media Resource Plaza, Mola cor., Pasong Tirad Sts., Barangay La Paz, Makati City during Mondays- Fridays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

    NOTE: Please include your contact information on your e-mail for easier communication.

  19. ice on

    wala nman po kaming sinasabi ah na wala kayung ginawa? bakit wala ba sa law na nag poprotek para sa mga consumer? hindi na ba pwedeng mag back out ang consumer sa isang product upon knowing that its fake? at anu naman ang proof nila na binigay nga namin yung card no kung hindi naman pala eno honor sa court yung transactions through phone?

    • el pistolero on

      ice aka ai,

      i quote art on this

      “Sino ba ang my alam na number? at panu ba gagawin dun.? palagay ko tama ka di yan titigil until wala gumagalaw” emphasis on ‘wala gumagalaw.’

      i took this like we have not done anything kasi patuloy pa rin ang Metro Care sa panloloko nila. we tried pero nanjan pa rin sila. i don’t know, ganun talaga ang masamang damo, mahirap patayin.

      people have done things just so Metro Care be exposed kaso magaling lang talaga lumusot ang Metro Care sa loopholes ng batas. nakakainis dahil wala kang magawa about it.

      there are laws na nagproprotekta sa rights ng consumer. kaso nasa gray area ng panloloko at legal na means ang Metro Care. Hindi fake ang business ng Metro Care. they are a legitimate business (registered sila sa DTI) that bank deception and fraud kaya sila naging scammers. at katulad nga ng sabi ko before, wala tayong evidence as victims and all that we have is our word against theirs.

      don’t get me wrong here. i’m in the same page as you are. magkakampi tayo sa laban na ito. pero sana lang you appreciate what we have done before you. yun lamang po.

  20. art on

    El pistol

    I would like to say na im very much thankful sa lahat ng nagawa mo and because of you and the rest who sent their experiences and actions done..i wont be able to make a step outside this mess. Actually I wrote a letter to TULFO but they want me to personally visit their office.. Im actually interested but sa sinabi nyo that we lack evidence parang magiging nonsense lang lahat. I’m hoping that my floating charges will disappear just like the others.

  21. ed_lupeet on

    Ganito din nangyari sakin kanina lang. Di ko tinanggap yung package pero may na charge nga sakin na 3k+. Kakatakot lang baka na forge ung pirma ko dun sa di ko pinirmahan na charge slip. Tsaka nakakapagtaka lang dun bakit na charge ako eh di ko naman binigay ung parang security number ng card ko. diba dapat di mangyari un kasi ayun na lang ung pinaka security ng credit card kaya dapat gawan din ng paraan ng mga credit card companies na mas maging secure ang pag gamit ng mga cards natin

  22. Jax on

    Na charge or naka Floating? Iba po ang na post at naka floating. Ang floating naman nawawala yun.

  23. ice on

    go for it art..wag ka mawalan ng pag-asa. try mong e visit dun. Wala namang mawawala sa atin kung e try natin diba? malay natin may ma a-advice din sila, hindi pa naman tapos ang lahat e…nag consult din ako sa friend kung atty. sa PAO..pero hinihintay ko pa yung advice nya kc may laban syang case ngayon e…susulat na din ako kay Tulfo…

  24. art on

    Hi Everyone,

    I just check my balance and Im so glad to say that my floating balance was gone. Oh my gosh I cant help but shout. Yup I must agree that all you guys need to do is not to accept the package. Never pay for a cancellation charge because its bull***t! Dont mind them if they warned you that they will bill you or something. Wait for a week then check account. I hope everyone will have their luck as I have mine today.

    God is so good all the time. Makakarma din yang Metrocare!!

  25. ice on

    congrats art!!! Thank God!!!

