Our fight against Metro Care Marketing Services comes to an end. And we have prevailed.

We have won! Metro Care Marketing Services no longer has a hold on us.

Here is what my girlfriend has to say.

METRO CARE PART 5 (Epilogue of the saga… hahaha!)

Last Friday, June 11, 2010, I received my billing statement for my Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) credit card. I was relieved to see there was no transaction posted by Metro Care Marketing Services in the amount of P5,850.

The only posted transaction is the replacement fee when I had my credit card blocked last May 12. As of today, I have fully paid the outstanding balance of my SCB credit card. And now, I intend to cancel the SCB credit card altogether, because I have lost trust in the credit security of SCB.

I have applied for my SCB credit card thru the phone. A telemarketer from SCB called me on September 2009 and offered a credit card. Since I had nothing to lose, I accepted the offer. I gave my personal details and in a matter of weeks, I got the SCB credit card. By October 2009, I activated the SCB credit card.

How funny it is that by May 12, 2010, I got scammed also thru the phone. Someone from Metro Care Marketing Services called me and said SCB recommended me for their privilege card. How in the world did Metro Care know of my SCB credit card? Unless someone in SCB with access to my personal information gave out my credit details, because I can not think of anything else.

I have four credit cards from major banks, including SCB. Of the four, the SCB credit card is the newest. And it is the only credit card that I applied for over the phone. For the other three, I applied directly to the bank. I got my first credit card last 2007 and I have no problems since.

Therefore, I can safely say that during the processing of my SCB credit card application, my credit card details leaked out. And I have heard of agents selling credit card information to interested establishments. This is a breach of the confidentiality policy of bank details, especially credit card details. I have called SCB and the SCB call center agent said that SCB does not disclose credit card information to non-affiliated establishments. So how did Metro Care get my SCB credit details if it claims that it is not affiliated with SCB?

This scam incident is a big eye-opener for me. I have learned to say ‘NO’ to aggressive telemarketers, and other sales persons I encounter who aggressively offer me products I don’t really need. If I am interested in any product, I will personally buy it without any sales agent coaxing me.

And I have also learned to directly apply to the bank for any product it offers, and not thru an agent. I do not trust those sales agents anymore. So to be safe, I will directly transact with the bank representatives only.

I am grateful to God that I got thru this ordeal. It has taught me so much about the real world out there: that this world is a safe place with patches of danger and I just have to be aware of those patches and avoid them.

And to my boyfriend who supported me throughout the ordeal, and taught me to stand up against those scammers. If it weren’t for him, I would just be another victim of Metro Care Marketing Services, who would just pay the amount of P5,850 without a fight, just to get it over with. But because of his support, I stood my ground and Metro Care did not get a single cent from me.

So to all of the victims of Metro Care Marketing Services, if there is still a chance to win against those scammers, “Huwag kayo magpapatalo!”

Despite this achievement, we will keep on helping others with their own fight against this scam. We hope that we have been of help to all of you.


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  1. Tine on

    Woi! May WP ka pala. Just dropping by. Added you to my blogroll. Hope you add me too 🙂

    Recent posts:

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    Satur Campaign – Behind the Scenes Video

  2. el pistolero on

    Hello! Yep, added you na rin. 😀

  3. manwolf on

    Hello po. Meron pong ganitong ganito na nagyari sakin. Nung friday sila tumawag. Aat parehas sila ng Modus. Iba naman ang company nila:

    Ang sakin eh hindi daw nila kukunin ung card number via phone kasi bawal daw un. Take note di ako nagbigay ng cc number at ung sa likod ng card pero nagbigay ako ng ibang info, office address expiry date ng card, birthday.

    Alam nila ang iba kong info pero ung celphone number ko is ung dati pa at alam nila na may pre-application ako sa isang bank na matagal na at hindi ako nabigyan ng card nun. Tinanggihan ko yung offer pero sabi nila wala daw option na ganun.

    Pumunta yung naghatid ng card daw sa office namin kanina at tinaggihan ko ung offer. Di ako pumirma sa parang certificate na pinepermit ko daw ung company nila na ibill ako sa cc ko. Tapos tinanung ko ung manong kung pano nila ako mabibill, isaswipe daw. Nagduda na ko so hindi ko talaga pinirmahan.

    Tinawagan nya pa yung Samantha Lopez tapos tmawag sakin sabi auko na sa offer nila. sabi itatanung daw sa manager nya tapos un tatawagan nalang daw ako.

    Kinakabahan ako kasi nawala sa isip ko na pumirma ako dun sa parang papel na naagsasabi na nameet at nagpunta daw ung messenger sa office namin. Napapirma ako dun. Natatakot ako kasi baka ipurge nila ung signature ko.

    Hindi po ako nag bigay ng any number about my cc. Hindi ko din sinwipe kay manong. Sa tingin niyo machcharge pa rin ba yung credit card ko? Please help. Thanks.

    • el pistolero on

      wow, kakaiba ang modus ng group na ito. at nakakatakot ang means nila. please confirm this with the credit card provider and ask for their help. i don’t know kung paano ito. i can only assume na baka yung agent na inapplyan mo ng card ang nang-goyo sa iyo at kinuha nila ang credit card in your behalf kaya pwede nilang i-swipe. nakakatakot ito. try contacting the DTI kasi identity theft ang ginagawa nila.

    • bhelle on

      hi im bhel, ask q lng kung nacharge ka ba ng travel and leisure marketing services khit ndi mo npaswipe ung ard mo? today 11/13/2013 kc my pumunta s ofis nmin n taga jan din at nakausap q din un Samantha lopez, pero wla akong tinanggap n package kasi tinanggihan q, ang kaso nkuha ng messenger un credit card number q at naitwag nya dun nmn s paula..nababahala kasi aq bka macharge ako online..pls reply nmn.

  4. manwolf on

    Sorry di ko napost yung link nung site nila:


    Ang pangit ng website. Parang highschool ang gumawa.

    Eto naman yung name.

    Travel & Leisure Marketing Services
    LG 15 Citiyland 8 Sen. Gil Puyat Aveneu, Makati City
    Tel.no: (632) 387.8989/ Tel Fax.: (632) 501.3207

    • nikki on

      oh my!!!! this travel & leisure marketing services just offered me their package…. good thing doubt ako talaga na i-swipe yun card ko nung nagpunt ayung messenger nila… ganun din ang sabi kahit hinid ko i-approved yung card automatic daw na ma-bill sa credit card ko next billing!!! at na-forward na daw nila yun transaction sa bank…. scam talga….

      • bhelle on

        pero ncharge kb s creditcard mo?

  5. page on

    anybody who knows the office of metrocare marketing services?

  6. el pistolero on

    you could check this out.


  7. ilay on

    Isa rin po ako sa victim ng Metrocare….d ko pa po rcve ung packge nla.wla po akng napipirmahan n any came from them..possible po ba n mkapasok ung P5850 n un?I need help where po ako pupunta to block my credit card pls????Im worid…..whats the first step po pls?thank you!

    • el pistolero on

      ilay, please read the other posts. you’ll get all the info you need there.

      to block your credit card, go to your credit card provider. they’ll most probably charge you a fee for cancelling your credit card.

      then you have to wait for the package. when the courier comes, don’t sign anything. even if he lets you talk to the agent who talked his way to get you giving your credit card information. whatever he says, don’t agree or sign to anything. have somebody as witness or ask security from your barangay or from your employer to escort you. don’t transact alone.

      good luck to you.

  8. Jay-ar on

    do you have metrocare marketing services phone number?? hwere can i find their office?? thanks

    • el pistolero on

      Jay-ar, please read the other posts, someone posted it there. i can’t find it though

  9. karen on

    this was their contact nos. 728.94.76 and 728.94.76

    • karen on


    • el pistolero on

      thanks, for the info, karen. this will be a great help since these numbers are still fresh and active.

      • karen on

        yup mga punyetang mga yan araw araw ko clang inaaway, i refused the package and blocked my credit card already and i sent a dispute letter na din sa bank, and cancellation of phone transaction na din sa shet na Metrocare na yan pero ang sarap pa din nilang awayin

      • el pistolero on

        keep up the good fight, karen. sana all will turn out well with your case.

  10. miriam on

    yup, kakatawag lang sa akin nung Travel & Leisure Marketing Services. nagtaka ako, gusto magbenta ng privilege card. good thing hindi ako nag-confirm. pero sana hindi na sila tumawag uli.

    sino kasi ‘yang nagl-leak ng mga info ko sa mga telemarketing people na ‘yan.

    • el pistolero on

      wow, miriam, ikaw din? so they do exist. katakot naman.

      ayon sa hearsay, galing ang info sa mga dating agents ng mga credit card provider at mga bank. problem is they sell the info to Metro Care.

  11. Jax on

    Yan ang masama kasi hindi pala secure ang information natin. Chaka hindi ba dapat confidential ang credit card numbers natin? Alam nila eh, unless tulad ng nangyari saken, yung 1st 4 digits ang alam nila tapos papatapos saten.

    Tama yan Karen, awayin sila. Mga kaibigan ko nga kinuha yung number nung nang loko saken tapos kung anu anu ang tinetext.

    • el pistolero on

      ganun nga ang tactics nila ano, jax. they let you finish off all the numbers and by this it turns out na you agree to their transaction terms. panloloko.

      ayos yang pang-aasar ninyo kay cacharel collin. hanggang ngayon, naiinis pa rin ako sa fake name nya. ahaha

      • Jax on

        Yun ang ginawa niya, she started out witht he 1st 4 numbers, then parang bibitin then mapipilitan kang tapusin. I think given naman ata ang 1st 4 numbers ng card natin.

        Yeah, hindi na nga Chacharel ang may hawak ng number daw. Boy daw siya. Talaga lang ah, when I said “Hindi ka naman boy eh” Tumahimik na at hindi nko inaway. Then tuloy ang pambubulabog sa buhay niya.

  12. nishel on

    hi nabiktima din me ng metro care marketing…they called me in my office and told me n approved ako from my creditcard para sa privelege card..a guy name James Chua ask me questions and told me that they will deliver the package na daw.sabi ko para san un and how did they know my credit card number and contact details..tpos ayun may babae na kumausap na un pala confirmation na yun na papasok na nila sa account ko yung 5850 without me knowing anything or d naman ako Nag OO sa transaction na yun…tpos ilan ulit ako nagsabi kanya na ayoko tpos binaba nya yung phone
    tpos nagulat me la pa ata ilan minutes nakafloat n sa eastwest ko ung amount…nakakaloka..i called them sabi nila cancel nila sa account ko tpos d naman nila cancel!!right now d ko lam gagawen pero nagfile na ako ng dispute sa eastwest para mainvestigate nila to..mga scammer METRO CARE na yan!!sana po matulungan nyo ko sa mga manloloko na yun..ngyn d ko na makontak ung number nila 7290177..

  13. Jax on

    Ganyan talaga sila. After ng lahat, hindi mo na sila mako contact. Kaging Busy or wala yung taong hinahanap mo.

    Now, this is what you have to do. Pag dating ng Package, Huwag ninyo tangapin. Ni Pirmahan ang kahit ano, huwag. Kasi pag pumirma ka, parang pumayag ka na sa charge nilang 5850.

    Isa dun sa mga papeles na pinapapirma sa inyo ay Charge Slip ng Eastwest at huwag ninyo pirmahan.

    Pag hindi niyo tangapin, maya maya merong tatawag sa inyo at sasabihin na kailangan tangapin ang package para ma reverse ang charge. HUWAG KAYONG MANIWALA. Style nila yan.

    Alot of people here have fought this and won. Kaya yan.

    • el pistolero on


      tama si jax. ganyan ang ginagawa namin at ito rin ang ipinapayo namin sa lahat ng dumudulog sa blog na ito.

      all the best sa iyo. may laban ka pa.

  14. Jax on

    Medyo matagal na pero now I can finally say that I have Prevailed!

    Kadadating lang ng SOA ko from BDO and wala ang 5850 na naka float! Thank you very very much sa lahat at lalo na kay El Pistolero at ang Blog na ito.

    • el pistolero on


    • Ara on

      hi! what did you do with bdo? i am a victim of this modus operandi too but their new name is infinity card? what did you do? did you sign it too? or did you write a letter of dispute?

  15. Jax on

    Pero hindi magtatapos ang laban. Tutulong parin ako in what way I can. At hindi parin tapos ang pagtetext ng kung anu ano kay Cacharel Collin! Bwahahahahaha

    • el pistolero on

      thank you, jax!

