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BF’s now in a GAME!

this is one GREAT way to campaign for the 2010 presidential elections!



i labs maya! ~ Philippine Blog Awards 2008

here is a testament of my undying devotion to my friend, maya.

i VOTE FOR HER just curious BLOG for the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 Blogger’s Choice Award!

i vote for maya because of her quaint but provocative DEFINITION OF GWAPO series. this collection of analytical and chamba explanations delve into the intricacies of how a Pida is enamored by a Pido and why Jack and Jill went up the hill.

and i vote for maya because she gave GWAPO # 35 to me. haha.

here are the precious links:

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

and also jester-in-exile’s wonderful reaction. ahaha.

and so as to make this post authentic, i attach the sponsors to the event that will make maya an internet superstar.

Level Up! Games
Blog Bank
Smart Communications
Josiah’s Catering
Rsun Technology Store
XFM 92.3
Buddy Gancencia Reality TV
Ultravision Photo and Video
Click Booth
Aloha Board Sports
Sheero Media Solutions
Belo Medical Group
ROAM Magazine
Red Box
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

can’t wait…

until September 6!

because on that fateful day me and some of my friends will be joining WordCamp Philippines, a blogging conference for WordPress bloggers.

i’ve blogged about this here. and i’m really excited. haha.

oh, by the way, it looks like WordCamp Philippines has been grabbing attention for the number of sponsors have gone up. a great big kudos to all the organizers.

Click here to see the sked. I’ve signed up for Blogging 102 – Basics and Beyond by Jayvee Fernandez, Building a Blogging Community by Blogie Robillo and Blogging and Journalism by my thesis adviser, Prof. Danny Arao.

here is the sponsors. πŸ™‚

WordCamp Philippines 2008

just learned of the WordCamp 2008 through my friend Stox’s blog.

hooray, hooray!

who would think that a conference on WordPress would be here! man. this WordCamp would be the first conference here in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

unlike my friend Stox, who by the way is an internet star in her own right, i am a complete numbskull when it comes to blogging. i have tried several blog platforms before and these did not appeal to me much because, either these were to complicated and tiresome or the blogging experience they had to offer was too limited.

back in 2006, Stox and i were working for a BPO company that specialized on online marketing, I came across WordPress. i was handling a blog that used the WordPress format and i said to myself that this was the platform for me. since then, i have been an avid WordPress user.

i have been blogging for more than four years now. but still, i’m still a noob when it comes to blog technicalities. i’m surely joining this conference so that i could maximize my WordPress experience and perhaps, be an internet star myself.

all you WordPress users out there, join up and see you on September 6 at College of St. Benilde, in Taft Avenue. i would definitely be there.

a big kudos to the people, Mindanao Bloggers, who have brought this event here. bringing the WordCamp is more than a good job, it’s a miracle. many thanks to all of you.

here are also the links of WordCamp 2008’s other sponsors. please do give their sites a visit.

until then, i will be waiting. and i will blog more than ever.

Globe prevails! ang lakas mo talaga sa Globe

i’ve read in the papers that TxtPower’s complaint against Globe’s “rate hike” last February.

see the details on Migs’ blog.


On Manny Pacquiao.

Sana matalo na lang siya. To bring him down back to Earth. Hay, sana naman, instead of Solis, ang kalabanin nya ay si Marquez. At least yun, masaya, Boxingan talaga. Pero, sa estado ni PacMan ngayon, baka wala rin siyang laban dun.

Sana nga, matalo siya.


On Globe.

Wow, may bagong promo! Hindi ko pa na-try. Masubukan nga. Ano naman kaya ang masasabi dito ng TxtPower? Teka, try na muna natin yung bagong promo, baka pwede na rin. Marami na ulit kasing nagtetext sa akin eh.

sabi ko na nga ba eh…

Baka manalo na ang Globe. Pero ang twist, dahil sa technicality at hindi sa legal basis.

Panalo talaga.

Read it here.

Post B-day entry

Here is the commentary on the NTC, Globe and TxtPower controversy that I have promised to post. This was printed on Manila Standard Today last week, on Feb. 20, 2007.

‘A perfect recipe for disaster’

by Philip M. Lustre Jr.’s Column CONNECTIVITY

National Telecommunications Commission chief Abraham Abesamis had his baptism of fire on the controversial issue of Globe Telecom’s new promo. Abesamis gave due course to Txtpower’s complaint and did not hesitate to ask Globe to cancel its new unlimited texting promo of P80/four days and revert to the old P50/five days. But when faced with Globe’s motion for reconsideration that details every legal basis for its new promo, he seemed to have backtracked. Instead of deciding to settle the issue once and for all, he asked Globe and TxtPower to sit down and discuss it on their initiatives.