  26. art on

    Thanks ice!! basta wala kau pinirmahan wala sila chacharge sa inyo 😀

  27. zane on

    el pistol & art

    i need a tip from u biktima din ako, deniliver yung package ko yesterday ay hindi tinanggap pero may naka float pa rin sa account ko…

  28. zane on

    art ilang days ba simula nung hindi mo pag tanggap ng package bago mo nalaman na wala ng naka float dun sa account mo? hindi ko kc na send yung cancellation letter kc hindi ma kontak yung fax no. nila. e mail ko nalang sana pero wala naman akong address sa kanila.

  29. art on

    hi Zane, more or less 1 week after i refused to accept the package. they do not have email add i believed. it doesn’t matter whether you provide them with cancellation letter but what’s important is they cant bill you onto something that doesn’t affix your signature.

  30. zane on

    thank you art..hihintayin ko nalang till tom. or friday… hayy…sana lang mawala na yung floating charge..

  31. zane on

    nawala na yung floating charge ko art..maraming salamat sa advice mo…tama ka hindi ko inaccept yung package nila.. at hindi ko na rin enentertain yung mga calls at pananakot nila.. =)

  32. art on

    Nice to hear that zane.. Im glad u did we did it 🙂

    • Ara on

      sir pwede niyo po ba akong tulungan? nabiktima ako just now and even if it’s too good to be true inaccept ko p din po. ang masama niyan when i knew abt it through this blog, immediately called the bank para pablock ang credit card ko. and may floating balance n nga ako n 3950. i called up the infinity card, yes, yan n po ang bago nilang name that i will cancel everything and told them i dnt feel safe and read a lot of scams na involved sila. ayaw ipacancel. told them, i already asked my lawyer and i was advised not to sign anything. they said sige daw mghharap harap nman daw kmi and may lawyer din daw sila. i am writing a letter of dispute which i would be sending my bank tom. anything else n pwede kong gawin?

  33. el pistolero on

    congrats to you all. 🙂 sana lahat din ng nabiktima, naayos ang case parang sa inyo.

  34. felamy joy domingo on

    OMG! ngaun ko lng nlaman at nabasa to. grabe nabiktima din ako. :(( pnadala nla ung package and tinanggap ko. hays. tas chineck ko ung credit card ko. nakafloat pa daw. anu ba dpat kong gawin??? pls. help me. i need info 😦

  35. felamy joy domingo on

    ei.. help nyo nm ako .. pls..

  36. Jax on

    You might have to cancel your card pero ang masama dun kasi you accepted the package.

  37. Ana on

    guys help me victim dn ako n0w ko lang naresearch s internet to, nung dumating ang billing ko at walang sumasagot s telepon0 ng mga dem0nyong metrocare na to.

  38. Irah Pili on

    Pareho lang ba yung Metrocare and Guidelink Corporation? Guidelink yung sakin eh and unfortunately nireceive ko sya since nagkaintindihan kami na di ako mchacharge hangga’t di ko ginagamit yung card! Pero eto nabill na ko ng Php 5,995.00! What to do?

  39. Ara on

    can somebody help me din po. iba na ang name nila ngayon, infinity card na po pero same na same ang nangyari sa akin at sa girlfriend niyo.

  40. art on

    Hi Guys,

    You are in the safe zone if you haven’t received nor signed the package.

    art on Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Hi Everyone,

    I just check my balance and Im so glad to say that my floating balance was gone. Oh my gosh I cant help but shout. Yup I must agree that all you guys need to do is not to accept the package. Never pay for a cancellation charge because its bull***t! Dont mind them if they warned you that they will bill you or something. Wait for a week then check account. I hope everyone will have their luck as I have mine today.

    God is so good all the time. Makakarma din yang Metrocare!

    • Ara on

      Sir Art! they didn’t go to your office? Should I contact them to tell them to cancel it or not? Or should I just wait lang. The last time they called me to verify sabi ko ayaw ko na and i won’t receive the package. They asked me why, told them I just dont want to pero mapilit sila so sa inis ko kase I told them I don’t feel safe with their promo. That I have been reading a lot in the internet regarding metrocare, guidelink and infinity card na scams lng. And that wala naman talagang discount sa mga establishments like 9waves.