      • Jax on

        Hindi na nga nagrereply eh. Kahit sa number na alam niya. Hahahahaha

  16. ehajems on

    hay buti pa kayo..

    • el pistolero on

      huwag kang mawalan ng pag-asa. may laban ka pa.

  17. jacquielyn sevilla on

    ive onced xperienced called by travel nd leisure, ung card nd directory is not dat presentable naman tlaga pero wen it comes to service, kc tnry ko na dn dhl nanjan na, okey naman sya i got almost 2400 discount on my acomodation wen i traveled in cebu, actually same procedure naman dn ang ngyari snwipe ang credit card ko pero wid d amount na napagusapan lng naman.. wlang sumobra.. and bnigyan nila naman ako ng o.r, cguro hnd lng tlga presentable ang card nd directory pero ok naman ang service .. 🙂

  18. Jax on

    Is that a different company? Kasi ang saakin City Limits at metrocare ang tumawag. Also, ang sabi sa amin SM, Appliance, and wala naman andun. BUti ka pa you got the benefit and malamang you agreed to it. Pero ang problema is that kahit meron mang benefits, hindi sila nag agree.

  19. Jom on

    help po, i read your comments and ganitong ganito nangyari s kin last Thursday. Na-charged ako sa east west bank card ko ng metro care mktg services. Gumawa ako dispute letter then pina-block ko na rin credit card ko. Pero ang sabi ng EWBC agent na nakausap ko, di pa daw applicable ang dispute letter kc hindi pa daw po posted yung charged. Instead floating pa lang daw siya. So ang mangyayari, mababayaran muna si Metrocare. And I think it’s unfair… syempre pag nakuha na ni metrocare yung pera ibabalik p b niya yun? ang labo… shit…. two hours pa lang napopost yung transaction nasabihan ko na sila. tapos ngayon ssbhin ng east west mababayaran sila… eto pa ang sabi ni east west twagan ko daw si Metrocare para ipa-cancel… as if naman icacancel nila yun e scam nga sila… super walang kwenta ng east west bank… inspite sa request ng mismong credit card holder nila… hindi pa rin nila icacancel. masakit p nito valid daw yung transaction kahit sinabi ko na wala akong pinirmahan o binigay na 3 digit pin. expiry date daw makakapag-bill na sila. pwde ba yun? help po… please..

    • el pistolero on

      hello, jom.

      i hope you read my other posts. kapag sinabing floating ang transaction it does not necessarily mean na paid na ang Metro Care. the transaction still needs a confirmation. kaya importante na hindi mo ka magsisign sa receipt ng package kasi it will is the final validation that you agree to all terms of the transaction.

      i’ve also posted in my other blog posts that na totoong valid ang transaction ng Metro Care. nasa batas yun. you can contest all you want but they can always claim that you agreed with them. butas nga ang batas sa situation na ito. and the bank can’t do anything about it. powerless din sila, believe it or not. yun ang nakakainis sa situation na ito eh, Metro Care can easily work through the loop holes of the law and still turn out legal kasi wala sa batas na nagsasabing nandadaya sila.

      the best thing to do for the moment is to not receive the package and don’t sign anything, by doing this, mas malaki ang chances mong mawala ang floating transaction.

      all the best sa iyo.

      • Ara on

        sr, when they called out sinabi ko talaga na hindi ko pipirmahan and i wont receive the package. nakausap ko pati manager nila and i politely declined naman. till now wala pong dumarating na packge pa though ang sabi ay on the way na daw today. pwede ba nila iforge yun mam?

      • erika on

        hayyts….pano po kayo to…napirmahan ko na at nasa akin yung card and brochure nila…huhu…5495 pa nmn to…

    • curious on

      nagtataka lang ako at napapaisip talaga. i am a cardholder ng eastwest bank, and just to let you know guys, naging biktima na din ako just last month. if east west bank is already receiving a lot of complain about this, how come that they still continue accepting transaction from this company? and they’re using dummy name guys. . . that’s guidelink corp. hello mga manloloko! matakot kayo sa balik nyan sa buhay nyo! and you think you can escape?

      • Tamaea on

        is cardlink telemarketers is a scam also? They are also very persistent to get my info for their package. i’m also an eastwest card holder and they told me that they have a lists of different cardholders informations. that’s why they keep on calling me also in our office. how come they know my no. and my address???

  20. Jax on


    Actually hindi naman matatangal yung floating kasi floating pa siya. Now, mali yung sinabi ng agent na babayaran muna ang metrocare kasi kung hindi mo tinangap yung package, hindi mapopost yung charge at wala ka namang babayaran.

    Yung sinabi ng eastwest agent ay sasabihin din ng lahat ng mga bangkong yan. Ang kailangan mo lang gawin ay HUWAG tangapin yung package pag dating. Huwag kang pumira kahit tawagan ka pa nung “consultant” huwag kang pumira.

  21. iris on

    malabong kausap ang EWB CSR. sakin iba-iba ang sinasabi nila. ilang beses na kasi ako tumawag sa kanila para magtanong. last na check ko nanina lang. Nandun pa din yung floating transaction na 5850. Sabi pa sakin nung CSR mappost na daw yung 5850 within 3 days. Kahit nga daw di ko binigay yung 3 digit pin sa likod considered as valid transaction. Ang malabo sa kanya sabi nya yung pin na yun ang magsisilbing signature. labo nya. nag fax ako ng cancellation letter sa Metro Care din kanina. P500 ang cancellation fee na hinihingi nila. Ayaw kong magbayad pero parang nakakatempt magbayad kasi kesa sa 5850. Pero abang-abangan ko muna kung mapopost nga yung 5850. Hoping pa din. Sept 16 pa nila ako tinawagan, until now wala pang package. Kesyo may insirance daw yun blah blah kaya kailangan ng cancellation fee kasi naprocess na nila and kung ano-ano pa.

    congrats sa mga tapos na ang laban. Sana kami ding mga bagong victims manalo din ng wala nang babayaran.

    • Jax on

      Wala yan, basta wala kang pinirmahan at hindi ninyo tinganp yung package. Whatever happens, yung ang tandaan nyo. Kaya yan, nalagpasan ko ang ganyan at wala naman akong binayaran. They will always make it a point to fool you para tangapin ninyo.

      Tandaan ninyo yan. Kaya yan people you can also beat it.

  22. karen on

    @ IRIS

    east west bank din ung card na nabiktima sa akin, basta wag na wag mo receive ung package pag dumating… mga costumer service ng eastwest bank eh mga inconsistent mga yan, minsan nga sabi nila wala na daw floating transaction tpos merun din pla.. basta wag na wag mo tanggapin ha kahit tawagan ka pa ng consultant ng metrocare, kc ako di ko tinanggap ayon wala naman na post sa bill ko..

  23. Jax on

    Tama yan, nakalimutan ko sabihin.

    They will try everything para mapirmahan mo yung package. EVERYTHING.

    Also, huwag mo nang kausapin pa mga yan, kasi hindi na makatotohanan pa ang sinasabi ng mga yan. Dito marami nang nakalagpas diyan at mas totoo naman ang sinasabi namin kesa sa kanila.

  24. simpleng chika babes on

    nagulat ako dami commemnt sa travel and leisure nabiktima din nila her nama is juliana de leon ayaw ko tangapin un package tpos iniinsist nya na ndeduct na daw yun sa card ko since defferd pumayag n din ako 2 yrs 2 pay daw ng dumatin un bill ko shock ako kc straight payment tawag2 sa opis nila pero wlang sumasagot tpos ng nkausap ko na c juliana sya na daw bhala mg defeered ask ko naman kung pano nya mddefered yun eh nbill na nga manlo2ko tlaga ngta2ka lng ako bat me mga ganun company nanlo2ko para kumita

    • el pistolero on

      simpleng chika bvabes,

      so, paano na yung case mo with them?

  25. junnel on

    i am a victim too… sobrang nakakainis.. hinihingan ako ng 2800 hinihingi na cancellation fee! anak ng teteng.. pano kaya gagawin ko nito..

    iris, bakit ganun 500 lang ang demand sayo?


    • iris on

      iba iba kaya hinihingi nilang cancellation fee. wag kang magbabayad. kung floating pa yung amount, in 15 working days mawawala yun. ganun yung sakin.

      • Ara on

        ang sabi po sa akin nasa unbilled charges na yung sa akin or is it still floating? nde ko po alam gagawin. can you help me po?

  26. me. myself. my story on

    @ JUNNEL

    narecive mo na ba package? if none yet, wag na wag mo cya recieve ha kahit anu pa threat nila. tsaka pag di mo cya narecieve wag na wag ka din magbibigay ng cancellation fee.

    • el pistolero on

      me, myself and my story,

      congrats on your fight. buti na lang at hindi mo nireceive. 🙂

      if it’s not a bother, i hope you could link these posts sa iyong credit card blog post para tumaas ang google search ranking ng mga posts na ito. para kapag may nag-google ng “metro care” makikita kaagad ang posts ko. thanks. 🙂

  27. junnel on

    niloko ako nung erick reyes na kelangan ko i-reciv yung package para daw mprocess yung cancellation. tapos ngayon na deny daw yung letter of cancellation ko. magbabayad daw ako ng 2800. hayyy.. perwisyo itong scammer na ito. anyway, any advise kung ano dapat gawin? im planning to go to DTI to file a complaint. bakit kaya nag-o-operate pa ang mga ito? dami na nila naloko. 😦

  28. me. myself. my story on

    un kc mahirap pag narecieve ung package eh kc pumirma ka, ganun din sabi sa akin di ko makacancel pag di ko recieve pero pinanindigan ko talaga kaya un nawala ung floting transaction sa akin, mag send ka nalang din ng dispute letter sa banko

    • izel on

      pano po ung dispute letter?

  29. Jax on

    Medyo mahirap na talaga pag pumirma kasi that signature shows that you agree to their terms and accept the package. Now kasi it will be on their terms na.

    Sa lahat po ng magbabasa sa inyo, marami na dito ang nakalagpas at HUWAG na HUWAG kayong pumirma or tangapin ang package kahit anong sabihin nila.

  30. junnel on

    nakapag-send na ako ng dispue letter.. kaso yung hsbc advise sakin para daw mabilis ibalik yung package either by courier.. basta meron proof na nsend sa kanila.. tas any memo from metrocare na ncancel na nga yung transaction.
    both memo and shipping invoice i-fax sa hsbc para mprocess nila yung dispute case.

  31. junnel on

    manloloko tlga mga yung.. scammers tlga.

    • el pistolero on

      i agree with iris. madyo mahirap kasi nakapirma ka na, pero pwede mo pa rin ilaban yan sa DTI. subukan mo. may mga testimonial dito sa mga posts ko na nilaban nila yung case kahit may pirma.

  32. iris on

    ay nakapirma ka pala. try mo nga mag complain sa DTI. kaya siguro malaki ang hinihingi nila sayong cancellation fee kasi nakapirma ka pala. posted na sa account mo yung membership fee nila no? good luck sa case. maayos mo sana. karmahin sana silang lahat.

  33. mayee on

    nakapirma ako dun.ano po kaya gagawin ko 5995 yong nka float sa account ko ;( pina block ko na yong cc ko.pero sabi ng HSBC ag rereflect pa rin daw un.HELP me pls kung ano gagawin ko.

    • el pistolero on

      mayee, oh no. nakapag-sign ka? hindi ako sure kung kaya mo pa itong ilaban sa iyong bank but there is still hope sa DTI. you should try there. go to their web site and contact them about your case. good luck and all the best.

  34. kats on

    hi. i am a victim too, at naka pirma din ako… kindly send me a step by step procedure para mawala ung 5995 sa bill ko sa east west… d ko alam ang gagawin ko… please please! need your help.. im pregnant and i need money… di ko alam kung pano babayaran tong metrocare na to…

    • el pistolero on


      i will try my best to help you and share the things i know. i can only suggest the ways but it’s still up to you to decide. it’s best that you read the other posts and comments on my blog and any other blog about the matter so that you may be informed.

      since naka-sign ka na, it’s most likely that the bank will honor the transaction. try to talk it out with them. tell them what happened and that you were tricked into signing the card. explain your situation with eastwest bank.

      second, make an account of all the things that happened to you, in a formal manner. also make a letter of dispute to your bank, together with you testimony. you can also submit your testimony to DTI and even NBI.

      these procedures would take time and perseverance. lalo na sa DTI. try calling their office para personal mo na silang makausap.

      based on personal experience, there’s no use bargaining it out with Metro Care, manloloko yang mga yan. it’s best to find other means to badger them katulad ng sa DTI and the other authorities.

      for now, yan lang ang matutulong ko sa iyo. good luck and god bless.

