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a jewel of a website

if you are faint of heart.

if you are really patriotic.

and if you have a sense of humor.

go to this page.

and enjoy.

tangina na lang nung mga nagsusulat nun. panalo

~ thank you maya for that wonderful site.


my first time to handle the media

since i have been into this line of work, this is the first time that my bosses have allowed me to handle the media. (naks.)

at my coverage pa ng GMA 7! (yey!)

see it here.

i wanna be the Don

after reading the first installment to the Godfather series, all i could say is…

“i want to be like this guy…”

Don Vito Corleone

“maybe less of the puffy cheeks.”

my thoughts on the movie and the book on my next post.

Bayani Fernando is the greatest

Bayani Fernando in an ABS-CBN interview (
Muhammad Ali said it first. it was his claim to fame.

but he is already yesteryear. he is now a well respected legend.

today, no one comes close to the poetic callousness and profound pride that only Ali can muster.

and this lone maverick goes by the name of Bayani Fernando.


in my point of view, Fernando is a genuis, a Machiavellian genius. he was well known for transforming an ailing and flooded municipality into one of the most illustrious cities in the metropolis. and he achieved this monumental accomplishment by implementing his projects with an iron hand.

in the past, he had been criticized, time and again, for his unorthodox, and often brutal, methods. there was his well-organized “manipulation” of his legion, a plethora of dim-witted zombies clad in blue who roam the streets for ‘kotong.’ there was also, his authoritarian rules that he institutes to wherever his power can reach. this includes the heckling procedures in garbage collection, the vandalizing of beautiful advertisements in EDSA, the impossible bus route programs, the proliferation of his pink and blue foot bridges, the disgusting male urinals, and his organization’s inhumane demolition campaigns of ‘informal settlers.’

but despite his atrocious methods, Fernando have been very effective in eliminating disorder and instituting order into a chaotic democratic country.

today, there is less traffic in the metropolis. i am a constant commuter and this i have observed, all factors considered which includes, the volume of automobiles and commuters alike.

the streets also more attractive. you can already see it with all the pink and blue eyesores crisscrossing EDSA.

people are more disciplined. now, there are less jaywalkers. this is because of the humongous signages implying instantaneous death to anyone who braved to cross and with all the pink barricades scattered all around, where can one cross. commuters now ride and alight in designated stops. they have learned this simple rule after being smothered with a huge wet ‘basahan.’

all of these absurd but effective measures have kept the most rowdy silenced and tamed. with all of this measures, Fernando has been proven to be highly successful in keeping the mob at bay.

just recently, thousands of motocycle drivers have gone to the streets in protest of another one of his ingenius projects. he tried instituting plate numbers of the back of the riders’ helmets to keep them safe. this he says and thousands of motorists buck to his implementation. aside for the main reason that the ordinance makes tough riders look like sissies, this makes the most mobile of Manila vehicles flagged and controlled.

i believe that people now, after many years of mandatory obedience, have learned to deal with the Machiavellian Fernando. these motorists, in protest, flooded and clogged the streets. because of the commotion, Malacanang said no to his helmet plate number proposal.


but Fernando won’t be stopped. after a few days, here he is again with another brilliant idea. he wants his army to be armed to the teeth. with bolos. truly magnificent and brutal. totally barbaric.

for details, read this and this and this and this.

you, my dear reader, may say that all of this is bull. but come to think of it, this bolo-wielding program is genius.

we should not take this program at face value. it is only a decoy.

i believe that this program is, of all things, a bluff. a coy way of saying to the PNP that the MMDA has more guts. the MMDA dudes don’t have guns, long-ranged weapons, to frighten perpetrators. what they have are dull jungle bolos. absolutely crass. it is as if they are saying, “the MMDA are more courageous, more macho and more walang awa.” that ordinance was implemented to give the MMDA more dignity. more face.

if you think of it, how could a MMDA peon hack a rampaging bus liner. he’ll either be sideswiped, railroaded and probably end up mashed along the gutters of EDSA or he’ll just be given more respect.

truly genius.

i really can’t wait what happens after this gig. Bayani Fernando is really my idol. he thinks out of the box. and he really takes giant strides just to concretize all of his plans. he is a ruthless but patriotic Filipino. despite all of his oddball projects and ordinances, i really admire the man. all cheers for Bayani Fernando.

UJP ACLE (or for the love of the org)

grabbed from Jam’s multiply site. for additional promotion. i’m so proud of you kids!

Start: Aug 16, ’07 1:00p
Location: M 213, College of MassComm
The Union of Journalists of the Philippines – UP will show “Huling Hala Bira!”, the award-winning documentary of the I-Witness team of Howie Severino. Ms. Ella Marie Evangelista, Executive Producer of the documentary, will give a discussion afterwards.

What is it about? From Howie’s “Sidetrip”:

“As far as squatter conditions go, Jojo Paragas has few complaints. He has nice neighbors, a riverside view, and safety from flooding. As a trolley boy, the happy-go-lucky Jojo lives with his family close to work – right under the tracks, at the point where the railroad’s steel bridge over the Pasig River meets land.

Unique among the thousands in Manila who live dangerously near the railroad, Jojo’s family and a few neighbors can see the underbelly of passing trains from their homes. For them, the thunderous noise and violent shaking are a small price to pay for the benefits of their location.

The documentary opens as their barangay is happily preparing for the annual fiesta, a raucous event inspired by the Ati-Atihan in Aklan where most residents are from.

For Jojo and his “under-the-tracks” neighbors, it is also a bittersweet time, for it will likely be their last fiesta in these parts. They have received their notice of demolition from the government, which intends to upgrade the railroad. The fiesta provides a reprieve.

But after it, their fate is in the hands of the authorities and perhaps their feisty neighbor Aling Adel, a widow and ihaw vendor who has assumed the role of leader in their quixotic fight against dislocation from a community they have come to love. She takes their fight all the way to Manila Mayor Lito Atienza.”


she said her name meant happiness.

i met her last saturday. we talked. we had coffee.

she told me that her name literally meant “happy kid”


let’s see what happens.


i miss blogging. it’s already been a while since i last dropped by. i guess my absence and lack of interest in posting may be been caused by my being too preoccupied with work and with being too lazy. yes, i have been, for almost a month now, a lethargic bum.

i guess, this period of inactivity was triggered by the, “ahem.”

well, so much for that.


i offer a huge SHOUTOUT to my “original” blockmates who railroaded the metallurgical engineering licensure exams!

Top 1. Chester James Razote de Leon! ~ you fucking asshole! you’re one hell of a genius. but come to think of it, you always hung around with me. shet.

Top 2. Dande Louie Alejan Pena ~ well, we sure do look a like. no question about it. napatunayan na yan.

Top 4. Erwin Geul de Guzman ~ ang gwapo na lang.

Top 11. Maria Lily Espenilla Rosios ~ ang gwapo mo rin. chick boy!