  41. art on

    They did came but I refused to signed. If they are requiring you to send a cancellation letter then go but never pay for cancellation fee if they are requiring you. As long as they don’t have your signature the transaction is invalid. Just wait for a couple of weeks and your bal will normalize.

    • Ara on

      sir art, i checked my bdo credit card account. and the 3950 is not floating anymore, the call center agent confirmed that it’s already in the unbilled charges. Im afraid to tell the bank that I gave the cc code becaude they might not investigate the merchant further and im afraid they’ll just approved the transaction as valid? ano po sasabihin ko sa bank? minsan nakakainis kausap ang callcenter agent e. they’re so impatient. I called up the infinity card corp again. they said I confirmed daw. Sabi ko, wala akong kinoconfirm and they didnt even say bawal ang cancellation so that’s what i’m fighting for. So i told them I will not sign any document. and I will not receive any package. pwede kaya nila iyon iforge?

  42. ice on

    hello ara, i was once a victim of this scam, that was a year ago… what i did was just followed their advice and that was not to receive the package whenever it was delivered..and i made it…God is really good…

    • Ara on

      hi ice! yes, that’s what i did. i read the posts here. i did not receive the package, did not sign anything. i even videotaped it when i was talking with their messanger. it’s weird that the floating 3950 still was posted a few days after the incident. would there be a chance that it will become invalid? wot should i do now. i already filed a dispute to bdo. hope all will be well! i want to win this fight too and help others.

      • Flor Abella on

        List of Fictitious Companies or Companies you should not deal with
        from 2006 up to present

        Metro Care Marketing Services (2006 – 2010)
        GUIDELINK CORP. (2011)
        Guidelink Marketing Inc. (2011)
        Travel & Leisure Marketing Services (2010 – 2012)
        THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL & LEISURE CARD (2010 up to present)
        a.k.a R.S.EZ Marketing Services (2010 up to present)

        …and so much more I will try to update this from time to time or you can also include/add those companies with similar modus operandi.

        *You should also warn your family and friends to stop them from becoming victims.

  43. Lucky Hirang on

    Hi! I received a call last August 5 to an associate of The Ultimate Travel & Leisure Card. The associate was really quick & explaining re their product. I wasn’t able to comment either. She mentioned of a lifetime member of the said Card provided I have to pay P3,495.00 just to make our conversation short I said alright I will try your offer. She asked me if I have credit Card, I said Yes. With that she ended up by asking where will they send the card, & she said I will just pay thru my credit card. That was quick! I never though a second and bother thinking of that conversation because I have series of meetings that day.

    The following day, August 6, here comes the messenger of The Ultimate Travel and handed me their black card board notebook and on it are the promos and leaflets/ perks of being a member. I told the messenger, sorry, I wont pay thru CC because my CC has been temporarily deactivated. So, the messenger have nothing to do with it instead he told me to sign the statement of account and with a note that I will pay on August 13.

    Around 2:30 PM today, the messenger went back and there you go, with the black cardboard notebook again and handed it to me with the statement of account I have signed and a receipt.I paid P3,495.00. it is an outright payment. It was just like COD. When I look at the notebook, it seem that it’s a piece of crap…It is very easy to do such since the leaflets and sort off “handbook” is just a simply printed out article that anyone can make one.It’s of low quality I should say.

    I was so excited at first until I checked on Google the Ultimate Travel & Leisure, I ca’t even see any website of such, until I turn on your blog. Here I am, what a shame!!! I was scammed!!! After office hours I will start to gather evidence and file a complaint with the DTI with this company. Too bad that I did not listen of my mom’s advise. I am really in rage right now and would want this people to be penalized.

    I will update you on what to happen next…’til next time!

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