  35. neth on

    hi, im a victim too and was able to sign. nabasa ko lang yong ma blogs about metrocare after ko nang mareceive at masign yong package. now 5995 is floating on my account. what can i do…please help me…sabi ng metrobank, pag na post na yong 5995, i can file a dispute then and they will block the cc and will replace with a new one. hay, ang sama talaga nila.

    • el pistolero on


      tama ang advice ng bank mo. also try sending DTI your complaint. good luck to you.

  36. victim on

    neth and kat…i am a victim too…naka pirma din ako..i think kailangan natin magtulungan regarding this matter…
    please contact me as soon as possible.09175260703

  37. latestvictim on

    ako din na scam kahapon oct 27…tapos after the call tumawag na po ako agad sa eastwest bank aun nga pinag fax ako ng dispute kaso hanggang ngaun wala padin daw sila natatanggap..kaya nag email ako 2 beses, hiningi ko nadn ung name ng supervisor nila para dun ko inattention ung letter..ang plano ko is hindi ako magpapakilala na ako tas sabihin ko out of town pero papipirmahin ko ung courier sa ginawa kong certification na hindi nya iniwan ung package at hindi tinanggap ng mga ka officemates ko (hindi ako pipirma ng kahit ano)…hingi nadn ako id nya at ixerox ko para ma fax ko sa eastwest at dagdag evidence na hindi ko inaapprove ung transaction ng metrocare…

    tama po ba un..??or maganda ng sabihing wala ako at paalisin nalang ung courier..??tulong naman po baka kasi dumating na tom or fri eh..pls po..tnx..

  38. me. myself. my story on

    di naman mapilit courier kung ayaw mo tanggapin eh takutin mo cya..
    and pag anjan na courier tatawagan ka nung mga mga consultant ng metrocare basta wag na wag ka papaharash lalaban ka murahin mo cla

  39. Jax on

    Tama yan, basta huwag kang papayag. Mas maganda na magdala ka ng witness. Kasi pag sinabi mong wala ka, babalik at babalik yung courier.

    Huwag tama na huwag kang papa harass kasi gagawin nila yun sa iyo. Basta sabihin mo na hindi mo tatangapin at wala kang pipirmahan.

  40. el pistolero on

    guys (esp. those recently victimized),

    i will be personally sending you an email about a tip i got from a source that will help us. please check your email when you can.

    • Marianne Baun on

      Pls help me po. naloko po ako ng metrocare

    • jarod on

      Sir can you send me the email tip too? I’ve also been a victim of this guidelink and the worst thing is i also signed for the package, i dunno if I’ve been hypnotized in the process or I’m just plain dumb, hay

      • karie on

        hi just want to know if you have settled your prob with guidelink i am also a victim…

    • Ara on

      sir can you help me ,too? my bank is bdo and yung company na nangloko sa akin is infinity card corp. pero the same din. they offer discount etc. if magpapamember 16k daw pero dahil referred ako, 3950 n lng daw and they know my details too pati first few numbers ng card ko. they just confirm lng the cc. ang sabi nila sa akin nagconfirm n daw ako so wala akong laban. told them hanggat walang pinipirmahan its void pero nakaabot daw ako sa winelcome ako ng comp so it’s still void. then i told them na nde ko irereceive pa din and i wont sign. sabi parating na yung courier pero wala pa naman dumadating. natatakot lang ako baka iforge nila signature ko. pano po kaya iyon sir? tapos when i checked again sa bdo, unbilled charges na daw iyon sa bdo. is it the same as floating?

      • Ara on

        sir, aside from my email here, can you also send it here purplemd1981@yahoo.com.ph. thank you so much. can we elevate this to higher office? sobra na ang scams nila

    • michael ong on

      can u also send ne the email becoz i was also scammed by guidelink? masunog sana sa impyerno mga kaluluwa nla! called my cc company about it, floating daw. ask them gaano katagal yun validity ng floating? 2 weeks and then invalid na daw. after 2 weeks, i thought i was safe. lo and behold, after 1month, nakareflect na sa billing ko yun 5998. need help… my email add is haljordan_010185@yahoo.com.

      • karie on

        holy shit… pareho tayo… I have been talking to guidelink people pero they are not working on my request… same happened to me.. i did not purchase the card but tell them if they wanted they can send it to me so i can check the package first…. they insist that the authorization i signed is just a proof that i receive the package but not purchasing it….

    • april on

      please send me the tip as well.. haist..

    • liz on


      we just been scammed by fin asia last july 17. so napaswipe nila bf ko sa card and we still have the charge slip. we’ve tried to cancel them pero ayaw po nila. it’s too late n nalaman namin n scam to nung na brought up lang sa akin ng bf ko sabi ko i doubt it kaya ireresearch ko. naengganyo kasi sya sa salita ng telemarketer palibhasa madalas kasi kami magtravel. pagkakamali maling mali ang mga explanation. super mahal sila at late n narealize ni bf nung inexplain ko lang sa kanya n di praktikal n kinuha mo to at feeling ko nga scam sya. now prob namin gusto ko talaga macancel to pero ayaw nila pumayag. sabi nila mag email daw kami sa manager nila pero nagbounce back naman email namin. pls po patulong naman po if pano to malulusutan. highly appreciate any advice po. thanks in advance

  41. el pistolero on

    sana lang, tama ang mga email addresses na nilalagay ninyo sa inyong replies para mareceive ninyo ang tip.

    • malin on

      pls email me about the tips on how to fight this..thanks:)

      • el pistolero on

        sorry, malin.

        i can’t email you all the details. it would take much of my time. i would like to help you out though. it’s best that you read the posts and the comments about metro care in this blog. about the tip, the source about the PNP contact would not email me her reply eh.

    • Ara on

      Hi sir! I have read everything in your in your blog. I did not receive any package from them and I didnt sign either. I was also able to video the scene when the courier went to our officebut just discretely. I did called up the infinity card corporation when the courier was there. And she said that “sana sinabi mo na kanina pa na ipapacancel mo”. i told them i wont be signing nor accepting anything from them. so the courier went away. Kaya lang po ang floating charge ko sa bdo naging billed na. hindi ko po alam kung bakit.nagkaganon. I tried calling the agent again kanina but they said that wala sa table. i dunno if they were just avoiding me. I tried calling them up again but i dialled the same number over and over again but nadedeviate ako sa isang number na lola ang sumasagot. pwede niyo po ba akong tulungan? thank you po.

  42. dominador on

    bro… i was also victimized by this metro care company… yesterday sila tumawag, then when i checked with my Go MC may floating nga daw na 5800 something… wala pa dumadating na package pero definitely di ako magsisign as you advised… pinablock ko na muna yung card ko subject for replacement then call after 2 days daw kung napost, then forward ako dispute letter… the thing is nabigay ko din yung details nung HSBC ko pero when i called them up wala naman daw pumasok any transaction of that kind… will it be advisable na pa-block ko din yung HSBC ko? need your help please please… i never thought something like this would happen, pero it did and i badly need your assistance… also can you send me the tip you were mentioning on your previous comments bro? thank you very much…

  43. karen on


    yup para sure eh block your HSBC card na din kc pag wala sila makuha sa mc eh my alternate pa cla… Block it asap and never receive the package ha kahit na harass ka pa ng mga un…

  44. dudes on

    Hello im also a victim ng METROCARE nayan naprimahan ko ung package nila..pero nireport kona sa DTI sa Tuesday magkakaroon kamim nang Mediation kung sino gusto pumunta sa DTI makati para makapag report din just text me para madami tayo..at para matuldukan nayang panloloko nang METROCARE nayan.

    • nelyel18 on

      hi kumusta yong mediation mo?ako dec. 15 nka sked..ano po ba ngyari?thanks

  45. dudes on

    email nalang ninyo ako sa dudesjhay@yahoo.com ipaglaban natin ang perang pinaghirapan natin

  46. Lucy on

    hi, hindi p nadedeliver sakin ung package but nakafloat ung amount sa billing ko. pakiinform po ako kung ano na nag nagyari . i think nagpapalit sila pangalan para makalusot sa sandamakmak n kaso nila. thank you!

  47. tyler on

    guys, i nid ur help.. im a victim too..floating din s CC ko ung 3000,, ano dapt content ng dispute letter k?..pwede manghingi ng sample n sinend nyo s mga CC company nyo.. i rily nid help..about dis damn bitch METROCARE,,dk n cla mcontact..nd yet dpa nman dumating ung package..

    pls help me..ur help is much appreciated..tnx

  48. karen on

    @ tyler …

    ung akin dati eto ung content ng letter oks lang naman kahit hindi mahaba eh…

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This is to confirm that I am not finalizing and transaction with Metrocare amounting to five thousand eight hundred fifty php under credit card holder (YOUR NAME ) with credit card number_____________________.

    thank YOu

    ganun lang po.. wag mo receive ung package ha

  49. karen on

    @ tyler …

    ung akin dati eto ung content ng letter oks lang naman kahit hindi mahaba eh…

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This is to confirm that I am not finalizing any transaction with Metrocare amounting to five thousand eight hundred fifty php under credit card holder (YOUR NAME ) with credit card number_____________________.

    thank YOu

    ganun lang po.. wag mo receive ung package ha

  50. dakila on

    yun nga eh hnd ko nlang dapat tinangap at pinirmahan dahil hindi din naman iiwan ng delivery pag hindi pinirmahan at gumawa ng letter sa cancellation, kse naka sulat naman yung condition nila… so pag ganun walang silang matatransact na amount, kaya yung nag register eventualy mawawala pala.

  51. james on

    travel and leisure is a different company from metrocare marketing. i am a member of travel and leisure and this has been clarified to me by thier reservation officer. the travel and leisure is legitimate business, i also used my BDO card and the deffered payments was succesful. i even got a 1200 discount for my two nights stay at la carmela de boracay… i wonder what happen to others.the membership ive got is P3495. wala silang P5800 na membership.

  52. joan on

    good day everyone..

    we have the same experience.. i received and signed it.
    in the first place, i NEVER use my eastwest credit card nor the VIP card but i was charged to settle it. kindly help me with this matter..

    Thanks in advance!

    • el pistolero on

      joan, please read my other posts for more info.

  53. curious on

    hi guys! guess ‘am the latest member of the club. but thanks to you guys, kahit papa’no i’ve been informed. i’ve called east west bank, sabi nakafloat yung feb 26 transaction which is amounting to 3000+, meron din daw in-attempt na another 3000+ this mar 02 pero nadecline. never ako nag-oo pero one of they’re style is mabilis magsalita para di mo maintindihan. kala ata ng mga walanghiya eh wala silang pamilya na babalikan sa mga pinaggagagawa nila! matakot kayo at magsisi! mag-ingat ka PAOLO DIAZ! AND KAPAL NG MUKHA MONG BAKLA KA? DAHIL LANG SA PERA NAGKAKAGANYAN KAYO? SALAMAT SA COURIER NAMIN DAHIL SIYA AND NAG-ADVISE SA AMIN NA WAG TANGGAPIN. NALALAYUAN ATA SHA SA LOCATION NAMIN :-). SALAMAT DIN DAHIL BINIGAY NIYA SA MIN TOTOONG NO. NG MGA MANLOLOKO. COZ THESE GUYS ARE JUST USING DUMMY NOS. THEY’RE ALSO USING “GUIDELINK CORP.” WAG KAYONG TUMIGIL SA PINAGGAGAGAWA NINYO AT MAKIKILALA NINYO PERSONALLY SI TULFO AT MIKE ENRIQUEZ!!!

    • karie on

      I think am they’re latest victim, they deliver an item to me last june 1… but i never said yes to it. they just deliver it for me to SEE daw the content of the VIP package. now it was charge to my card… mine is UNIONBANK and i think they provide the info to this company because the numbers they gave were long time not working. Punyeta ung Harris Pineda who is the agent of this Guidelink..

  54. archie on

    Hi! I’m feeling so bad now. ngayon ko lang kasi nakita tong blog na to. Too late. naloko na ako. nagpauto ako and signed the package. sabi kasi nung paolo diaz, it was just a pre-qualification requirement. nagtalo pa kami. pero bakit ang sa akin ang nadebit is 3,100++? i thought it was just a list of features pero hindi pla. I think kailangan na natin to ipaimbestigador. magtulungan tayo please. how to send my email sa inyo? thanks!

