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all eyes on BF

well, let’s see.

election time’s coming up and our good MMDA Chairman is on the roll.

for the past few years, i have openly expressed my dislike and discontent for Bayani Fernando’s gestapo tactics and blatant abuse of power.

but this time, let’s give him a little fighting chance. i’m thinking, why not advertise Bayani Fernando?!

i’ll link his campaign website! ahaha. done in very good taste, as it is very consistent with his choice of colors and design.

and of course, you have here the MMDA website.

see the difference?


the TnL blog has done some snooping around with the MMDA website and said this because they found this.

but seriously, also, see his Metro Gwapo profile on Political to know more. i confess that i do need to do some more reading on BF.


on a more recent event, i hear people grumbling about the crazy traffic on Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, in front of the Ateneo University on workweek mornings.

well, people say that that there’s a new U-turn scheme which they say was not announced. because of the misinformation, motorists who frequent the area tend to stick to their usual routes causing the traffic.

GMANews.TV – Motorists irked by heavy traffic in Katipunan Avenue – Video – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News

Shared via AddThis
there have been many re-routings before. many accidents have been reported due to these ‘misplaced’ U-turns. a friend’s car was hit. with her was a promising Ateneo high school varsity player. the kid was directly hit. he died. this happened some time in 2005.

however, the MMDA has this to say on the matter. read it here and here.

despite all the talk, i’ll just stick with what TnL has to say.

basta, DIGz na lang, pare. ahaha.


Tunay na LaLake daw si BF?!

those TnL guys are really fucked up.

after saying that BF “ay ‘di Tunay na Lalake,” they suddenly take it back and say he is one.

but i do believe their rationale is undebatable.

kaya nga DIGz ito, mga tol!

and so they begin…

the presidential race heats up.

read it here.

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MMDA Signage trip

For crying out loud!

Sabi ko nga ba eh.


~ayon sa kanila. wahahaha. laughtrip.


Our good MMDA Chairman has won Celebrity Duets tonight! Read here.

Good job, BF!

I hope this won’t happen on the presidential stage on 2010.

BF likened to Forrest Gump?

Jojo Robles, publisher and columnist of Manila Standard Today, again, took a shot at Bayani Fernando about the MMDA Chairman’s contradictory statements regarding the speed limit on EDSA. read the column here.

The blurb says it all.

The breath-taking stupidity of Bayani Fernando defies comprehension.

The blurb was taken from the last paragraph of the column which lambasted the presidentiable MMDA Chairman.

The breath-taking stupidity of this petty bureaucratic martinet with presidential dreams defies comprehension. It makes Forrest Gump himself sound like a genius.

Robles, somehow, likened Bayani Fernando to Forrest Gump, that loveable character that has been immortalized by Tom Hanks. Gump can be said to be retarded but he had a brilliance in him that made him great.

we can categorically say that Bayani Fernando has his own share of brilliance, especially on how he changed Marikina. and wow, he’s in the Top Four of Celebrity Duets. what an accomplishment, ‘di ba?

i completely agree with Robles that Bayani Fernando’s recent grandstanding jousts on the news has only made him more like Gump, a complete brilliant moron. hay. it won’t be good for his presidential aspirations.


the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, again, takes centerstage.

this time on FAILblog. see it here.

its a pity that people don’t really understand the whole context of things. do read the comments. well, it’s quite funny.

and oh, the photo was grabbed from Korina Today.

i really have to say that she’s got it all right

i definitely agree with her.

thank you, xtin, for your brutally frank words.

i am already a fan.

away with the Bayani stickers

last night, this was aired on GMA 7.

goodbye to all traffic immunity badges! also, here’s the story.

more on Bayani Fernando. i chanced upon several blogs which are hot on our presidentiable MMDA Chairman.

this blog questions not only Bayani Fernando’s singing prowess but also the means by which he peddles his presidentiable aspirations.

journalist Fernando G. Gagelonia has this to say about BF’s delicadeza.