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‘Doing Mother Theresa’ is a winner

this weekend, i was asked to do job for work and it was really needed. so i went and had a grand time. it was great to be with friends.

but the kicker there was when the elevators got shot! the building had a moat around it. the moat had gigantic arowanas. because it was the company’s anniversary week, everything had to be spick and span. and spick and span it was, the moat was drained but all the filth clogged up the drain. all the murky water flooded to the building’s basement, short-circuiting the elevators.

just sweet luck. and our office was at the eleventh floor! once you’re downstairs, you’re there. unless you wanted to manage 22 flights of stairs, with at least 12 steps each. which i did.

i fucking climbed 264 steps! against the fucking force of gravity. shet!

by the time i was at the 11th floor, i was panting. with lungs crinkling and veins pumping acid.

what a glorious climb. and i did not dare go down until the elevators were fixed.

another winner moment that saturday was this. and this. ahaha.

ako, na-disappoint ako sa nanalo ng Miss World. marami ring naasar. click here. Kawawang babae. i guess lalabas na yan sa Star Talk sa Saturday to explain her…. Ah… My…I’m so sorry, I’m just a Newbie… Awww. Guys. CRAP.

Binibining Pilipinas-International happened to be a classmate before. and she wanted to “do” Mother Theresa. winner talaga! ahaha. i can’t stop laughing. winner. ahaha. congratulations to Chot. haha. at least hindi siya gaano bombarded with ridicule. pero, panalo na lang talaga ang doing Mother Theresa.