  55. naz on

    Biktima rin ako ng guidelinks / guidelink corporation / guidelink marketing Inc at ni Paolo Diaz , nagsearch ako sa net para makakuha mga info sa kanila, eto naging useful link: http://www.recruitnet.ph/job/marketing-coordinator-ncr-jobs/763d2eab5659cba2

    Dyan ko nakuha landline at adress ng admin nila 861 22 75
    adress: Unit 102 Marbella 1 Bldg Roxas Blvd. Pasay City malapit sa lumang dfa

    sabi ng eastwest bank rep my rights tyo na ipacancel yung floating charges at walang bayad yun ang sabi sakin

    wag na wag kayo tatanggap o pipirma sa kahit anong package na galing sa kanila.. ongoing pa ang pagpapacancel ko ng transaction.. Sana wala na silang mabiktima.. sa dami ng nagrereklamo sa kanila dapat ipasara na sila ng dti..

  56. La dueña_05 on

    Buti na lang nabasa ko tong blog na to muntik n akong maloko guidelink marketing namn ang pangalan ng ngoofer sa akin ng VIP CARD buti na lang nabasa ko mga post nio,,di pa dumadating ung packge sa akin pero sa mga nabasa ko sa post d ko tlga tatangpin at ppirmahan yun pagdumating inabisuhan ko na din ang mga kaofficemate ko kung sakaling dumating ung package na iyon wag nila tanggapin..tumawag n din ako sa eastwestbank un nga may nakafloat na amount sa akin n 3,188 within 15 days pa daw po malalaman..tnx tlga sa ngpost dito..my question lang po ako pag sinabi bang floating ung amount malaki ba chance na pumasok ung account na iyon sa soa ko kahit d ko pinirmahan ung package..inform nio namn ako..maraming salamat po!!

    • april on

      hi la duena.. painform namn ako ng nangyari sayo? did u not accept the pckge? what happened? pls help.. huhu. yung akin nakafloat din now. dnt know if to accept or not.. sbi kasi ng guidelink, iba daw ang binding agreement nila with the bank and courier, etc.. so i need to accept the pckge and send a cancellation letter to guidelink after para maprocess ang cancellation.. haist.

      • karie on

        they also did that to me, my agent id HARRIS PINEDA. if this person will going to call anyone, i suggest not to entertain it anymore. manloloko ang guidelink.

  57. ice on

    hi po..isa rin ako sa nabiktima ng “guidelink corp.” na yan, ganun din ang nangyari my 3k plus na naka float sa account ko kahit tinanggihan ko na ang offer nila…mga manloloko, tapos pinadeliver pa nila yung card buti na lang hindi ko kinuha, at hindi ako pumirma, ang problema eh my naka.float na sa account ko, tama ipa.imbestigador na yan sila…

  58. Gerald Soriano on


    I am new to this site, and I want to help you against this unscrupulous txns with metrocare,guidelink, yehey.com mdami yan and I think parehas sila ng modus.

    I have read all your sentiments about this bad company, talagang bad yan and to think pati rin yon mga banks naiinis na jan, with the volume of disputes received from this companies.

    We have two cards that primarily issued here in PL Mastercard and Visa, they differs when it comes in dispute handling, if you are using mastercard and your dispute found to be invalid in a first filing, insist to process for second chargeback stating that you are further disputing the charge and try to know the office adress of that bullshit company i.e. metrocare and guidelink and secure a proof that you already returned the items/merchandise and present this to your issuing bank.

    Now, if you are using visa card, in your first attempt of filing a dispute try to secure a proof of cancellation, a email to that company canceling the transaction is not enough, you must secure a proof that you already returned the merchandise through LBC or in any freight forwarding.

    To those who already reported this to their issuing banks please cooperate on the bank instructions, because they have time line in processing. I agree to El pistolero, thanks to you, banks has no power to stop the billing, in any event they need to pay the metrocare, in return they will collect this to their cardholders in any way, otherwise, this may will be the bank’s lost.

    Some may have the success and some may not, but don’t be dismay we have government authorities to help you i am uncertain which are they,but I know a police station will do ask help from them.

  59. liz on

    na encounter ko din same like you ice, january payon pero since wla naman akong pinirmahan nung nag deliver.
    nabasa ko ang condition sa form at nakita ko chargeslip. humingi nko pasencia with them FINANCIAL REASON.
    kahit fault ko pa, well back to normal.

    yet still nag uupdate padin sila sakin dahil sabi ko some other time. pero hindi naman nila ako pinilit.

    • ice on

      actually nung pinadeliver na yung card ng guidelink, i tried to call them para tanungin kung bakit kelangan ko pang e.receive yung card eh tinanggihan ko naman ang offer nila, pero nung tumatawag ako walang sumasagot, ring lang ng ring ang phone nila…badtrip talaga..so hindi ko tinanggap at pinadeliver ulet after few days and tinawagan na ako nung “Nicole Rivera” na yun, pag ni.receive ko raw yung card it does’nt mean na my charge na ako agad…at hindi naman ako tanga para maniwala so hindi ko talaga tinanggap..untill now hindi pa ako kinukulit,..kinakabahan lang ako kasi baka na forge na ang pirma ko..at mag.appear sa bill ko ang nakafloat na 3k plus…kaasar talaga…haayyy…mga manloloko…makakarma din sila..

  60. liz on

    actually kausap ko kahapon sila at tinatanong ko kung nabasa nila ang blog for them, ang sabi nga is…
    pag dating sa pag pirma meron card holder na nag sasabi na hindi nila nabasa at ang mga reason, mataas lagnat or nag gygym sila during that time mmmm… akala ko joke lang yun pero it happens daw talaga… kinakay-bigan ko to get some information din dahil alam nla acct ko, pero ang TOP answer daw nasa meeting at hnd na nila nabasa. well as for me mahirap tlaga pag may pinirmahan ka plus pinadinig sakin na nag confirm ako wich is hnd konaman denedenay yun. sabay natawa lang ako kse still got no transaction with them until now.

  61. elgayote on

    guys, pls help me nabiktima din ako pero nakausap ko ung unang agent ng eastwest ang sabi nya wla raw akong magagawa ksi na deduct na raw sa billing ko yun ang gawin ko na lng ay tawagan ko raw ung Punyetang Guidelink Corp na yan for cancellation..ung pangalawa kong agent na nakausap sa eastwest ang sabi nakafloat pa raw ung account na ~5998.00 at di muna raw akong magbigay ng letter of dispute intayin ko muna raw na magconfirm ung punyetang Guidlelink Corp na yan..pls help meron bang valid phone number ung Guidelink? pano pala kung na forge ung pirma ko wla pa naman akong napirmahan at wla pang package..Thanks!

    • ice on

      ganun din sinabi saken ng agent sa HSBC elgayote, hintayin ko rin daw muna na mag.confirm ung guidelink corp na yan bago ako magbigay ng letter of dispute kaasar talaga at ngayon hindi ko makausap yung Nicole Rivera na agent nila..kinakabahan din ako baka nga na.forge na ang pirma naten…

      • elgayote on

        @ice nakausap ko ung kapatid ng kumpare na VP ng eastwest bank ang sabi nya sa akin as long as di mo nga pirmahan ung charge slip di mag apir ung transaction.. intay daw ako ng 21 days..kanina dumating ung package di ko talga pinirmihan, mabait naman ung messenger at pinasilip pa sa akin ung package ng Guidelink na yan at nakita ko may mga establishments na di ko naman kilala at wla pa dito sa manila..ay naku modus talaga..i pray sana di nga magpost ung transaction!..

  62. naz on

    tanong ko lang po kung talagang kelngan paba ng credit memo para macancel yung yung transaction? o pwede n yung hindi ako tumanggap o pumirma ng kahit na anong package o documents? nga pla napansin ko lng parang may nagpopost ng off topic na tungkol sa zodiac dto? di kya mga taga Guidelink o metrocare etc nagpopost nyan para magulo mga nagbabasa dito??

    • elgayote on

      @naz, mukang merong sabotage dito sa blog nato…nangungulo para maiba ang topic ng mga punyetang Guidelink na to!

      • iris on

        oo nga. nagulat ako bakit ganun na ang usapan dito. di ba pwede burahin yung posts nila? malamang nga sila nagpopost nyan para manggulo.

        may mga nabibiktima pa din sila. kainis! kung bakit di pa karmahin yang mga yan.

  63. La dueña_05 on

    Thank you po sa blog na to..ngyon po ang ika 15 days ko para malaman kung pumasok ang transaction ko with guidelink..sa awa ng diyos katatawag ko lang sa eastwestbank at aun nawala na ung naka float na amount sa cc ko…sobrang thankful ko po sa inyong lahat…thank you po ulit…sa mga mabibiktima po ulit ng guidelink corp..tama po ang mga nakasulat dito basta if ever n dumating un package wag na wag nyo po pipirmahan ung chargeslip…yan po ung ginawa ko kaya aun d nwla na ung floating amount ko…thank you po ulit and godbless us all…

    • elgayote on

      @La Duena_05 tlaga?? sana ako din..pray pray pray!

      • april on

        so that means wag lang ako magsign ng kahit ano and everything, mawawla na rin ung nakafloat? gnon po ba un? so scary kasi sbi nung agent na kausap ko.. si HARRIS PINEDA, all i have to do is accept the package. the courier shall report it to them.. tpos sila namn e ggwa ng report to cancel the transaction. ano po ba dpat kong gwin? kinda confuse na po.. should i just not accept the package? san po ba nakikita yung charge slip na yun? yun po ba ung pipirmahan from the courier?

        please..please help

  64. Liza on

    member ako ni guide nung una duda pero dahil nadin sa ngyari out of trust nadin sa kausap ko. ok naman in a way… naka tulong sya din cla saming family, insured daw ako etc.. pero now pasalamat nalang din dahil naka pag refund ako almost Php 8,000.with them kalo ko pa pahirapan nung pumunta kmi ng husband ko, hindi naman pla lahat sa panahon ngayon lokohan. ingat nalang din para sa iba. god bless po ang thank you again.

  65. arnel on

    insurance you mean Liza with guidelink right? kase nag file din ako ng re-reimbursement with them waiting nlang din ako sa check ko after 31 days daw at iaadvice ako pag napaaga pa. maliit lang amount pero wait ang see nlang ako. buti nag post ka atlist may clue nko. salamat

  66. naz on

    Nakalimutan ko lang banggitin, para sa mga biktima na nanghihina ang loob.. kakatawag ko lng sa east-west at wala na ang floating charge sa akin.. tandaan nyo lang n wag kyo mawawalan ng pagasa.. tyagain nyo lang basahin ang blog na ito at mga comments dito..

    Simplehan ko nlng para sa mga bagong biktima:
    1) wag magpanic (sigurado ako mainit n mga ulo nyo)
    2) basahin at i-analyse ang mga pinaguusapan sa blog n ito
    3) magreport agad sa inyong credit card bank at ipablock or papalitan ang card nyo na nabiktima
    4) WAG na WAG kayong pipirma ng kahit na anong dokumento
    5) Gumawa ng dispute letter at pakinggan ang instructions ng bank nyo..

    Maraming Salamat sa blog na ito.. malaking tulong tlga=)

  67. ice on

    himala nawala yung post ng guide-link na yun..anyway, mga nanggugulo lang talaga sila…mga manloloko….salamat pala sa blog na to,..tumawag ako sa HSBC and thanks God wala na yung nakafloat na 3k plus..haayyy..salamat talaga sa inyo..:)

  68. Tamara on

    letseng mga link na yan!! cardlink, guidelink, puro link link sila sa mga KAGAGUHAN NILA!!!

  69. marky on

    tnxt din ako ngaun ng guide link here’s the number 8467274, direct number daw atwagan daw hope this will help you guys for the SPAM or SCAM.

  70. marky on

    e2 yung number na pinangtext sakin 09166234492 at e2 nmn yung pinangtawag sakin 09175223838, yung number naman daw na tatawagan to get the details about the package is 8467274 . ngcheck muna ko ng site and blogs bago ko kinausap, thanks for this blog at di ako nbiktima!!!

