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this is just a repost from aleli’s multiply blog.

KOMIKON 2007 will be held at the UP Diliman’s Bahay ng Alumni on November 17, 2007, from 10am to 6pm. Again it will showcase the creations of Filipino artists from various genres and themes and give tribute to the creators and their creations. The 3rd Filipino Komiks Convention aims to bring together comic book artists/groups and publishers in a venue where they could present their talents, works and services to the public. Most importantly, it aims to give a break to aspiring comic artists. It would like to offer a venue for new art groups and different generations of artists for a free exchange of ideas. Hopefully it would lead to a transcending of stereotypes and broaden the scope of comics – from local to international to cross-cultural, sequential to strips, amateur to professional and traditional publication to independent comics publishing. This event will raise awareness of the exciting state of contemporary Philippine comics industry.

see komikon poster here.

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visit the Komikon 2007 blog here.

~ i will definitely go this year and get myself another discounted graphic novel. last year i got this

the watchmen


making the rain bleed

“you made the rain bleed.” ~ Yukishiro Tomoe, Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen OAV*

the rains have come again.

yesterday, was a heck of a day. there came the downpour, then sunshine, then another hail-mary of rain. the environment’s so fucked up you can’t tell when it’s going to rain. thank god for global warming. it’s triggering the modern-day deluge. it’s going to bring the new-age old testament flood. maybe it’s time that we have a new noah. wait, there’s already an evan almighty.

back to the rain talk. i’ve always liked the rain. especially when i’m sure that’ll it come. when i was a kid, this time of the year is very much anticipated. back when i was still “supot,” my neighbors at guadalupe bliss, makati used to hang around the monkey bars, letting the raindrops smother us wet.

it was fun, then. we would even lie at the shit-littered parking lot and revel at the beating we will receive from the sky. we won’t go home until were blue in the lips, shivering to death and with palms and feet wringled. my friends and i always looked forward for rain.

then came the phenomenon called acid rain. we stopped going out and gambolling in the rain. we were afraid that we end up with disintegrating faces and melted shoulders and fingers. we just stayed indoors and watched television.

yesterday, when i looked over ortigas and all of its buildings engulfed in the rain, i cant’ help but remember the days that i could still frolick in the rain’s cold embrace.

though it brings back happy and wild memories, the rain also recaptures times that are best forgotten.

like the time we both watched the rain,

we watched the rain until it turned red.

*a quote from one of the best OAV’s i’ve seen. it was dramatic and very moving. and of course. it was raining. Kenshin Himura was still the dreaded Battosai then.

Himura was squaring off with an assassin. Tomoe was drunk and was on her way home. Himura divides his opponent into halves and sprays the passing white plum-scented lady with blood.

Another Beck:MCS post

oh, man. i got Taira.

Which Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad band member are you?

Yoshiyuki Taira holds down the low end of Beck with the bass. Taira is the most technically talented of the group, and sometimes puts too much emphasis on it. But he’s a phenomenal musician because of it. He keeps a cool head, maintains a cool image, and generally just has a damn good time with playing.
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for geeks only…

after a hard day’s work, this is what i do.

i answer surveys. hehe.

i retook the Heroes Personality Test again. before i ended up with Nathan Petrelli. it was weird because my personality is way different from his. so i retook the test and came up with somebody more like me.

Your Score: Micah Sanders

You scored 58 Idealism, 37 Nonconformity, 50 Nerdiness

Can we play Scrabble tonight?Congratulations, you’re Micah Sanders! You’re good-natured, intelligent, perceptive, and naturally inclined toward technology. You’re also quite innocent and loving. You’ve got a fondness for computers and Scrabble. Your best quality: You’re extremely perceptive Your worst quality: You can be a little demanding at times

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


i’ve also learned that i was more like

You are Iron Man

Iron Man
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Inventor. Businessman. Genius.

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Beck’s Coming…

Taira, Chiba, Koyuki, Ryusuke and Saku. photo credits to

It’s really here!

Beck aka Mongolian Chop Squad was one of my guilty pleasures back in college.

It’s basically about a group of music junkies, their rock band, their soulful music and their dream to be one of the best bands in the world. Plain and simple.

For an anime geek, the story reeks of mediocrity. There’s a lot of stuff out there that features a particular sphere of interest like sports, sex and violence. But for a music afficionado, Beck is kinda interesting.

I first got hooked with the anime. It had plain but intriguing animation, incredible story, boring dialogues and amazing music. I followed the first few episodes and I got bored.

It was the manga that got me really interested. Talk about a story that revolves around music. HOW on Earth could you TELL music on a visual medium?! And the art was stylistic. It was inventive, (the chapter covers were usually spoofed from influential album jackets, it reminded me of Warhol) and the author was successful in letting you hear the music on paper. It had a lot of rock history and was very accurate.

And now, the anime has come to Manila. It will air on the 14th. I wish I had cable. Ugh.

And here are the specifics. And too bad I wasn’t able to go to the launch.

I can’t imagine Sam Concepcion as Koyuki. E pinipiyok pa yun eh. God. But I have high hopes for Jett Pangan and Rico Blanco. I don’t know how will Raimund Marasigan treat Taira’s character. I can’t imagine how the Filipino dubbers will make the local rendition of Baby Star or Spice or even the heavenly Moon on the River. Maybe they’ll butcher the whole series. Read this.

Hala, excited na ako. Kaso wala akong Hero TV. Pwe.