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Our good MMDA Chairman has won Celebrity Duets tonight! Read here.

Good job, BF!

I hope this won’t happen on the presidential stage on 2010.


BF likened to Forrest Gump?

Jojo Robles, publisher and columnist of Manila Standard Today, again, took a shot at Bayani Fernando about the MMDA Chairman’s contradictory statements regarding the speed limit on EDSA. read the column here.

The blurb says it all.

The breath-taking stupidity of Bayani Fernando defies comprehension.

The blurb was taken from the last paragraph of the column which lambasted the presidentiable MMDA Chairman.

The breath-taking stupidity of this petty bureaucratic martinet with presidential dreams defies comprehension. It makes Forrest Gump himself sound like a genius.

Robles, somehow, likened Bayani Fernando to Forrest Gump, that loveable character that has been immortalized by Tom Hanks. Gump can be said to be retarded but he had a brilliance in him that made him great.

we can categorically say that Bayani Fernando has his own share of brilliance, especially on how he changed Marikina. and wow, he’s in the Top Four of Celebrity Duets. what an accomplishment, ‘di ba?

i completely agree with Robles that Bayani Fernando’s recent grandstanding jousts on the news has only made him more like Gump, a complete brilliant moron. hay. it won’t be good for his presidential aspirations.

i really have to say that she’s got it all right

i definitely agree with her.

thank you, xtin, for your brutally frank words.

i am already a fan.

away with the Bayani stickers

last night, this was aired on GMA 7.

goodbye to all traffic immunity badges! also, here’s the story.

more on Bayani Fernando. i chanced upon several blogs which are hot on our presidentiable MMDA Chairman.

this blog questions not only Bayani Fernando’s singing prowess but also the means by which he peddles his presidentiable aspirations.

journalist Fernando G. Gagelonia has this to say about BF’s delicadeza.

Bayani is dead-on for the presidency

i was dying to post this even before the weekend came but laziness won the best of me.

i believe that most of us are aware of GMA-7’s revived reality TV show, Celebrity Duets. the show’s first season proved to be quite successful for it was awarded with a new season. the contest basically showcases the singing prowess of celebrity contestants. the new season, Celebrity Duets: ‘Let’s Duet Again,’ has for its new line-up of contestants, the one and only MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando.

here is a Manila Standard Today article of the new season of the show.

aside from nailing the new singing contest, Fernando also sealed the deal on running for president for the 2010 Presidential Elections by declaring his intentions openly. reported that our determined presidentiable does not care even if his party does not carry him on the party banner. here’s another take on the issue by Manila Times.

This Inquirer article revealed a lot for Fernando’s intentions for joining the singing contest. Aside from the huge media exposure, he is banking on using his would-be winnings to finance his candidacy.

despite the queerness of it all, Manila Standard Today columnist Bong Austero has this to say about politicians as entertainers.

aside from my previous post on Jojo Robles’ tirade on Fernando’s breaking into the presidential race, the Inquirer also lambasted Fernando for being ‘the earliest bird’ to run. Read the article here.

but despite all the pizzazz and the political squabble that Fernando is shaking up these days, he revived an old scheme of his – putting shirts on topless barakos roaming the streets. and this time, he gives them shirts. read it here.

Bayani goes for the airwaves

aside from the tarpaulins on EDSA and the “Bayani” stickers, our determined presidentiable MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando was reportedly applying for a radio franchise to:

a.) boost his political campaign for the 2010 Philippine elections or

b.) boost the MMDA’s advocacy of public safety and metropolitan harmony through radio programs and traffic advisories.

here’s the Daily Tribune article. it was on the paper this morning. Manila Standard Today also had this article.

either way, both options mentioned would further his media mileage.

good job, Mr. Chairman! [insert sarcasm here]

Bayani Fernando scored, again

this point does not favor MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando. rather, it goes up his arse.

and in this case, he was, again, skewered by an editorial.

Jojo Robles of Manila Standard Today has another bomb for the 2010 presidentiable. read his column today here.

also, here is a site that offers where Bayani Fernando has been for the past months for his so-called election campaign.
happy reading.

more on Bayani Stickers

the Manila Standard Today ran today an article on Bayani Fernando denying allegations that he had something to do with the proliferation of “Bayani” stickers that have graced the numerous windshields of local transport vehicles.

read it here.

on the other hand, the Malaya ran a story quoting the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority that Bayani Fernando himself paid for the “Bayani” stickers.

i could not find an online version of the article so here it is. it was printed today, August 20, on page 2.

BF paid for ‘Bayani’ stickers, says MMDA.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Tuesday said it is not responsible for the printing and proliferation of “Bayani” stickers now being displayed on the windshields of passenger buses plying Metro Manila and according to some reports, even in the provinces.

The stickers have reportedly earned the ire of the Land Tansportation Office and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board. The LTFRB said it has not cleared the use of the sticker on public vehicles.

MMDA general manager Robert Nacianceno stressed that MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando himself paid for the printing of the stickers which carry the word “Bayani” and a Philippine flag.

He said Fernando also took care of the distirbution of the stickers and MMDA had no role in it, belying earlier reports that it was the MMDA which distributed the stickers to public vehicles.

Nacianceno said the MMDA would never allow the use of its personnel and resources for such a project.

“We are not authorizing them to do that posting of stickers on the buses,” he said, clarifying that only those posters and tarpaulins which carry the words “Government Property” or “Printed by the MMDA” are funded by the agency.

Fernando, who chairs the administration Lakas party in the National Capital Redion, has not been coy about his desire to run for president in 2010. This early, his posters espousing discipline have been seen along national highways as far as Northern and Central Luzon, apparently aid name recall when he does join the presidential derby.

with such conflicting statements, it is very clear that our good chairman Bayani Fernando is not running a tight PR ship. he sure needs to fix this up before the world learns of his dark secrets

hitting two birds with one stone

this adage proves true with Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando’s “Bayani” sticker campaign.

these stickers were supposedly a tribute to Independence Day. however, these stickers are still on the streets, two months past the national holiday.

the stickers now are said to be used as political material for Fernando, whose first name is Bayani.

see television report here. (repost from Mrs. Bambit)

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delving into the “Bayani” sticker phenomenon

Mrs. Bambit is on a roll with her exposes on MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando.

here’s her post on Integrated Metropolitan Bus Operators Association president Claire de la Fuente’s change of heart on the Fernando. and here’s her latest installment on “Bayani” stickers.

great job, Mrs. Bambit!