  71. bagong scam on

    nko… BEWARY!!! guys may bagong racket “ULTIMATE TRAVEL” ang style weather discount din sa travelling naman ito. pero last na hihingin sa delivery is creditcard nyo para ma-swipe ang problem pa nito possible na ma-skin at ma clone ang card nyo dhil ang lahat ng messenger nito hindi reg. employee pati mga AGENT nila. pag lipas ng ilang month iba naman Co. name. tulad ni ACE VALDEZ 2278441 0939-3890446 yan mga nakuha ko info. madidinig nyo lahat ng magandang discount even life time pa! the problem lang is.. Nagoyo kana!!! TRAVELERS OFFERS BIG DISC. na TATAWAG SAYO sa TELEPONO. wag na wag mo iaabot CREDIT CARD MO sa DELIVERY nila. YARI KA!.

    • Mitchiko on

      Hi ask ko lang kung nabiktima ka ni ace valdez? Ang problem ksi tumawag sya sakin this week lang at may dumating na messenger nag deliver ng product medyo nagduda ko iabot credit card ko so binayaran ko ng cash 3k 😦 may pinirmahan din ako….pero ma charge ba credit card ko kung wala naman ako inaabot na card? Nagwoworry ksi ko baka may number sila ng cc ko & baka yung pinasign sakin na slip parang Im allowing them na deduct a specific amount sa credit card ko 😦 thank you

    • Peach on

      Naencounter ko din iyang ultimate travel na yan nung isang araw lang (Monday)…same lang din ang modus operandi…may kakausap na lalakeng parang bakla sa phone. Unang sasabihin nya, “dumating na ba ang credit card nyo?” syempre iisipin mo baka bangko lang ang tumatawag to confirm your cc kung dumating na and then magpapakilala na sila ng company nila and ipapasa nya sa manager nila ang phone at mag ooffer na ng travel card na walang expiration date at for a lifetime ang membership. By using their card, makakadiscount na daw ako sa mga major establishments and airline companies. Persistent sila sa pag convince sa phone.. Sabi ko sa manager if they have a website na atleast makikita ko and sabi nya meron daw, ieemail nalang daw nya sa akin. Nag antay ako walang email na dumating. Hinde ko rin masearch yung RSEZ Marketing Services sa internet. Merong isang site yata palage akong dinadala sa Travel and Leisure Marketing Services. Tapos ngaun (Wednesday) may nag deliver na ng card… May messenger na dumating dala ang card. Nakalagay yung card sa isang blue na envelope yung parang pang greeting cards tapos may isa pang maliit na envelope sa labas. Dun nakalagay yung card. Napansin ko lang sa envelope nila eh yung RSEZ Marketing Services na nakaprint lang sa isang papel at nakadikit lang sa envelope na yun. Diba kung legitimate naman ang business nila bakit naman ganun lang ang sobre nila. Kaya nag duda na ako sinabe ko na di ko na kukunin yung card kasi nagbago na isip ko, Nag alibi nalang ako,,, Medyo mabait naman yung messenger kaya lang pinakausap nya ako sa taga office nila. Nakausap ko yung lalakeng boses bakla, of all daw na taga DepEd, ako lang daw ang tumanggi. Kaya sabi ko, “and so…wala na ba akong karapatang tumanggi eh customer ako…natarayan ko na talaga siya at sinabe kong di nako interesado”…Sinabe ko nga na wala akong natanggap na email from them at sabi niung bakla meron daw inemail sa akin… dun palang nag sisinungaling na eh at sobrang diskumpiado ako… Yung mga offers nila to good to be true talaga paano naman mangyayaring ang card nila eh magkakaroon ng tie ups sa mga different establishments, hinde nga kilala yung company nila, Di ko tinanggap yung card at wala naman akong pinirmahan. Kaya lang syempre worried pa din ako baka magreflect kasi sa bill ko yung amount na 3,000+ na halaga nung card… sana lang hinde…wala pa kasi yung bill ko….

      Sobrang nag alala lang ako na isswipe yung cc ko sa dala nung messenger na terminal eh kasi ang dami ng news ngayon na lumalabas tungkol sa nangongopya ng info sa cc eh. Syempre natakot ako na baka pag naswipe nila ang cc ko buti lang kung yung amount 3,000+ lang ang mababawas sa akin, eh what if magamit nila yung cc ko sa mga transactions nila kaya mahirap din…

      Palagay ko yung travel and leisure na sinabe dito ng mga fellow victims dito eh same lang din sa RSEZ Marketing Services na yan…nag iba lang sila ng name ng company…. Saka yang mga pangalan ng mga staff nila eh pa iba iba lang.. Ang pangalan nung manager nila ay Paula Lopez for your info lang. Sana nga di nako gambalain sa phone ng mga yan or else babagsakan ko lang sila ng phone…. Buti nalang may nabasa akong ganitong site at least medyo nalaman ko din ang mga modus operandi sa mga cc.

      • mokai on

        i got the card, pero kinakabahan ako, nswipe ko un cc ko, 😦 im so stupid! ambilis ng kamay ni manong, nkuhaan nya ko 1500, dahil umabot n credit limit un card ko kya 1500 lang pero 3500 tlga un presyo daw ng membership, ang tanga ko lng late ko n nabasa to, sinusbukan ko hanapin un company pro wla akong msearch. babalik dw cla nextmonth pra dw iswipe un 2k, mga manloloko pla. grabe. galing po RSEZ un card. anu po b dapat ko gawin? please help me naman po. 😦

      • JBG on

        It happened to me today, I received a call yesterday and I was hooked up with the 40% discount because I travel a lot. And I was planning to go overseas next month. The messenger came to our office today and got my credit card swiped after getting the privilege/VIP whatsoever card, somehow after that I felt I was scammed so I started searching online then found this post. I’ll try calling them tomorrow or going to their office to make them cancel the transaction as soon as possible. I know this will be a 50/50 chances that I’ll get them to cancel the transaction but I still want to try. Does anyone here have experienced with RSEZ Marketing Services? And where you able to get your money back or cancel the transaction/the registration? I hope you can give me an advice on how to deal with this thing if this is really a scam. This is my first time I really need help.

        Thank you!

        Lesson learned. Stop being impulsive and think thrice not just twice whenever you’re dealing with an unknown merchant *sigh*

        I had my card blocked/replaced na din para siguradong di na nila magagamit yung card ko.
        ASk ko lang may nakapunta na ba sa office nila sa Magallanes? I’ll try going there tomorrow.

        @mokai bumalik ba sa office mo ung messenger?

      • gaeze on

        i cant believe this, this just happened to me also, its just that im too late to research this kind of company when i am planning to go on a vacation…tsk tsk… F*** them RSEZ Marketing Services… sana nga wag na silang bmalik at buti nalang 1500 lang ang naiswipe sakin….

        nung una nga tnanggihan q na ung card at parang sila pa ang galit dahil approved na daw ang card q at activated na so pag nagcancell aq mas malaki daw ibbill sakin… i was so stupid for that…mumurahin q un pag tmawag pa ulit sakin…. nakakasama ng loob…

      • Luz capili on

        So frustrating, I was also a victim of this stupid R.S. EZ Marketing services.. Last 2012 pa ung may tumawag tawag sa office and then telling me naako na lang daw sa company namin ang hindi mmber ng card nila, but then when i checked on them just this year because I wanted to travel, frustrated akong sobra dahil hindi na malocate itong oordinator nato named KIM MADRIGAL, before when he was marketing the card to me, andami nya sinabi kesyo kababayan ko daw sya, major client nila compny namin, and so on and so forth, ngayon ko lang napagtanto na isa itong SCAM, 3000 ang binayaran ko sa lintik na pekeng company nila, ang bilis pati ng coordination nila with their messenger, akala ko dati, i was really previliged dahil nakakuha ako ng ganung card, all i did not know eh SCAM pala.. agad agad ang swipe sa card, sabi nung KIM MADRIGAL na yun, kaya daw wala silang website ay dahil maraming mga nanggagaya at nang fufraud kaya advise daw sa kanila ng SEC eh, wag na magwebsite, ako naman eh binalewala ko lang yun, hay naku, nagsayang talaga ako ng pera dito..

  72. kay-kay on

    hi share ko lang muntik na ko mavictim ng scam ang name ng company Med Asia Phil. under Care Plus program., ang malit ko masyado me naniwala sa kausap ko name Jessica Rey mabait kasi sya para syang insurance nagulat me bago lang bdo cc ko napili daw name ko kasi updated daw me magbayad eh 1st time lang me magbayad ng bdo bill kasi nga bago lang cc ko…btw ang mali ko binigay ko card # ko pati ung # sa likod ng card, pati info ng husband ko, anak ko, opis add, cp # in short pumayag me worth 6950 ung offer nila as akin less na daw ung kasi orig. price daw ng package na un 15K since health conscious ako umoo me pero taz sabi dideliver daw sa opis namin since personal daw me dapat magreceive. after namin mag-usap tinawagan ko kuya ko sa cp ask ko kung alam nya sbi nya bka scam yan search ko daw sa internet,..nasearch ko nga scam kaya tinawagan ko bdo to tel na wag iaccept ung med asia phil. la daw sila access sa ganon so advice ng operator iblocked ko ung card at pareplace lang me ng bagong cc my bayad daw ng 250, pumayag na me kesa mabill me ng 6950. after ilang 15min. tumawag ulit me bdo ask ko kung pumasok ung med asia phil. sabi ng operator oo pero nadeclined since napablock ko na yung cc ko…hay thanks god. so ingat talaga tau my cc hay nagalit sa aking husband ko muntik na daw me mauto..

  73. Ralph on


    I just wanna share lang… Somebody called me today with a name Carlos Guitterez, and I was a lil bit surprised when he found out about my family, personal details etc. etc.. to make the story short, I was so stupid providing him my credit cards info.. I even gave him that 3 digit code on the back of cc… Anyway, after we hung up, I checked if their company is legit and there I found this blog… I immediately checked and called my bank-RCBC bankard and I found out I have floating transaction amounting to 5,998. I told my bank agent that I didn’t honor this transaction from Guidelink. The agent told me that I have only 2 options and that is either touch base with the merchant and ask them to void the transaction or block my CC.. What I did, I called Guidelink and spoke to Carlos Guitterez again. I was at rage when I talked to him, but then he told me he will have it voided and will just wait for his call again… I was doubtful if he would really cancel the transaction or will he ever gonna call me back… after several minutes, he called me and said the transaction is now voided.. He even gave me a authorization code signifying the transaction was cancelled… I even appreciate his effort in doing this… I called RCBC if there was such thing as voided transaction or if it already reflected in their system today… unfortunately, i have to wait for 2-3 days if it is really cancelled and if that Carlos is telling me the truth. I am crossing and keeping my hopes up though… Praying that it will be voided hopefully… Will update you guys!

  74. top on

    im a victim of guidelink.. nacharge ako ng 5998php.. ayoko bayaran yun, pano kaya gagawin ko? help po pls.. thanks!

  75. khalil on

    sa tutuo lang magkakasabwat ang eastwest sa ginagawang panlilinlang ng punyetang metrocare na yan sa tagal at sa sobra na reklamo sa knila bakit hina hayaan pa din ng isang kilalang bank company katulad ng eastwest bank na putoloy pa din makapambiktima ang hayop na metrocare na ito. cachalrel collins pwe! manloloko.

    • Mark on

      Ako din biktima. Eastwest bank din ang credit card ko. Nagpunta ako before sa opis nila to complain about this guidelink. Nung nakafloat pa lang ang 5998, pinablock ko agad yung credit card tapos nung nareleased na yung new credit card, meron pa din nakafloat and sad to say nabill ako dun. Promise, don’t trust kapag may nagcall or email.
      search first before making transaction. That time kasi wla internet ang computer ko sa opis dahil officers lang ang meron.
      EASTWEST Bank is undoubtedly partner ng mga scams na gaya ng Guidelink ang reason, first time ko magkacredit card, hindi ko pa ngagamit yun then after few days from receipt of credit card, yun nga may tumawag sa akin. Napagakalamalan ko pa n bangko sya kasi sabi ng punyetang baklang agent at alam na alam nya yung credit card number ko pati yung workplace, contact number, yung mga confidential info. EASTWESTBANK is certainly behind that kasi, una hindi ko pa nagagamit yung credit card, pangalawa, bakit alam nung tumawag ang mga details ko na personal.

  76. april on

    hi.. same kami ni blueangel.. akala ko tlga bpi gold card. later ko lang naisip nung nkapagtransact na ko na VIP card pala ung inaalok nila. nacharge na ko ng metrobank for the transaction. i wouldn’t know what to do. nakakainis talaga. tumwag ako sa guidelink.. di daw nila mabbago un unless mareceive ko ung package.. kasi need daw ng courier no. etc.. please help. should i go through the process na mareceive yung documents or should i refuse to accept? pano na mabblik ang 5,998 ko? please help.