In an e-mailed message, Vicky Liaban, chairman of newly-formed Text Club of the Philippnes, was surprised at the twist of this latest development. “We have a purported consumer organization that has not studied its homework and a government regulatory agency that does not have a spine to stand on its own decision. This is a perfect recipe for disaster. We don’t know where consumerism and government regulation will go. Consumer protection becomes illusory,” she says with sarcasm.

Liaban says nothing solomonic could be deduced from Abesamis backtracking. “This is plain indecision -or cowardice- to say the least. Instead of performing his role as an arbiter of conflict, the NTC commissioner has chosen to wash his hands on the sticky situation that he himself has created and throw the responsibility to settle it to the two protagonists. This does not augur well to setting a desirable precedent. We’re at a complete loss,” Liaban says. As expected, the two parties have yet to announce an decision or compromise on the issue. Globe’s opposition rests on several grounds. First, the two promos are distinct and seperate offerings. Second, the NTC commissioner cannot unilaterally order the suspension of the new promo and the reinstatement of the old promo; contrary to TxtPower’s claim, the new promo is not a price increase. The authorized rate is P1/text message, Globe said. Third, Abesamis’ directive is “legally infirm” because the commission does not have the power to make a unilateral recall on an approval it previously gave without prior notice and hearing.

Globe likewise delivered what could be regarded a coup de grace, when it claimed that the commissioner’s directive is anullity because it was something that should have been decided by the commssion en banc.

“Given the adversarial nature of the instant proceedings, the matter before the commission can only be decided by the commssion en banc,” Glode said. Citing a judicial precedent, it said: “With all due respect, the directive, issued and signed as it is by only one of the commssioners, does not carry the imprimatur of the commssion en banc. Worse, the directive was issued unilaterally and without due process accorded to, and because ex parte, of Globe.

Not contented, Globe further pressed the issue when it said that the commission, much less the commissioner alone, did not have the power “to supplant the decision of the Globe management on what promotions it wants to implement.” It was like saying that Abesamis has no business to mind Globe’s business decisions so long as the latter follows the law. In common parlance, Globe’s motion for reconsideration is like a slap on Abesamis’ face.

Now wonder, the NTC chief has chosen to call the two parties to meet to settle the issue on the negotiation table. If we were Globe, we would chose nothing less than what it has said in its motion for reconsideration.

Katulad nga ng aking sinabi, wala talaga tayong laban sa Globe sa bagay na ito. Hay…


Thank you for all the love. My thanks to all my well-wishers. Today, I really realized that I am really loved.

For all those who texted me:

(in order of appearance, ano ito movie?)

Leah Paz – pasensya na at sobrang late ng aking answer. feeling ko, hindi pa ganoong ka substantial ang mga sagot ko.
Mikoi – salamat sa world-famous pancit ng motel mo, pare.
Ee-an – panget! πŸ˜›
Maya – salamat sa pagtambling πŸ™‚
Paul – muchos gracias, merci, merci!
Irish – ito bumati lang para magpalibre. ;P haha!
Dana – salamat, anak.
Frank – pagaling ka tol.
Emman – hindi ko inexpect ang bati ni emman. thanks emman. πŸ™‚
Elsie – many thanks for being a pal. πŸ™‚
Jam – natuwa ako πŸ™‚
Adan – last year, nung araw na ito, nagthethesis tayo. naalala ko pa.
Dad – πŸ˜€
Klara – many thanks for the love, Klara.
Tinai – siya ang babaeng unang pumuri sa aking mga kamay. πŸ™‚
Gladdys – the queen greeted me on my birthday. thank you, your highness.
Lawrence – ito rin naghahanap ng palibre. pasensya na, pare. walang-wala e.
Tita Dib – salamat sa dalawang bucket ng ice cream! naligo ako sa ice cream!
Tita Melen – hala, asa Hotel Oasis kayo sa Clark, wow…
Mheng – thanks, HantyGer. πŸ™‚
Leo – sayang at di kita kasama sa 300. ahaha. mon pere aka chichi. haha.
Ynez – salamat. bagong bangs! πŸ™‚
Mamer – aylabsyutu, pare, (brokebakan!)
Stox – miss na rin kita!
Lianne – wala na rin akong load eh. thanks for being a pal. πŸ™‚
Xenia – salamat sa love. tironasaurs foreva! ahaha.

Mga pahabol:

Mich – πŸ˜€
Joan – maraming salamat. i did have fun. πŸ™‚

For those who sent online greetings:

Jho – πŸ™‚
Choi – musta na?
Dawn – salamat, bakla. ahaha. supot!
Kate – mama kate! aylabsyu!
Bitz – salamat, tsong!
Dedanz – kambal! t@ngna mu! hahaha!

Sa mga tumawag:

Nay – op kors, tatlong beses pa.
Arcie and Ervin – wow, hindi ko talaga inexpect ito. Salamat. πŸ™‚
Angge – sayang, borlog na ako at wala na akong load kaya hindi na ako makareply. salamat.