  77. april on

    i told the bank na gusto ko na gumwa ng dispute letter.. they told me i can’t.. not until mapost daw ang transaction… di pde pag floating pa sya.

  78. april on

    sbi sakin sa bank, i would have to make a dispute letter later after napost na ung transaction. ngayong floating pa sya di ako makakagwa ng letter na gnon.

  79. april on

    naz bat gnon? sabi nung cc company ko kelangn daw mapost muna yung transaction bgo ako makagawa ng dispute letter s knila? pls help.

    • naz on

      April Eastwest bank karin ba? eastwest kasi ako, yung sakin pumayag sila magpadala agad ako ng dispute letter mga 1 week before mapost yung transaction, nareciv nila yung dispute letter ko days defore mapost yung floating transaction pero nagtake effect lng yung dispute nung araw n napost na yung transaction.. nagtext din sakin east west dati n pwede nko magsend ng dispute letter bago pa mapost para maalis agad nila yung floating.. 20days bago mapost ata mula nung nakausap at nkuha ng guidelink yung ccard no. ko.. after nun 45-60 days investigation next step ng bank..

  80. Ara on

    hi! I just got my billing statement. And I’m so happy to tell everyone na hindi ako nacredit sa 3950 ko. It was chraged but it was also deducted. It was shown in my billing statement. This post is really helpful. I followed every single detail of it. I did not receive the package. I even ask a friend to accompany me and videotaped everything, basically to document yung conversation namin ng messanger. Akala siguro ng messanger he’ll be sending package to just an ordinary employee. He got a little agitated when he found out I was a doctor. He was very apologetic when i told him I will not receive the product because I already asked for a cancellation of it. He even asked me to talk to the girl (who by the way sounds like a guy, kate lopez) who promoted the product. I told them I did not receive anything and I took a picture of everything, mali pa ang spelling ng family medicine. although she wasstill bastos kausap, she did not force me to get the product. I told her I’m willing to elevate it to DTI or even Media so people will be aware of it. I’ll be happy to help anyone just as this thread have been helpful to me. Thank you for all your help! Godbless everyone! This time I promise to be extra careful and not give my cc to anyone.

  81. Allan on

    I am also facing the same kind of scam and I been doing all efforts to fight this scammers
    I filed complaint in DTI against this and our mediation is set on August 2011
    I have also seek the help and advice of Mr. Tulfo and gave an endorsement to NBI
    I would be glad if you can join me on this fight.
    – Allan (0910) 954.7355 –

  82. Allan on

    I am also facing the same kind of scam and I been doing all efforts to fight this scammers
    I filed complaint in DTI against this and our mediation is set on August 2011
    I have also seek the help and advice of Mr. Tulfo and gave an endorsement to NBI
    I would be glad if you can join me on this fight
    — Allan (0910) 954.7355 —-

    • she on

      please contact me if my latest update po…tnxhere is my cintact # 09396235591

  83. Allan on

    I am also facing the same kind of scam and I been doing all efforts to fight this scammers
    I filed complaint in DTI against this and our mediation is set on August 2011
    I have also seek the help and advice of Mr. Tulfo and gave an endorsement to NBI
    I would be glad if you can join me on this fight
    Allan (0910) 954.7355

  84. Allan on

    I am encouraging other n ngng biktima to fight..pra mtgil n ung gngwa nila… Please do contact me:

    Allan (0910) 9547355

  85. april on

    hi naz and everyone’s comments na nabasa ko dito.. i’m done with guidelink. di napost ang transaction at di na rin nila ko kinulet pa. wla silang nakuhang cancellation fee at wla rin akong binayaran na 5998p. it was a relief. ang tanging binayran ko lang is yung 400p na fee for my card to be blocked and replace. thanks thanks.

    • naz on

      Its good to hear that April:) sana matigil n pambibiktima ng mga scammer nayan.. sa mga ngayon lng nkapunta sa blog nto wag kayo matakot lumaban.. madami ng nabiktima yang mga yan pero meron tyong paraan para makalaban kya wag kayo mawawalan ng pagasa.. focus lng kayo at basahin nyo ang mga nakapost sa blog nato..

  86. jeckla on

    i’ve got the same situation!
    grabe nakakainis at nakakagulat na wala ako pinirmahan and naavail tapos nagkabill ako ng 3k+
    then tinawagan ko yung contact nila at kung kanikanino na ako tinuro at tawagan ko para na rin sa mga tanong ko and concerns ang msaklap pa nun halos lahat ng phone numbers nila di gumagana!
    nakakainis tlga!
    buti nalang nsearch ko tong site na to at nbigyan ako ng tips sa kung anu gagawin ko
    ang ginawa ko pinablock ko yung card ko then hinihingian nla ako ng letter of dispute pra makapag undergo n dn cla ng investigation.

  87. REA Gajudo on

    hi tanung ko lang po kapag hiningi ba yung card number at hindi mo binigay yung 3 digit card number sa likod maichacharge pa rin yun may tumawag kasi sa akin Guidelink eh kanina lang then nagtaka na ako kasi hinihingi na nila yung 3 digit number ko

  88. REA Gajudo on

    please reply

  89. mj on

    pa help naman po regarding sa guidelink.. i received the package knina and i signed the pre authentication slip..
    i searched the company guidelink on the internet tsaka ko lng nabasa itong blog nato na isa tong scam..at nalaman ko rin yung customers copy slip, e nung aug. 9 pa sya nka charge as floating..ngayon ko lang nareceived aug 20, hindi ko n ma contact yung guidelink after
    i called my credit card company at pinablocked ko yung card ko..

    pa help naman po pls.

  90. khamz on

    hi..same case here..just this august ako..i asked help from Allan here and thanks to him..i will be doing the steps he told me..please join us also against this scammer..sobrang kakapal ng mukha tlg nila..

  91. khamz on

    hi same situation here..just this august ako navictim..i asked help from Allan here and thanks to him..i’ll be doing the steps he told me..let’s join force pra pabagsakin tong mga scammers na to..makakapal ang mukha nilang lahat..

  92. miyuyumi on

    hi..same situation here..got victimized just this August..thanks to Allan here he told me the steps he did and i’ll be doing that..let’s join force against this scammer..mga makakapal ang mukha nilang lahat making a living at the expense of other people..kakahiya sila..makakarma din silang lahat!

  93. iris on

    darn so they’re still at it.grabe na sila. guys just dropped by to give you a heads up about another scam. this info was sent to me by the branch manager of RCBC.

    He will say that he’s from the Security and Fraud Department at VISA and will ask if you purchased an Anti-Telemarketing Device for $497.99 from a marketing company based in Arizona. When you say ‘No’, the caller continues with, ‘Then we will be issuing a credit to your account. Before your next statement, the credit will be sent to (gives you your address), is that correct?’ You say ‘yes’. The caller continues – ‘I will be starting a Fraud Investigation. If you have any questions, you should call the 1- 800 number listed on the back of your card (1-800-VISA) and ask for Security. You will need to refer to this Control Number. The caller then gives you a 6 digit number. ‘Do you need me to read it again?’ Here’s the IMPORTANT part on how the scam works – The caller then says, ‘I need to verify you are in possession of your card’. He’ll ask you to ‘turn your card over and look for some numbers’. There are 7 numbers; the first 4 are part of your card number, the last 3 are the Security Numbers that verify you are the possessor of the card. These are the numbers you sometimes use to make Internet purchases to prove you have the card. The caller will ask you to read the last 3 numbers to him. After you tell the caller the 3 numbers, he’ll say, ‘That is correct, I just needed to verify that the card has not been lost or stolen, and that you still have your c ard Do you have any other questions?’ After you say no, the caller then thanks you and states, ‘Don’t hesitate to call back if you do’, and hangs up. You actually say very little, and they never ask for or tell you the card number. You’ll be surprised just after several minutes something’s going to be credited to your account.

    Kind of like what Metrocare or Guidelink does.

    What the scammers want is the 3-digit PIN number on the back of the card. Don’t give it to them. Instead, tell them you’ll call VISA or Master Card directly for verification of their conversation.

  94. miyu on

    guys sana sumama kayo samen s fight against Guidelink. ngpunta kami kay Tulfo and nakausap nmen un staff nia at nasabi n nmen un modus nila. they need at least 20 people pra mapush through nten to sa media..please sumama kayo pra matigil na tong scammer na to at mapahiya sila sa harap ng mrming televiewers..if go kayo, you may contact allan here may contact sya pinost dito..sana mgtulungan tayo lahat..

    • she on

      count me in ..nakakailan n?sana masolusyonan ito as soon as possible…

  95. miyu on

    guys ano na? la na ba gusto sumama samen tlg? yaw nio b matigil tong guidelink na to? ayaw nio b makaganti sknila?

    • izel on

      cge sama ako dyan..kailan ba?eto number ko 09165287789

  96. she on

    anung pwede ko gawin kasi victim din ako….pls help me… kasi nakacharge n sa CC ko ung 5998.00….ngaun lang….guys please help me…inform me kung my mga agency tau n pwedeng lapitan

  97. she on

    help me

  98. she on

    help me please

  99. miyu on

    sa lahat ng mga bagong victims, please read on the blogs and you may contact “allan” here..he posted his number..please sumama kayo samen pra mas malakas tau..anu updates, Allan, please contact us..i know mananalo tau dito bsta marami tayong lalaban sknila..please please sumama kayo samen..

  100. Josh on

    Hi po,

    i think ako ang recent victim ng scam na to. They called me just yesterday, 9/30/2011 Friday. same story din po, ang tumawag naman sakin ay si CARLOS GUTIERREZ. Nakafloat na sa EastWest Bank account ko ung chinarge skin. at ang merchant name is GUIDELINK. Since first time ako, nadeceived nya akong magreveal ng details ng cc ko most especially ung 3 digit code sa likod. 😥

    parang magkaboses sila ng agent na nagpasok skin sa EastWest Bank at ung nagofffer skin nito kaya naging mas kapante pa ako ng ok tong transaction na to..lalo pa na alam nila ang details ng cc number, expiry number, personal details like birthday, telephone number, address. office number. He even knows yung balance ng cc ko. credit limit..

    nahimasmasan ako later, then narealized ko nascam ako, so nagresearch po ako about this at eto nga, dami ngang nabiktima..

    I followed ung mga post,blinock ko ung card ko and wala pa akong pinipirmahan or natatangap na package.

    after kong tumawag sa EastWest Bank ng 8pm ng gabi (9/30/2011) to block the card, after two hours around 10pm, agad agad silang nagtry magpasok ng transaction sa cc ko. same amount para mapuno cgro ang credit limit ko. declined since blocked na ung card. (thanked God na block ko agad.)

    Sa mga nagoorganized ng mga reklamo, willing po akong mapush to sa media at sa mga authoridad. para mas maging aware ang mga tao lalo na ang mga bagong cc holders.They maybe “legal” dahil sa loophole ng batas natin, kung magtutulungan tayo maiinform natin ang nakakarami para maging knowledgeable at aware sa ganitong scam at maprevent pa magkaroon ng mga biktima. That’s something we can all do. i will monitor po this thread and contribute po to help against these scammers.


  101. miyu on

    hi josh..pls contact allan/donna for updates sa plan nten..thanks

    • Josh on

      thanks miyu, nacontact mo naba sila? anong plan ntn?

  102. got scam on

    my hubby also was also a victim of this company (guidelink marketing corp).worst pa nga yung situation namin and ngayon lng ako nag search online bout the company kasi after transaction wala na kaming makausap from that company.My hubby signed and received the package June 14, 2011,i just surprised when i woke up and saw that insurance ekhlavu,on that said date we did our best to talk and contact the company but we cannot reach them and we also texted the agent who made that scam possible and that gay bitch just confirmed if we received the package and told us that there is a process that we have to follow for cancellation and since twas sunday and next day was holiday we waited for nothing..aftter a month we received a bill from hsbc w/ the amount of 5,998 pesos.we never pay the said amount and every month na-chacharge kami of their monthly interest, we are just paying what we really consumed on our credit card kasi masakit naman sa loob na bayaran yung talagang di mo napakinabangan. ngayon ko lng nabasa tong blog na to and hindi pa kami nakikipag communicate sa hsbc,medyo masama rin loob namin sa bank in a way kasi parang may sabotahe talagang ngyayari…..hope you can also help us guys…because of that scam my husband’s good name has been ruined due to unpaid bill…we will also call hsbc about this tomorrow for clarification,because of this blog medyo lumakas yung loob namin.,

  103. chard on

    panu gawin q kung nakapagsign na q dun sa pinapapirma nila.. i am one of the victim of this scam,, please help me..

  104. mercy on

    i’m d latest victim of guidelink…pls. help me..i also signed and received d package. kakainis…npaniwala ako n kelangan isign pra mprocess ung cancellation. what will i do? bdo cc ko. sana nabasa ko agad blog na ito.

    • nadine on

      ??? haiz i dont know where to start… but i’m victim also.. same story w/ guidelink.. name nygiel sylva.. i also recv and sign… last october 23!! its too late reading this blog!! what will i do? i tried to contact her no. but no one answer just only ring after that bz tone.. somebody help me…

    • pink on

      mercy eto po gawin mo kasi ako nareceive ko din at npirmahan yung package nila,late ko ndin nabasa tong blogs n to..
      1.ipo block mo kgad card mo…at gumwa ng dispute letter,bbgyan k nila ng panibagong card cost 300-400 pero depende sa creditcard company mo kung hohonor nila kgad yung blocking habang nka float pa at kapag hindi..
      2.wag kang titigil na ilaban at ibalik mo ang package sa GUIDELINK at ipareceive mo sa knila ang cancellation letter mo.. kpag d padin
      3.tumwag u sa DTI eto number 751-3330 para maimbestigahan cla dhil pwede taung manalo sa mediation dito at ireverse nila ang amt n un.

  105. pink on

    thanks for this website coz it really serves an eye opener for everybody about that GUIDELINK MARKETING CORP. late ko ndin nkita tong blog n 2 at i was already victimize=( they call me on my cell number at start p plang tinanggihan ko n cla dhil sbi ko di ko nageentertain ng khit nong may bayad but they kept on insisiting na wala daw babayran at it is free..yang NICOLE RIVERA n yan ang tumawag so be careful with her.eto ang mga technic na cnbi nia during da call
    1. sasabhin nilang free ang discount card at ang package
    2. pag tinanaong mo cla wat name company nila sasabhin lang nila GM Corp instead of GUIDELINK MARKETING CORP (mga manloloko tlga)
    3.lam nila lhat ng detalye sau like ofc no,cell no at credit card number n ididikta nila at ipapacontinue sayo ,pati security code hihingin nila at expiration date (yun ang wag n wag mong ibibigay)
    4.sasabhin nilang magagamit mo ang card sa lhat ng SM dep store nationwide at 50% discount lhat khit nung amt. (pero pagdating ng package wala kaya wag n wag maniniwala)
    5.bgo matapos ang usapan ssbihin nilang ang babayaran mo lang ay 370.00 lang n cost na card at pwedeng installment ang byaran
    6.ssbhin nilang sinagot n ng credit card company mo ang byad sa package n almost 16,000 dhil goo card holder ka
    7.ssbhin nilang tumawag k ulit sa knila pag dumating na statement mo to waive the charge of 5,998 n mkikita s rereceive mong card dahil 370.00 lang daw tlga babayran…

    all of this WAS NOT TRUE ,grabe mga ginagawa nilang panloloko s mga tao dahil ang totoo ay:
    1. 5,998 was directly debited to ur card on d day n tumwag cla
    2. wlang SM na ksama sa discount card
    3.di nila wawaive yung charge sau n 5,998 technic lang nila yung 370 n aakalain mong fee lang sa card dhil ang 220 it was a monthly bill kya ang mganda ay ipoblock mo kagad card mo dhil khit anong tawag mo sknila ay di ka nila sasagutin at di k nila kakausapin ng maayos.
    4. pag tuwag k sa credit card company mo sasabhin nilang di totong nagwawaive cla at nagrerefer so dont give any details about ur card

    sobra na ang ginagawang panloloko ng company n toh ,dapat tlga pa close n cla ng DTi kasi marami cla nbibiktima. maliwanag na modus operandi nila ang gnitong syle. i hope my message will guide evrybody. pag nbkitima tau nito pa block ntin kagad card ntin at wag kagad aacept o pipirma sa package nila. ako kasi kala ko mkakatulong dahil magpapasko na kaya magagamit ko ang naging kapalit pla ay 5,998 n pinaghirapan ko n marami nring marating. s ngayon nablock ko n card ko at pinaglalaban ko n wag ihonor yung 5,998 n nkafloat. Dapat ipaglaban natin ang gnito at sa mga taga GUIDELINK makonsensya namn kau dahil may mga pamilya din kau,masama ang manloko ng kapwa…

  106. annie on

    how about R.S.EZ MARKETING SERVICES? tutoo pa ang company na ito?

    • emming on

      hi annie.. yan din question ko “the ultimate travel and leisure card”
      3,000 un charge sa akin nun nagdeliver (this month lang march 2012)and my dala pang sariling bpi swiper un lalake.. itsura palang nun envelope na pinadala sa akin hindi na presentable (vouchers, lifetime priviledge card etc.. gawa lang ng elementary) pati un lalaking nagdeliver hindi ko madiscribe un itsura parang tambay lang sa kalsada. naghinala na ako.. hindi consistent mga nakausap ko dyan(utal utal magsalita, once i ask at hindi alam ang isasagot ipapasa sa iba)..my god.. good thing my idea ako sa mga swipers na yan (void ang transaction).

      • Mitchiko on

        Please help @emming…pano na void ang transaction? Ako ksi nag pay ng cash wala ko inabot na cc pero may pinirmahan ako….mabill ba yun sa any existing card ko? Wala din ako binibigay na credit card number

  107. naz on

    Guys me konting pagbabago sa style ng modus ang mga credit card scammers.. Kahapon ng umaga may tumawag sakin ang sabi sa metrobank credit card daw sila at ididisscuss daw nya sakin yung “terms and condition” ng bagong credit card ko.. so naisip ko baka hindi ito scam kasi sa metrobank credit card daw sya.. pero dahil busy ako, dko na nakuha pngalan nya, sinabi ko tumawag nlng ulit ng 12 noon.. umabot n ng gabi hindi n ulit tumawag, napaisip ulit ako n baka scam yun kasi muntik nako mabiktima ng Guidelink dati sa eastwest credit card ko at naalala ko mga nabasa ko dito dati pa, kaya nga ako ngapply sa metro bank dahil sa muntik n tlga ako sa east west.. at naalala ko bakit kelngan pa ididiscuss yung TERMS and CONDITIONS e meron ng kasamang leaflet/brochure nun kapag nareciv mo ang baong credit card..

    Tapos kaninang umaga tumawag na ulit yung babae, eto napansin ko usually nagpapakilala muna ang caller, sya hindi parin nagpakilala diretso sya agad, sabi nya terms and conditions daw.. hindi ko na natanong pangalan, at dahil muntik nko mabiktima dati pinakinggan ko ng maiigi sinabi nya kahit mabilis at malabo yung mga sinasabi nya.. nakatunog nko n scam nung biglang insurance na yung sinasabi nya at magbabayad daw ng P600+ monthly.. hinayaan ko n ituloy nya mga sinasabi nya puro tungkol sa health benefits hanggang umabot n sa point n irerecord daw ang conversation at to confirm na ako kausap nya kukunin daw credit card number ko.. kahit mabilis sya magsalit at tuloy tuloy sumingit nako agad, sinabihan kong hindi ako interesado dahil may babayaran at hindi ko ibibigay ccard no. ko.. ah humirit parin yung babae biglang parang nagulat “bakit naman hindi kayo interesado sir?” sinabi ko madami nakong nabasa tungkol sa credit card scams, tas biglang “ok po sir babye” sabay baba ng telepono…

    eto napnsin ko bago sa kanila:
    1) hindi na nagpapakilala yung agent/caller
    2) hindi na sila gumagamit ng mga company name.. sa metrobank credit card daw sya e
    3) mas misleading sila sa umpisa kasi “TERMS and CONDITIONS” daw sasabihin nya tas biglang mapupunta sa insurance?

    pakishare nlng sa mga kakilala nyong credit card users.. lalo na sa mga bago plng para hindi sila mabiktima..

  108. emming on

    guys.. any idea about the ultimate travel and leisure card?

  109. Cynthia on

    I am also a victim of this scam, guide link marketing corporation namn ung pakilala nila sakin, thru HSBC namn nila ichinarge ung 3250 pra daw sa VIP card. Kagaya ng ibng victims, ang sinabi rin saakin ay nirefer ako ng HSBC CSR sa knila dahil maganda ako mgbayd. Knuha din ang personal information and credit card no.ko. Ang usapan nmin nung tumawag from guide link, staggared ang payment ng 3250 kaya ngulat ako na nkcharge na lahat, tapos dun na ako ngsimulang magduda at sinearch ko sa internet ang pangalan nila at nconfirm ko na scam nga. Nkfloat pa yung 3250, nung itinawag ko ito s hsbc, ang sbi mgfile ako ng dispute form.

    Please help kung papano ang dapat gawin pra hindi ko ito mbyaran at maalis sa billing statement ko. Thanks.

    pkisend po skin ang details na pwedeng makatulong. cynthia_snk@yahoo.com

  110. teresita on

    hello po.ngayon ko lng nabasa ang blog na ito..kanina lng po.may dumating as akin na courier…ultimate travel and leisure card..3 t naman po hinibgi nila…ang prob po nakapag sign ako..pina swipe ko ng 1,5oo kasi ang kasunod pwede naman daw e intallment…help naman po…pwde ko pa bang e pacancell sa east west bank ito…..

    • Mitchiko on

      Hi teresita…pareho ata yung nanloko satin pero ako di ko inabot credit crad ko….ano nangyari? Please help…ngaun ko lang ksi nabasa ang blog na to. 😦

      • Emminh on

        Hi mitchiko.. Navoid ko un transaction gamit din un bpi terminal swiper nila.. after 10mins nung nakaalis un lalaki don k plng n realize na nascam ako. So tinawagan ko agad un taga ulitimate travel para i accept un isa nlang offer na 5,000 para bumalik sa akin un lalaki my dalang swiper (Kaya ko ginawa yon para mavoid un 3000 transaction which is may idea ako kung paano ivoid gamit un batch code don s charge slip) pagkabalik ng lalaki gusto iswipe n daw un 5,000. Sabi ko hindi, ivoid mu muna un 3,000! Ayaw pa nung una tapos pinakausap ulit ako don s mnger nila pinagpipilitan n iswipe muna un 5000 tapos binalik ko s lalaki un celphone para makapagusap sila tapos pumayag un mngr nila na ivoid para maswipe nila un 5000 new transaction, tapos un navoid na ng lalaki gamit un swiper mali pa un navoid kasi iba un batch code s charge slip ko un pala my nbiktima ulit sila kaagad mlpit lng s area ko.. So ang sabi ko sa lalaki hindi nmn to un transaction ko sa iba po to tapos nagpaturo n sya s akin kung paano so hawak ko ngayon un swiper nya

        F3- then EPS option- then Void-then enter mu un batch code don a charge slip mu ( Make sure n match un batch code s charge slip mu at sa void charge slip para sure k n nvoid un transaction mu) Mavovoid pa un transaction kasi wala pang settlement..

        Nung navoid ko na, don ko na sinabi na ayaw ko ng kumuha ng package deal nila, tapos nagulat un lalaki pagagalitan daw sya ng boss nya tapos cge kausapin ko un boss mo, tinawagan nya un boss nya pinakausap nya pa skin. Sabi ko ayoko na baka ireklamo ko kayo sa dti tapos ekesyo daw nageffort un messenger nila n blikan ako bakit daw ganon biglang ayoko na.. Eh ayokona nga eh! Then umalis n un lalaki.. I feel relief:-) nagtagumpay ako! Huhu then i immediately call my bank to block my credit card and issue me a new one.. Mahirap na.. Tinawagan ko rin un costumer service ng bank to ask meron nba s pilipinas un card cloning meron na daw kaya nagworry ako kaya pinablock ko nlng..

        Kung cash un binigay mu malabo ng my refund. Un s credit card as long as wala kang inabot sknila n credit card details wala ka dapat ipangamba:)

  111. pacquiao-bradleylive on

    tumawag kna ulit sa bank mo hanggat maaga pa, ireport mo n detalyado nangyari sayo tas pablock or papalitan mo n yang credit card mo ng bago (card replacement mga200 o 400 ata? mas ok nato kaysa dun sa 5k+)

    anu daw?