Mga personal na bumati:

Karen – siya yung Cotton beauty. natunaw na lang ako
Franchie at ma’am Doreen – Happy feet kayo diyan!
Miss Connie – Thanks for the one-of-a-kind omelette
ma’am Ritzi – gagandahan ko ang mga profiles ng inyong mga singers
Ma’am Patty – Ang aking mommy sa office. πŸ™‚
Ma’am Dina – Thanks sa isang box ng siopao!
Ma’am Maite – Sana may laro pa sa Sunday.
Ate Helen – da bangs!
Mang Romy – good morning, ser
Idol – next time na ang inom.
Eddie – salamat.
Boss Joe – thanks, sir
Ai – πŸ™‚
Ma’am Cyrel – πŸ˜€
Sir Cuna – hindi ko talaga nagets yung joke nyo.
Erika – thank you manang ko.

Tapos marami pang iba. hindi ko na maalala kung sino pa sila.

Salamat ng marami. Natuwa ako.


paggising ko tumawag na si nay. diretso ako banyo at ligo at sibat na. nagising na si ee-an pero lost pa rin siya.

ang galing din ng araw ano. P150 lang ang dala kong pera kahapon. wala akong pera pero nagtaxi ako kasi ayokong mapagod. maaga akong dumating sa office. si ma’am connie na may dalang anak sa office ang unang bumati sa akin for the day. ang galing nga eh. diretso press room. gawa ng mga answers sa questionnaire nila leah paz at care. bumati si idol. dumating si mikoi. bati pa rin. dumating si miss dina, binigyan ako ng isang box ng siopao! napawow na lang ako. tapos si ma’am ritzi. dumating din ang nanay kong si ma’am patty matti, pinapunta ako sa office at may grand breakfast galore daw kami. dumating si joe, bumati at parang natuwa naman. tinanong kung bakit pa ako nandoon. kako wala akong birthday leave.

clippings, clippings, clippings. alas diyes, kain na. pagdating ko sa pantry, may card ako na nakadikit sa pinto ng storage room. may photo ako from the employee manual at may photo rin ni spike lee na katabi. hahaha. noong isang araw kasi noong nasa press room kami ni franchie, pinagpipilitan nilang kamukha ko daw si chris rock. kako, kung may kamukha akong celebrity, si spike lee yun. eh, hindi nila kilala. pinakakita ko yung photo. napawow na lang sila sa uncanny resemblance. ahahaha. tapos pinsave ni frances sa desktop. ahaha. ang dami nilang greeting. πŸ™‚ nakakatuwa.

kami ni mikoi ang huling kumain, pero andun pa si eddie. kumain kami. ang dami. may omelette na kakaiba si miss conn. may mushrooms, bacon, ham and cheese. galing. may ube na tikoy. franks, hotdogs, corned beef, fish, mechado, mantikilya, maling, pan de sal atbp. ang dami. kain tapos kwentuhan ng nba.

balik trabaho at mediabanc. sulat, sulat. inaantok, daan muna office. inusisa muna ang mga photos ng mga candidates sa beauty contest ng company namin. sana manalo ang manok kong si tin. ang ganda na lang ni nikki, photogenic siya. magaling magproject. maganda rin si mel. pero si caryl, hindi ganun kagandahan. i’m betting for caryl, tin, nikki and baka si tary sa finals. ano ito basketball. lunch na.

idlip sandali at pinamasdan si takako katahara. ahaha. ganda na lang ng babaeng yun. diyos ko. ahaha. una namin siyang naspottan sa Punto!, isang pseudo-tabloid na napasama sa subscription ng office. medyo nanlambot si joe sa kanya. si mikoi, dedma. ako, naaliw. tapos basa ng wikipedia habang wala pang time.

ala-una. work ulit. dumating si mikoi. may dalang pancit galing sa motel. trabaho. kwentuhan sandali. mga 3:30, dumatng si joe at nagkwentuhan na kami tungkol sa mga frat. hanggang uwian na un. tindi. petix.

uwi. tumawag ulit si nay habang nasa daan ako. dating bahay at tinira ang pancit. wala pang tao. nagtext si tita dib, magdadala daw ng ice cream. kako, go! dating ee-an, kami. dating tita dib, kain kami. dating beyts, kain kami. puro kami kain. kwentuhan. hatid ko tita dib at medyo nagnet muna. tapos uwi na rin. tulog.

buo na ang araw.

And here comes the counteroffer…

Yes, Globe has said that they’ll be giving a counteroffer. But ultimately, NTC has really failed to patch things up. It’s their fault as to why everything’s topsy-turvy. Here‘s an Inquirer article on the issue.

I will try to post the commentary of a columnist from the Manila Standard Today come the following days on the Globe “rate” hike and NTC’s inability to solve the problem.