  112. Mitchiko on

    Please I need your advise 😦 Ace Valdez from Ultimate Travel & Leisure (R.S. EZ Marketing Services) called me this week and she offered a Ultimate Travel and Leisure card… Di ko alam bakit ako pumayag…may nag deliver pero instead na cc binigay ko nag bayad na lang ko cash 3,000 kasi medyo may duda na ko…. Kaya lang may pinirmahan pa din ako….ma-charge ba ang existing credit card ko????? Tumawag sya ulit kanina to follow up kung may gusto ko book na trip and she is inviting me to visit their office at DHI Bldg. Magallanes Makati….Pls help…

  113. jham on

    Hi po ask ko lng po about don s ultimate travel and leisure kc po..tumawag sken ung my name n lance..taz kinabukasan my dumating n agad n package(CARD at mga promo nila),naprimahan ko ung papel at binigay ko ung cc ko(eastwet card)..ano po gagawin ko?bka po magreflect s billing ko ung 3k…(pero 2k n lng po ung credit limit ko) need ko po help nyo ty

    • christine costolero on

      .,ganyan nangyari sakin lance torres yung tumawag, nagreflect agad sa bill ko kahit nag send na ako sa easwest bank ng dispute letter

  114. Emelialm19.Babybloggo.De on

    Just wish to say your article is as surprising.

    The clearness for your submit is just spectacular and i could think you are an expert in this subject.
    Well together with your permission let me to seize your RSS
    feed to keep updated with approaching post. Thank
    you one million and please carry on the rewarding work.

  115. christine costolero on

    naku po marami na palang nabiktima ang mga hayop na yan, sa akin po c lance torres yung tumawag sa akin nung aug 18, tapos kinabukasan tumawag po sya ulit para tanungin kung may laman pa daw yung easwest cc ko
    sabi ko meron, darating daw yung taong may ibibigay sa akin na gold card pakita ko lang daw yung card ko para malaman na ako talaga yung taong yun
    nung dumating po yung tao hiningi yung card ko tapos nilabas nya yung terminal na dala nya tapos biglang swipe sa card ko 6,800 approval code daw yun pero bakit may price, tumawag ako agad sa eastwest bank para ma dispute kaso po ayaw mag send ng cancellation letter ng rsez marketing na yun, balak ko na po sana magsumbong sa imbestigador kaso po hindi kasi alam ng family ko itong nagyari, panu kaya yun?

  116. christine costolero on

    .,kailangan nating mag ka isa para mahuli mga hayop na yan, hindi po biro yung mga halaga na ninakaw nila sa atin

    • JBG on

      Hi Miss Christine, ask ko lang po, nireceive mo po ba ung package? And meh pinirmahan ka din po ba? Natry nio na pumunta sa office nila sa Magallanes? Or does anyone here have tried going to their office?

  117. Khaye on

    I just had a transaction with this TRAVEL & LEISURE PRIVILEDGE CARD ung RSEZ Marketing Services. I am asking them to cancel my transaction pero hindi daw pero inpossible naman kz i just made it october 24, 2013. I was so stupid kasi hindi ko na verify agad. Guys, anung ginawa nyo? may mga naging feedback ba sa mga request from the bank? Mine was sa eastwest bank ang hirap nila kausap. They want the merchant to be the one to cancell the transaction? eh panu naman i cancel kung scam nga db? please send me an email… anung magandang gawin natin sa mga scammer na ito? ung address nila eh sa may lapu lapu avenue sa magallanes village makati. guys tulungan tau pls. elanie.cauilan@gmail.com

    • RSEZScam on

      floting din ang transaction ko sa hinayupak na ultimate travel & Leisure card na yan. Pesteng RSEZ Marketing Services kapag hindi nila ko tinantanan I am will to report it to the next level, DTI as far as i concerned hindi cla matrace ng DTI na legit company try ko daw sa SEC itawag & NBI khit sa media ung tatlong investigative and public service program nang matigil na ang ganitong panggagantso. paano nila naatim na ipakain sa mga pamilya nila ang galing sa panloloko/scam in the end pagsisisihan nilang na-involve sa ganitong business. ang reason nila marketing strategy daw un. pwes wawakasan ntin yan. paalala lng wala sa umpisa ang pagsisisi.

      • RSEZScam on

        floting din ang transaction ko sa hinayupak na ultimate travel & Leisure card na yan. Pesteng RSEZ Marketing Services kapag hindi nila ko tinantanan I am willing to report it to the next level, DTI as far as i concerned hindi cla matrace ng DTI na legit company try ko daw sa SEC itawag & NBI khit sa media ung tatlong investigative and public service program nang matigil na ang ganitong panggagantso. paano nila naatim na ipakain sa mga pamilya nila ang galing sa panloloko/scam in the end pagsisisihan nilang na-involve sa ganitong business. ang reason nila marketing strategy daw un. pwes wawakasan ntin yan. paalala lng wala sa umpisa ang pagsisisi.

  118. yuri on

    RSEZ Marketing Services over na kyo, magfile nko ng complaint sa bitag at sinisigurado kong ako ang mananalo dito. Masyado kasing mababa ang penalty pra sa mga mangagantsong ito kya umaabuso at patuloy sa ganitong kalakaran at papalit palit lng ng name pra makaiwas sa kasong kinasasangkutan. kung inaakala nyong malulusutan nyo to may kalaglagyan kyo, Guys wag tyong pagagapi sa mga walng kaluluwang yan. lumaban tyo TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

  119. thinzz on

    same to you guyz biktima dn aq ng RSEZ n yn!! last jan. 10 lng!!

    • Flor Abella on

      recently lng. ano ngyari na charge k b? may laban ka pa.

  120. merx on

    grabe talaga yang THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL & LEISURE CARD R.S. EZ Marketing Services .Tumawag sa akin yan kahapon Feb. 3,2014 TAS SABI NYA DUE TO RANDOM SELECTION DAW NG TAGA EAST WEST . ung card ko napili nila. yon daw finorward ng taga East west so tumawag sila na ioffered sa akin yong discount card nila example mag book ka daw sa hotel o kaya ticketing services ,eh nag wowork ako sa agency may mga applicants kami nag papabook nga pag umuwi sila sa province.kaya aprang interested ako plus yong hotel discounts which is gusto ko talaga maka kuha ng discounts dun plus assistance sa visa ng pinsan ko tourist visa pwede iprocess sa kanila …kaya nag decide ako na papuntahin yong tao nila uutusan dito sa office mag dadala ng application form .Kya tinanong ko na anong website nila para Makita ko namn ung website nila at mapag aralan ko ng mabuti eh Php 3,500 din yong payment dun peru sabi ng taga Ultimate travel Mr. Legazpi yong name naka usap ko under construction daw ung website nila kaya dko ma view sabi ko nalang dva travel kayo so registered din kau ng POEA sabi nila may licensed daw sila di namn daw sila bibigyan ng TERMINAL ng CC kung dili sila legal. Tumawa ako tas maraming syng sinasabi dinamn daw 1 time payment yon wag lang daw after 2years o kaya 10 years kasi life time access yong CARD na yon once maka pag avail ka. May 10%discounts ka sa hotel tickets lahat ng transaction through sa ULTIMATE TRAVEL . so kinabukasan agad dumating yong messenger dala ng application form diko pinirmahan tas nag tatanung ako sa mga officemates ko ayon sa kabilang office namin my officemate ko na loko pala tas nag papa cancel na ng card nya. .Tinanong ko sya manloloko daw yong taga ULTIMATE TRAVEL kunyari lang daw tas ayon nag decide ako hindi ko ituloy peru tawag ng tawag ung taga ultimate yong assistant o officer daw ni Mr. Legazpi si Christian Ong . tawag ng tawag na may pupuntahan pa daw yong messenger nila papunta pa dawn g Malacanang may client pa sila. Etc. mabuti nalang talaga na diko pinermahan yong appilication and approval letter na yon. Tinawag ko din sa east west di daw nila alam ang ganyan basta for security wag nalang mag bigay ng info. Sa CC lalo na ang 3 number sa likod … wala daw alam ung taga east west dyan dili nila covered yan .tas sabi pa ng officemates ko yong sales consultant ng taga east west tinawagan nya daw modus operandi na talaga ng manloloko ganyan na daw yong bungad nila kunyari nanalo o kya may discount card …which is hindi namn daw totoo yan

    • aira on

      same here. last week ng january may tumawag sa akin sa cp. At first akala ko kung ano na at sila daw nag-aapproved ng gold visa card,(continental visa daw),whatsoever. At tinanong ako kung dala ko ba yung card ko, I said no. So she said baka pwede tawagan ako pag-uwi ko ng bahay,tinanong kung what time ako makakauwi at sabi ko hindi ko pa alam. So sabi okay daw next time tatawag nalang ulit sila. chuppy rin kasi kaya di ko masyadong maintindihan at kung ano talaga ang ion-offer nya.

      LAst feb 3, may tumawag naman sa landline Lance torres ang pangalan,taga travel insurance daw. Tapos lifetime na nga sya at magbabayad lang ako for first and last payment for only 3,495 magagamit ko na sya for lifetime,at pwede ko raw bayaran kahit ilang taon wag lang aabot ng 5years. And sabi ko titignan ko muna, hindi kasi ako umo-oo ng hindi ko pa nakikita yung offer. Sabi idedeliver na raw nila yung card kinabukasan,eh di sabi ko okay titignan ko muna,pinakausap pa ako kay Paula Lopez. I hang up the phone matapos naming mag-usap. After 2 hrs. tumawag ulit si Lance Torres,sabi sya nalang daw ang magdadala dahil may client call daw sya sa espana. Sabi ko okay.

      Pagdating nya dito sa workplace ko, nag-usap kami (sa labas lang ng office), pinag-aralan kong mabuti, at andami kong tinanong sa kanya at somehow confusing ang sagot nya, sabi ko pa nga andami kasing scam ngayon. Sabi 8years na raw ang company nila at hindi daw sila scam,that moment hindi ko dala ang card ko pero nasa bag ko lang, ID lang kasi wala naman akong balak na bilhin yun,I need to study about it first so my decision was 50/50. Eto na, sabi ko okay sige, balik muna ako sa office kasi wala dito yung card ko, Dala dala ko yung package pabalik, tapos sabi pirmahan ko na raw yung receiving, tumanggi ako, sabi ko maya na kasi babalik naman ako. Pumayag sya. Di nya alam yun lang way ko para makita ko kung totoo sila since he’s claiming that 8years na sila. Pagbalik ko, sinearch ko agad yung company. May nakita ako sa sulit, inactive na pero sila. Hanggang sa nakita ko ang site na to. Salamat sa mga nagpost at nagdecide ako na hindi ko na kukunin,pero hindi yun ang dinahilan ko sa kanya dahil pagbalik ko ang sabi ko naiwan ko pala yung cc ko. Tapos nagulat sya, sabi ko raw sa phone na dala ko yung card ko kaya nga raw nagpunta dahil ako lang ang sadya nya dahil may client call lang sya sa espana,pero may mga form na rin akong nakita na pupuntahn rin nya, sa tondo,hinayaan ko nalang dahil ayaw ko na makipag away. tapos sabi ko pasensya ka na talga, na-overlook ko kasi. Ang sagot, sige ganyan talaga naooverlook,sige yung courier nalang babalik sayo bukas. Nagkataon naman Feb 4 may seminar kami,sabi ko wala ako. Akala ko okay na. Feb 4 sabi ng mga officemate ko, may naghahanap daw sa akin delivery daw, irereceive na sana nila kaya lang ang sabi ng courier may bayad daw, kaya hindi na nila tinangap. Di ko lang sure kung babalik pa sila dito.

      This is there details
      Rm.208 DHI Bldg., Lapu-LApu Ave., Magallanes Vill. Makati City.
      Tel. No. 8515076/8521412/3874077
      Yung cp 09153053149/09272801106

  121. RSEZ SCAMMER on













  122. Jay-ar on

    mga sir, same problem din, nayari din ako nitong hinayupak na rsez marketing na ito, ano ba dapt gawin jan, ipablock na agad yung EW credit card kahit may balance pa??

  123. gre on

    may bago na din po sa mga listahan ng mga scammer na yan SKY CONTINENTAL TRAVEL & TOURS

  124. sheila on

    active pa ba ito..?

    • el pistolero on

      Nope. It’s been ages since I last posted here. I hope I was able to help people.

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